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The Ocean Providence

The First 20 Years
A historical archive of the 20-year anniversary publication

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The Ocean Providence 20-year publication
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True Father’s Speech at the 20th Anniversary Ceremony 

of  the Oceanic Providence in America


Development of the Oceanic Realm

Reverend Sun Myung Moon 

August 1, 1994, at Belvedere International Training Center, Tarrytown, New York


Today is a memorable day. When I see the New Hope and Flying Phoenix, which were launched for the first time a long ago while looking at your face like this, I feel that 20 years have just flown by. Considering that I will be 95 years old in 20 years from now, I really feel how short the life of a human is.

Looking at the people sitting here, all age groups from young, middle-aged, and old people are gathered. You are here on behalf of 5 billion human beings. With that in mind, it can be said that our human desire is to become a world representative before all humankind. Human beings, while hoping to fulfill their highest hopes in their lifetime, each lives in a boundary of daily activities. The problem is how to overcome each boundary, while Americans are in the boundary of America, individuals act within the boundary of the individual, families act within the boundary of the family. Those who live in the United States must go beyond the United States, and those who live in the world must go beyond the boundaries of the world, seeking a way to move forward.  Children in kindergarten wish to go beyond the environmental line of kindergarten and go to a higher stage, and elementary school students want to go beyond elementary school and become junior high school students. Likewise, humans tend to wish to climb to the high level through junior high school, high school, college, and then complete a doctorate course in a graduate school, then further up to the position of the president of the nation. However, when we cross the border, we cannot cross it as it is. We must know that the higher the border that we have to cross, in proportion to that, more preparation, suffering, patience, and hardship are necessary.

When the Unification Church first started to get involved in the fishery industry, we used to go fishing in rivers and visited the sea coasts. Our interests gradually increased, we eventually hoped to own a boat. Without a boat, no matter how good the environmental conditions are for providence, nothing can be done. Just as no matter how much you want to own a boat, you can't have a boat without economic power, no matter how much you have the ability to catch a lot of fish or the ability to steer a boat, you can't really do anything without a boat. That's why I started the marine industry. I seriously thought about how to build a wonderful boat that would lead to the world, and how to build it such that it is inexpensive, sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, and loved by everyone.

When I came to the United States 20 years ago, I judged that current fishing methods would be out of date. In the future, the aquaculture industry will flourish instead of chasing fish. I realized that working in the sea on a boat will become part of the tourism industry, such as sport fishing, which is like a hobby. In terms of lifestyle, I realized that it would be difficult for us to spend our entire lives in the maritime industries without this aspect of hobby. 

The first thing that can be said about all businesses is that we must have capital. There must be equipment, and there are other things you need. But in the end, the most important thing is to have human connections and develop good human resources. When working in the marine industry, it is important to develop human resources who want to spend all of their lives for it and that it is a God-given occupation. The person likes the sea in youth, he likes the sea in his middle age, and when he is old, he says "Oh, I love the sea," and dies. The key challenge is how to develop such human resources and how to instruct and pass that spirit to their descendants.

Humans usually live inland rather than along the coast. It has become common sense to live on land. How would you feel if you went out to the open sea where you couldn't see land at all and lived out there for more than a year? When I asked young people, "Have you ever thought that you wanted to live on the sea 24 hours a day," everyone said "hmm" and groaned. At sea, we tend to be uneasy, no matter how big the ship we are on. The sea is scary. On the sea, they always get seasick and vomit.

In Ocean Providence, using a large boat does not mean that you can catch fish. At best, 100 to 120 feet is appropriate. Even if you get on such a ship, if you go out to the sea where a big storm blows, you can not do anything as the boat is rocked like a fallen leaf. How can we deal with this terrifying sea? I thought about how to lay the foundation for young people to feel without fear “I have to go out to the sea again today because I went out to the sea yesterday.” At that time, the idea of ​​building an unsinkable boat came to me. I wondered how to build a boat that wouldn't sink even if it was turned over, and wouldn't sink even in the swaying sea. Floating the boat on the beach or in a river nearby that even children can easily steer around, and the children in the village get on the boat or dive under the boat and have fun playing, they naturally become interested in the sea. In that way, they will grow up to be young people who can live in the sea as if they were on land.

We can catch big fish if we go offshore, but if so, do we need a big boat? Can we manage to catch big fish on a small boat? I thought a lot, then I went to a boat store on Long Island and thought I would check them all out to see what kind of boat there is. Then I asked the person there, "What kind of boat can go offshore for sea fishing and catch big fish?" Then, he replied, "There are fish such as tuna and black marine that weigh as much as 3000 pounds." 3000 pounds would be more than 15 large adults. When I heard that there were fish that would grow so big, I thought, "Wow, that's amazing." So I wondered how exciting it would be to catch it on a small boat rather than catching it on a big boat. Even if we continued to fish for 20 years, the real thrill of going out to the sea would never end. We don't have time. The most important thing in business is that you have to have a solid foundation at the starting point. For the fishery industry, it is the same.

