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The Story of Satan’s Natural Surrender: Nabileque and Salobra

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

“For Korea and Japan, the Pantanal is at the other end of the pole. The Pantanal is at the end of the earth. But the Original Holy Ground, Root Holy Ground, and Holy Ground of Victory can all be found there. This is something tremendous. The Original Holy Ground is set up in our hotel in the Pantanal. (Rev. Sun Myung Moon 304-110, 1999.9.10)”

The "Original Holy Ground" is at the Hotel Americano located in Nabileque, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil (On Google Map:

The Salobra property (1,064 hectares) is located in Miranda, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil (On Google Map:

There is a story in Pantanal, of a historical meeting between God and Lucifer. It is the story of the Second Coming who opened the gates of hell through endless love and forgiveness and completed the Providence of Restoration by the culmination of Satan’s natural surrender in 1999.

It is a story that must be told by our Brazilian brother, Peter Paulo Alves Pinheiro, who was the main witness of the historical meeting of God, True Father and Lucifer on May 14th, 1999 in room 14 of the Hotel Americano in Nabileque and of the events at Salobra that led to this meeting.

Paulo had met True Father as a young boat captain at the age of 21 at Salobra Hotel, the first property that True Father purchased in the Pantanal wetlands. Paulo was the boat captain that served True Father for all of the fishing trips in Pantanal. Although he was not a church member at first and was not educated in Divine Principle, Paulo saw and experienced the actual spiritual activities of True Father in Pantanal. He was the main witness appointed by True Father. In 1998, True Father blessed him and his wife, Marcia Cristina Alves Prado Pinheiro, as the first of the 360 million couples.

Through Paulo’s testimony, we can understand why True Father called these undeveloped wetlands the Original Holy Ground, Root Holy Ground, and Victorious Holy Ground. We receive immeasurable blessing in forms of ancestral liberation and blessing with very little indemnity paid in Korea, but we must also understand why we are able to receive such blessing. It was because True Father opened the Gates of Hell in these holy grounds and had shortened our indemnity course of 1,000 years to cleanse our lineage.

OHS 2021.6.4

(Notes of the editor/translator: The original testimony was recorded by audio in May~June of 2021 and transcribed in Portuguese, then translated to English with the approval of the author of the audio.)

Testimony of Peter Paulo Alves Pinheiro, regarding "the Importance of Nabileque and Salobra Holy Grounds"


Salobra was purchased in 1996. However, True Father originally tried to buy it in 1995, when I first met with True Father. In 1995, the land was on sale, but when True Father tried to buy it, it had already been sold to another buyer.

In 1996, True Father asked Dr. Yoon Sang Kim (the former president of the Jardim Project) to go and find a piece of land that could be purchased in the wetlands of Pantanal. President Kim, accompanied by a real estate agent named Luis Ribas, was returning from an unfruitful search of such land one day. On the way back, they lost their way home. Actually, President Kim was sleeping and his driver entered the Salobra hotel to have lunch there. While having lunch at the hotel’s restaurant, they learned that the Salobra land and the hotel were being sold again. It had been sold before to another person, but it was recovered in court because the previous buyer went bankrupt and could not complete the payment. President Kim found that the owner, Claudio, once again put the property up for sale.

President Kim returned to the New Hope Farm in Jardim and reported to True Father that he did not find any farm on sale in the wetlands. But when he mentioned that Salobra was on sale again, True Father reacted quickly and instructed him to purchase it. Then, President Kim said, “but Salobra is not a wetland, there are rocks.” True Father said, “If it is Salobra, you can buy it. Buy it.”

On the same night, President Kim asked Luis Ribas to call Claudio, who immediately traveled from Miranda to Jardim, approximately 200 km, on the next day. Within 2 days, they agreed on the sale. That was between August 4th and 5th of 1996.

On the 8th, True Father arrived at the Salobra land between 8 and 9 in the morning. When He got there He said: “Wow, this is very beautiful.”

True Father actually had already packed His suitcases and was ready to go to Africa if President Kim did not find a property in the wetlands. True Father told me directly on three separate occasions that He had intended to go to Africa if the Salobra farm was not found. Salobra is geographically located within the Pantanal wetlands. The farm itself has wetlands.

This is how True Father purchased the Salobra farm. He moved to live on the land with True Mother, some of His children and grandchildren.


