Ocean Providence Seminar Materials 

Seminar Presentations, Video Presentations, and newly created educational articles

Fellow Ocean Providence students! Here we will compile all the seminar presentations, videos, and educational articles and other research materials. Let us gain a deeper understanding of the Ocean Providence in order to implement and advance it to the entire world! 

The Main Idea

The 2-part article below titled, "Guideposts to World Peace and Unification" (part 1 and part 2) are the main ideas behind True Parents' Ocean Providence. If you want to find out what the true intentions behind Ocean Providence were and how integral it is to the realization of World Peace, start here!


Seminar Materials
Slides and presentations that introduce and discuss Ocean Providence and related projects


Why and What is Ocean Providence?

A short presentation on why the Ocean Providence is super relevant today!

Why fishing? Why Ocean? Why is it relevant?

Why did Rev. Moon invest 2/3 of his life into the Ocean? 

What can I do?


Video Series
Video resources created by Ocean Hobby Seminar
There are several ongoing series, such as the History of Ocean Providence video series, Oceanic View, and others! Subscribe to our Youtube channel if you don't want to miss any new uploads!

Intro to Ocean Providence Video Series

Part 1: Why Fishing will lead to World Peace?!

A short introduction video to Ocean Providence. 

Why would fishing actually be the best and fastest way to become an ideal person and to create a world of peace?

Part 2: Ocean Era is Now! 

Did you know that we live in the Era of the Ocean? Rev. Moon declared it, and all evidence shows that this is true! Find out why we live in the Oceanic Era and why this is an essential understanding one must gain in the current age!


Oceanic View Series

Part 1: Hunger

Ocean Providence was created by Rev. Moon in order to solve the problem of hunger. Why is hunger a crucial problem to solve? Why did Rev. Moon consider this problem to be so crucial in order to achieve world peace?


History of Ocean Providence Series

Chapter 1 Part 1


Guideposts to World Peace and Unification Video Series

Guidepost 1


Educational Articles
Articles and research posts about Ocean Providence. Go through them for deeper research!