What can you do with a small boat? It's fishing. The public is interested in fishing on small boats, but not in fishing that uses nets to catch fish. Fishing with nets on large boats will become less and less popular. It was the One Hope that I worked hard to make after thinking about various things. I wished for a boat that we could fish and ride not only into the sea but also into the river. One Hope is now famous in the angler community.

Then finally we embarked on Alaska. As you all know, Alaska is a dangerous place with rough waves. I thought I had to have a boat that I could go there and use. Towards the rough waves of Alaska, I took 12 people out on a small One Hope boat with only a capacity of 8 people and went offshore. Seen from above from a plane, they would not have seen a boat but only seen a collection of yellow dots, as we were bunched up in the boat all wearing yellow raincoats. A plane approached us and circled around, and repeatedly warned us, "Turn back immediately, because it's dangerous."


Afterward, a Coast Guard boat approached us with a warning and began investigating our boat. To their surprise, the One Hope was unsinkable. Then it became famous all at once with the Kodiak Coast Guard. In the fishery industry, they can become top-rate when they are recognized by the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard’s top officials always pass through the Kodiak Coast Guard before they are dispatched nationwide. So when they saw One Hope in various port towns, they started to give us due respect, saying, "That's Reverend Moon’s boat."

You would not know this, but remember that One Hope is the best boat in the world for effective fishing in bad weather, no matter what kind of fish you catch, whether it's tuna or trout. Have you ever wondered how special this boat is? Young Americans were saying, "What on earth will Reverend Moon build when he doesn't have the expertise on boats?" Youth in Europe said the same thing. Ku Bae Park, the president of Kodiak's IOE group, was initially skeptical of the One Hope design. But some years later, finally, he said, "Father, I understood how good this boat is. It's not the same as other boats as I expected."

One Hope comes to my mind when I think of boats, and One Hope is the best. One Hope means One purpose, "One determination". Please memorize it like this. If anyone has never ridden on One Hope, raise your hand. Hmmm, what are you guys? Are you really human? Because I am a handsome guy, I like handsome men and women. The same is true for men and women. Everyone is pursuing beauty. Men like beautiful women, so I decided to build a boat that reminds us of beautiful women for the men who board the boat. 

The island symbolizes a woman. A boat like a small island floating in the sea symbolizes a woman. Well, in the world, the most beautiful boat, like the most beautiful woman, whether viewed from above or from the side, is our boat. This boat has no bulges and has a wonderfully natural streamline. It is formed beautifully like an egg. Did everyone notice this? Didn't you know? Aren't there some people who haven't seen One Hope until today? People who say that they don't want to ride One Hope even after hearing my story today should die early. In other words, I am telling you to etch these words in your head permanently and never forget it. 

Another thing I can say about One Hope, is that it is a portable boat that can be moved anywhere. How long does it take to drive from New York to Florida? If you put the boat on a trailer and drive day and night, it will arrive in a single day. If you go by boat and want to go around to the west coast, it will take more than a month. Besides, boats have to get on the upcoming waves well. You have to ride the two leading waves and keep going without losing your balance. So I built boats of 38 feet, 52 feet, 98 feet, and up to 108 feet that run well on the waves. The 108-foot vessel was designed to run in a well-balanced manner even in rough Alaskan waves. Veteran Alaskan fishermen were all opposed, saying that fiberglass boats would never be durable nor usable in the Alaskan seas. 

Even though the Alaskan fishermen said that they were long-time veterans, I had confidence that they actually don't know anything about fiberglass. They looked at the boats that I built and spouted off, "It looks good, but you won’t catch fish with that." However, as it turns out, no other boat caught fish as well as this one. They were all ignorant people. Of all the Alaskan boats, the boat that is trolling and actually catching fish well, fast, portable, and good looking, was our boat. It's not an average boat. A typical steel boat has to be landed once every two years, put in a dry dock, dried, and then turned over to paint or coat it, which is a lot of work. But this boat only needs daily cleaning.

Fishermen have the most unpleasant odor of any worker. You can always use fiberglass boats clean, so you don't have to look dirty and weird just because you're a fisherman. You can wear neat and clean clothes even in nature.

We will build high-performance boats of various sizes in Alaska. Subsequent goals are to build transport ships that carry fish and goods. We will build a 6000-ton class ship so that you can carry whatever you need. As more and more fish are caught, transport ships will be needed and will naturally connect with the transport industry. By the same theory, if we continue to increase the size of the transport ship, it will become an oil tanker that carries hundreds of thousands of tons of crude oil. If you want to run a world-level shipyard, you have to expand your facility so that you can build ships of any size. Even if you have human resources, you must have design skills. Then there must be a good net to catch fish effectively. In manufacturing nets, it is necessary to have relationships with various fields.

The most important thing in establishing a relationship with the sea is the boat. If we build a boat, it must be built so that the boats that the Unification Church builds are recognized and more famous than those built by other companies, at the global standard, and as history goes by.