When True Father purchased Salobra, I worked at Salobra as a boat captain for tourists. Although I was not yet a member of the church, True Father was searching for the best captain in the area, and so I was selected to drive the boat for True Father for fishing. In the beginning, when True Father first started spending His time at the farm, He appeared to me like a tourist who is there to research and study nature. He was calm but with a sense of depth to His demeanor. His day to day fishing activities appeared quite normal.

One day, we introduced the Salobra River for the first time to True Father. We were not catching fish in the Miranda River, which was muddy. The Salobra River was clean and appropriate for tourism, so we suggested going there. Until then, True Father did not know about the fish called pacu because He was focused only on dorado, a golden fish, until that time. When we started to fish in the Salobra River for pacus, we could not catch any. Then True Father started to investigate how to catch pacus. We went further up the river because He wanted to know more about the region.

Then we brought True Father to Bahia Preta (Preta Bay), which is a place we used to go with tourists, located past a forest. We saw all kinds of animals like deers and alligators that day. True Father saw the animals and the landscape and said: “Wow, it is very similar to Africa. But there is a difference that no one understands.”

This was how the first period of True Father’s stay finished and He suddenly left Salobra. At the time, I did not know where He went.


One day, True Father came back to Salobra. He told me that he was coming from Kodiak and said: “I am going to stay here for 3 days. I came to look for a sign. I need to find this sign. If I don’t find this sign, I am leaving for Africa.” One person was translating this to me. As I listened to the translator, I was facing the translator. However, True Father put his hands on my face and turned my face so I could see True Father directly in His eyes. True Father was sitting very close to me, and He reached to touch my shoulders and I felt Him expressing how important my responsibility was during this 3-day period. I did not understand it at the time.

Because True Father told me He will leave for Africa if he does not find the sign, I really felt that He will go away and will never come back to Salobra.

I saw that there were many people who followed and respected Him, but when He told me about the sign, I felt that it would be my fault if He did not find any signs and had to leave South America. Actually, the atmosphere of the surrounding people who were listening to this conversation seemed very clear that it was my responsibility for Him to stay or not. So my friends, the co-workers and the boat captains also started to help look for this sign. But no one understood what this sign was. The 3 days felt very, very heavy. On the third day, True Father caught a pacu. I understood that this pacu represented the sign that True Father was looking for.

It was very difficult for me during the three days. I tried to communicate with True Father via other people in order to advise Him how to fish. But nobody wanted to tell Him. They even told me that the messiah already knows many things. So I asked, “why doesn’t He snap his fingers and make the sign appear and make the fish jump into the boat?”

True Father asked me to prepare the boat before 5 in the morning. He did not say what time exactly, so I was already waiting from 2 o’clock. Many people who were close to Him said that He was already old and that He did not have to go out so early. I told them, “you don’t know the father you have and the strength of the man you call an old man.”

As time passed by, I felt more and more that these people did not truly understand this person called Rev. Moon. The more I spent time with True Father, the more I realized that people who surrounded Him did not believe in things that He was talking about.

Each morning, after my boat was prepared at the dock, within 5 minutes, Rev. Moon would appear and was already on the boat. But we had to wait for other people. It was very stressful for me to deal with this situation because other people did not follow Rev. Moon’s routine.

After the 3-day period, True Father again left, probably to Alaska. When He came back again to Salobra, He appeared totally different. He was more serious.


One day, True Father hooked a fish but the fish was tangled with some branches in the river. I dove underwater to untangle the fish and brought it back to the boat. Then He said to me, “half of the fish is mine and the other half is yours because you helped me. Every time you help me, it will be half and half.” This happened many times. Every time His fish or hook was stuck, He would never order me to go into the water. I asked Him, “Can I go?” and went into the water of my own free will. But the water got deeper and it was more difficult and dangerous because the water was at different temperatures and there were more alligators and piranhas. He never told me to go in; it seemed very natural for me to dive into the water.

During these fishing trips, the condition for 360,000 couples began, and soon afterwards, for the 360 million couples. True Father asked me suddenly about my blessing one day. He matched me with my wife inside the boat with her photo and He told me to go to New York to make it official. Because I did not have my passport and did not want to leave fishing to do this paperwork, I said I wished to stay and continue fishing. Then He told me to go to Jardim and receive the blessing there. He told me this was the number 1 of the 360 million couples.

Also during this period, True Father saved the religious leaders, the saints and the criminals in the spiritual world. There were 34 blessings including Jesus, Buddha, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao Tse Tung. I had many spiritual experiences fishing with True Father during this time.

When I dove into the water to go after the fishes that were tangled underwater, I had a spiritual experience every time. I followed the fishing line into the water. It was like I was holding on to True Father and I had to go deep inside the water but in a completely another environment, like a battlefield. Each fish had different characteristics and represented a different person. When True Father caught a fish representing Buddha, He had a ceramic Buddha doll by the lake. I thought it was strange. I hardly knew what True Father was doing at the time but I saw many spiritual things. True Father did not say anything. He just put His finger over His lips, telling me not to say anything about what I saw. He put His hand over His heart, telling me to be calm and to go slow.

These experiences started when we fished for a pacu. Inside the water, I saw spiritually, a street where a naked man marked with many swastikas, the symbol of Nazism, was running from a group of people who were throwing rocks and sticks. He could not hide anywhere. I was following the fishing line, and then I saw that this naked man held the fishing line in his hand also. I then shook the line and the environment changed suddenly and found the fish. I returned to the boat and placed the fish inside the boat. I then went to measure the fish, and saw that the fish was all scratched up and marked with swastika symbols.

Each of the fish that came up represented someone. In the case of this fish with swastika markings, True Father took my hands and prayed. I could not tell anyone about this situation, because otherwise people would think that Rev. Moon brainwashed me. I also did not want to get off the boat, because I knew that Rev. Moon needed help and people did not understand Him. He needed someone who had enough physical strength and courage to dive into the dangerous water.

I also did not understand about the spiritual conditions at the time, but I knew that this person was in need of help and that people did not understand him. Because I saw things in the spiritual realm, I found it very interesting to be with him. I am of a descendant of indeigenous people, and I was already expecting someone like True Father to arrive.

When the first 36 of the 360 million couples' blessing started, True Father started to talk about going to Fuerte Olimpo in Paraguay. True Father asked me to go together to Fuerte Olimpo and so we started fishing from there. Nabileque was located just north of Fuerte Olimpo. The situation was very different there, and I had to be more patient. I felt like a lambari (small fish) in the middle of a group of piranhas. Other people did not want me there probably because I was a Westerner and was also close to True Father on the boat everyday. There were other people who wanted to take my place. One time, True Father said to one of them, “If you want to take his place to drive the boat, you can. But only if you can do what he can do.” What I was doing for True Father was not just physical, but it was also spiritual.

I was not really a member of the church yet since I did not have any knowledge of the Divine Principle. For me, when Rev. Moon asked me to do something, I needed to follow it even when He was not there. I tried not to be influenced by other people when I followed Rev. Moon’s orders. Other people said to me, “when Rev. Moon is not here, I am in charge.” But I did not care and always followed True Father’s orders. I believe that a true value of a person appears in how he/she acts when no one is looking. I had a lot of difficulty with preparation for Rev. Moon’s fishing because many people began preparation seriously only when Rev. Moon was about to arrive.

It was during this time when we were going back and forth between Nabileque and Salobra, when True Father told me to come to the prayer room and listen to Hoon Dok Hae. I believe it was Mr. Pakube who was reading a paper that talked about Maria Park. I heard that it took 2 years for True Father to forgive Maria Park. Then He needed to search for her in the spiritual world. He had to make conditions to forgive her and then He searched and rescued her. The condition for forgiving Maria Park was completed in Salobra in 1997. It was in Salobra where He stayed for 21 days and caught 36 fishes, which were pacus and other kinds of fish living in the wetlands. He prayed and was victorious on that day when He completed the condition.

In 1997, True Father opened the gates of hell. Until then, one could go and visit someone in hell, but could never rescue them from there. But True Father opened the gates of hell in Salobra, and now the spirits in hell can be rescued. True Father declared Absolute Obedience, Absolute Faith and Absolute Love in Jardim, but it was started in Salobra.

The blessing of 360 million couples happened in stages. The first stage was at Salobra, second at Nabileque and the third at Punta del Este in Uruguay. In 1997, True Father prayed to separate the providence of Pantanal and the providence of Jardim. He said that they were already separated in 1996, and Pantanal was connected with Alaska. Alaskan providence has a direct connection to the Pantanal providence. Pantanal has fresh water and salt water because it used to be under the ocean.

True Father found in Salobra an area where no human being has stepped in. The original form of creation was intact within this wetland. Salobra has a great importance for God’s Providence, not only for the future, but now. At the same time, He said that this is the mirror of Korea, on the opposite side of the globe. What happened here reflects there. It is very dangerous to think about selling these lands. We should not underestimate these sacred fields. This land is of immense value for providence, not only in the future but now. In fact, it should be in full operation of education of conduct, ethics and spiritual teachings. This is part of the Ocean Providence. We talk about the Pantanal Providence but this is also Ocean Providence in the sense that it is connected by water, fishing and boats.

I was going back to Salobra in 1998 and 1999 when the conditions were made for the first, the second and the third stages of 360 million couples. I received my blessing in 1998. True Father was always concerned about my family situation, often asking about my wife, where and how she was.

True Father would often pray in the boat. I was curious about what He prayed and He communicated with me using body language while President Kim translated. Why did He try so hard to communicate with me even though I was not His follower and did not even know the Divine Principle yet? It was because He knew of my loyalty and that I was going to keep my promise to Him.


True Father said, “my prayer before I arrived in Pantanal was to resolve all the lineage problems in 1,000 years. However, because I came to Pantanal, everything will be solved in a blink of an eye. When we close and open our eyes, everything will be different. It will be at this speed that everything will be solved.” He was speaking about the conditions of sacrifice and rescuing criminals and Satan's surrender.

True Parents never struck Lucifer. Lucifer surrendered to True Father in a natural way, only due to the Messiah’s sincerity and devotion to God and His Providence. True Father managed to love even His enemies so Satan could not accuse True Father. When True Father met with His enemies in North Korea and Russia, He embraced them, who had direct connections and influence from Satan. Through these people, Satan felt true love for the first time in the physical world. When True Father caught the fishes that represented historical figures, True Father asked us to take photos of Him and the fishes 3 times, so that the record is not lost in some way. When True Father was taking these photos with the historical criminals represented by the fishes, He was sending His true love to Satan. While Lucifer was trying to attack and kill, True Father broke the barrier that Lucifer created and accessed the essence of the angel Lucifer. Lucifer was able to perceive his own conscience and seeing the possibility of 360 million blessing, he was able to realize that he would be eliminated if he had continued to attack. When he realized this, he did not want to attack anymore. He became a weak leader in the eyes of the fallen angels that followed him.

If there was a righteous leader or a king, people would usually follow him. However, Lucifer was a corrupt leader and thus others wanted to take his power in the fallen angels’ world. When Lucifer showed weakness, those angels that Lucifer trained to be evil wanted to kick him out of the throne to take away the power for themselves. There was a battle between them, and Lucifer fell in Salobra on March 21st, 1999. But he fell with his authority as Satan, the creator of evil, intact.


It happened around 6 am on March 21st, 1999. I was walking down to the river and suddenly I felt something fall on the ground. It felt neither physical nor spiritual. I even felt the wind from the impact of Satan falling to the ground. I recognized the smell of Satan, who appeared before in Salobra, which is another story. But this time, I felt it lying there with this weird smell on the ground. But then I saw True Father arriving in his car and I started running towards the boat at the river. It was already dawn.

When True Father arrived at the boat, He shouted “pali, pali! (come quickly)” while President Kim was bringing the lunchboxes and was almost falling down in panic. True Father said “go, go” and I knew something special was happening because I had seen something strange fall to the ground. I was in an apprehensive tension with adrenaline. I was very agitated but I started the engine and accelerated. I looked to my left and saw that there were other cars arriving with ice boxes and someone shouting “stop, stop” but True Father was ignoring them. So I kept driving the boat and as we were traveling, I could smell the thing that fell to the ground earlier. True Father was still saying, “pali, pali” and as I accelerated in a bumpy boat ride, I saw True Father’s body rocking while His hands firmly grasped the boat so hard that I thought His hands would pierce the aluminum walls.

True Father asked me to stop a few times, but asked me to keep going up the river repeating “pali, pali” as if He was searching for something. So we passed all the usual fishing spots until we reached a place where we saw thousands of butterflies concentrated, mostly yellow but with some white. They flapped their wings and generated a cloud of powders in the air, which made it hard to breathe. So I had to leave the place right away. When butterflies landed on President Kim’s arms, he tried to hit them away, but True Father told him not to kill any of them.

When we passed the butterflies, True Father took my hands and prayed. He prayed that Satan had surrendered, and from that day forward, Satan would no longer be able to listen to the plans between God and True Father. He also said that Satan can no longer see where True Father was, while True Father can see where Satan was. While translating, President Kim was asking True Father, “Satan? Satan?” But True Father looked at me and put His finger on His lips to tell me not to say anything about what I saw that day. I said, “I understand.” He put His hand on top of His heart to tell me to be calm and quiet.

Satan was actually walking as if he was a human, along the river. We heard branches break inside the forest. It appeared like he was trying to overtake the boat, to get ahead of the boat. However, we drove the boat to a point where there was a large fallen tree in the river, and Satan could not catch up to us. This showed that, from that day forward, Satan could not find True Father.

I never imagined I would see these types of things. After all these things happened, Mr. Oyamada came to us on another boat with food. I was still very emotional and full of adrenaline, and I said “wow, you will not believe what I saw just now, and unfortunately I can’t say it.” It was a very unique and strange adventure, full of adrenaline. I had never experienced something like it before and I don’t think anyone else did either. Then Mr. Oyamada asked what happened, and True Father explained about the surrender of Satan and He pointed at me and said that I was the witness to this event. After that day, we went back and forth between Nabileque and Salobra.


On May 13th, 1999, we were fishing in Nabileque. At dusk, on the way back to Fuerte Olimpo, we passed in front of Hotel Americano. As we passed, I felt a bad atmosphere there, and it seemed that Satan was there. Satan, who had fallen in Salobra, walked 55 days to Nabileque. True Father looked at Hotel Americano, and then looked at me. Then He lowered his head quietly. We passed the hotel and went down the Paraguay River, fishing near Fuerte Olimpo.

Next day, May 14th, at 5:40am, True Father came to the boat docked at Fuerte Olimpo. He had a formal suit on that day. That was the only day when I saw True Father in a suit on a boat in Pantanal. We had a wooden ladder that True Father used to climb up on the boat. While He was on the ladder, I felt an evil angel descend. I knew that it was evil because of its smell and a bad, strange feeling. When it descended, I felt the wind. Then True Father leaned towards this being and looked into its eyes. The angel lowered his head and kept its head down so as not to look at True Father’s face. True Father tried to look into the angel’s eyes even more. The angel then stood up and I could then see that he had red, evil and angry eyes that were not human. When True Father stopped leaning over and straightened His posture, another angel descended. This angel had a tool in his hand, which he used to strike the first angel, as if the second angel was trying to protect True Father. Then True Father looked at me and raised His eyebrow, as if saying “look who is here.” True Father finished climbing into the boat and then asked me immediately if we could arrive at Hotel Americano by 6am because there was an important ceremony to do there. As I drove the boat off the land, the angels were no longer there.

When we arrived at Nabileque at the Hotel Americano before 6am, True Father said “Paulo, chair.” I said “ok, Abonim, leave it to me.” I saw a white chair under room number 14. I thought this chair was to be taken to him. True Father went up the stairs and I followed Him and I saw a lot of chairs. So I understood then that True Father wanted me to sit in the chair under room 14, and I sensed that being on the boat was dangerous, especially because of what I saw that morning in Fuerte Olimpo. So I sat down on the chair and already something strange was happening around 6 o’clock. I saw the boat from the chair and said to myself “no, I will not abandon the boat because if the evil angel comes, the only protection is me.” I forced myself to get up from the chair to go towards the boat - but then I was in another place, in another environment. I did not see anything around me, only my body and the chair. I was in despair and was about to scream. Then I saw True Father. I told myself, “Rev. Moon is here, so it is good” and I calmed down a little.

I saw True Father calling out Satan from the bathroom of the hotel. True Father opened the door, and the smell was everywhere. Then True Father called God. I saw a light that arrived, but I felt God being ashamed of the situation. True Father spoke to God, “please” in a very humble voice, calling to God who could turn away at any moment, because it was an embarrassing situation. True Father very carefully spoke to Satan. Satan did not seem to want to hear it but True Father’s voice managed to break through the barriers of Satan and accessed Lucifer who was inside. So after a great hesitation, Lucifer managed to tilt and lower his head with regret and cried. When he lowered his head, I felt a very big explosion and the whole planet crying in pain. When he started to cry with regret, the dirty pieces of him started to spill out of him and then he started to shine and it was unimaginably beautiful. He started to get up, and he talked to True Father, who in turn spoke to God. Lucifer was communicating with God through True Father. God also appeared as a stronger light than the small light that first appeared. Lucifer lowered himself again now towards True Father, and there was another explosion. This explosion was not of sadness but of joy. Everything on the planet was making a noise of joy. At this time True Father spoke something, and everything ended. The ceremony ended.

This happened on the 14th of May, 1999. True Father was wearing a suit and a necktie to welcome God to meet the angel. For the first time in history, God came to meet the angel. Since the Fall of Adam and Eve, it was the first time that God had come to meet the angel and it had happened here in Nabileque. True Father gave the instruction after this ceremony to purchase the Hotel Americano because it was a precious place. True Father said that both Salobra and Nabileque are sacred fields but Nablieque is more precious because God met with Lucifer there.

This is the story of Salobra and Nabileque and how Lucifer surrendered naturally.

True Father later spoke to me for about 4 hours, directly to me, while fishing. He spoke continuously, only stopping when we caught fish. He told me to study the story and told me to ask Him questions if I had any. He asked me 3 times to make a promise never to leave these lands even if I lost my life. He said: “Stay in these lands. Don’t give up. Do you promise me that you won’t leave? Will you stay here?” I replied, “Yes, Father, I promise.” Then He asked, “You won’t leave even at the risk of your life? You will not leave? Will you stay here?” I replied again, “Yes, I will stay.” He asked me to promise three times. Last time He asked me, He was very serious and I was even scared of Him. Then I realized that many who promised Him to stay had left Him because one would need to go beyond a normal level of faith to stay in a place like this. True Father said: “When I came to Pantanal, God came with me.” He did not say God left from Pantanal.

In 2012, three days before True Father went to the spiritual world, in all three days, True Father was spiritually on the boat and got off the boat and walked in these lands. I know where He walked. We have to save these holy grounds, especially Salobra and Nabileque. Because they are in the wetlands, they belong in the Ocean Providence. These are very precious lands in many aspects. Imagine if these places are lost.


There were many other things that happened here in Pantanal. True Father was crowned King in the lands of Pantanal. He told me that He arrived here as a servant of servants, but achieved all the victories and left as a King. I felt this of my own free will, nobody told me to believe in this. One day, as I saw Him sitting on the boat, I decided to bow to Him as a King. I decided, because He asked me to take care of these lands, I will take care of them as His sovereignty and I will be the most loyal to Him. So I knelt down on the boat to bow to Him. And when I did that, True Father cried. You cannot imagine how much He cried that day. He got up and told me to get up too. I said “my king, my king, my king.” True Father wept a lot that day and asked me to never leave these lands, and predicted that great things will happen here some day. I replied, “That’s right.”

The story of our True Father is here, in these lands.

I am Peter Paulo Alves Pinheiro, the guardian of the sacred lands of Salobra and Nabileque, and an active member of the Ocean Providence, aju, aju.




This fund will be used to help Peter Paulo to travel to and maintain the Holy Grounds of Nabileque. It will be used to repair a Good Go boat and its equipment (OH304 Good Go Project). In the future this fund will be used to develop a Holy Ground Pilgrimage trips that all blessed families can participate (Salobra, Jardim, Puerto Murtinho, Fuerte Olimpo, Nabileque and Puerto Leda). So far, about 3700USD were donated since 2013 and a computer was purchased for Peter Paulo to record Nabileque history and new activities.

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Mawein Esika
Mawein Esika
Jun 11, 2021

Thank you for loving Our True Father genuinely!


Jun 08, 2021

True Father have instructed us to visit these Holy Grounds every 4 years.

"The Pantanal is the focus point – the root. It is the source. That is why the families of the Unification Church must visit this place once every four years. They should prepare for a great migration. (303-344, 1999.9.9)" We will start to organize Pantanal Holy Ground visits for members with Peter Paulo.


Charles Ray Kannal
Charles Ray Kannal
Jun 07, 2021

Thank you for sharing. Brother Peter Paulo's testimony sounds very genuine. The timeline of events and True Father's activity in Brazil that year 1999 mesh well with my memory. ( I spent about 8 months of that year in Mato Grosso do Sul.) --Charles Kannal

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