A myriad of industries is involved in meeting the various needs of a fisherman's life. Various industries develop from there, centering on manufacturing boats. In relation to the aquaculture industry, we will develop technology, deepen our relationship with the transportation industry, and gradually functionally connect with many manufacturing industries. In this way, we will create a relationship that controls the marine industry and open the way to control the land also.

As Mike Lanian explained earlier, the purpose of Rev. Moon investing in the marine industry so much is to reach into any underdeveloped lands in any country using the transportation technologies of the marine industry in the future. To save the poverty-stricken people in Africa, we will open up a way to travel into the straits and rivers, and then into the deep inland. In Africa, people are starving and die for lack of food, but the food is abundant here and there in countries around the world. In the United States, agricultural products cannot be consumed from December to March every year, and it is difficult to find a warehouse. A huge amount of food, called surplus products, sleeps in the warehouse every year. As you may know, in the 1980s, before I was imprisoned in Danbury, I bought more than 200 mobile home trailers, which are houses that move. I distributed them to each church, telling them to go around the country. The reason for doing this was to use the trailers to go around the warehouses and transport various groceries such as canned foods and processed foods. In the United States, the surplus foods stored in warehouses can be taken by anyone who needs them.

Nobody wanted to do it because it costs money to distribute the piled-up food. But someone had to start doing so. Nowadays, they say that we have the right to take the surplus foods if we can take more than 18 tons, but not if it is less than 18 tons. If you say that you can transport more than 18 tons of surplus food for the poor, the national government will pay you compensation to help you with the costs of moving your vehicle. While doing such work, I had a vision that I was preparing for the future. When the time came, tens of thousands of tons of food would be shipped together and distributed to hungry people in Africa and around the world. I have been preparing for that. Nowadays the IOE Group's fisheries companies have grown to the point where traders across the United States have learned of their existence and are watching their actions attentively.

Along with the importance of fishing, we must advance the transportation industry from now on. We must foster a transportation industry that connects Japan, across the North Sea, through the Bering Strait, and to the Americas. The standard which we must aim for is building large ships that can travel from Hawaii to the east longitude and from Europe to South America.

Currently, the most problematic country in the world is the United States. This is because, with the United States as the central nation and the representative of the world, the countries of the world must trade and form ties with the United States, in order to export or import. When a ship crosses the sea from all over the world and arrives at an American port, it becomes an empty ship and returns to its own country after unloading. When the vacant ship approaches a port somewhere, if our members living in the land cooperate to quickly load and unload and develop a transportation system that effectively uses the vacant space, they will succeed as transporter. If there are no church members in the area, you can hire local people and operate. If the local government sees such a transportation network using ships, it will surely be interesting and come to help. This project has that much benefit. As we become leading companies in the marine industry and serve the world, nations around the world will support us.

Is there anyone in the developed world who is living affluently today seriously thinking about humans who are starving and dying in the hinterlands of Africa? There is nobody. I have been preparing carefully and laying the foundation for 20 years to save the hungry and dying Africans. Imagine the people of the world's developed nations getting to know, be inspired, and get excited as we use ships entering the harbor to distribute food to the villages of the world. All you have to do is go around the port cities all over the world, take a rest when you arrive, unload your cargo, and enter the local site. However, transportation such as roads is not well developed in the hinterlands of Africa. In undeveloped lands, humans are constantly pursuing water and settling at the water's edge and estuaries. So we make good use of small boats to get into the shallow interiors of the waterways.

Taking the terrain of South Korea as an example, most rivers merge into large rivers and flow into the sea. For this reason, the distribution organization has been able to make good use of ships, centering on the sea route. The estuaries and sea routes are so well connected that waterways are more commonly used in the transportation industry than land routes.

In the future, what we need to do is to start a tourism business that uses small boats to fish and carries goods. While promoting tourism and making people travel for sightseeing in the land, you can always stop by at the warehouse on your way home and bring food that you can eat in your village for about one-third of the year. In order to develop the tourism industry, we will use the manufacturing technologies of small boats to eventually deploy small boats in major port towns around the world and hope to be able to guide tens of thousands of customers for sightseeing and fishing.

There are many ways to use the boats, such as operating them even at night when people are sleeping and expanding the route to deliver supplies to the villages. Distribute the surplus foods in the warehouses of the developed nations of the world to save those who are starving to death. If the marine industry and the transportation industry are promoted centering on small vessels in this way and we promote the tourism business, supplies will be available at any amount and can be used effectively. In this way, we can open the way for developed and developing countries to trade with each other. We will start a tourism business on a global scale.

In the United States, please research and develop the plans with a vision centered on Go Tour Travel Agency. Looking at the trends of the world industry in the future, the tourism and leisure industries will develop remarkably. What is called a hobby industry will be flourishing. Imagine that in the future, there will be no tourist destinations around the world where tourists will not experience the boats manufactured by the unification group. How can we create such a global organization? It can attract tourists to any country in the world, allowing rich and poor people to travel at their respective levels. In the holiday season, everyone wants to go on a sightseeing trip. The hobby industry. It's a hobby industry. Do you understand?

We go around the villages while bringing people on sightseeing trips, and distribute supplies while transporting them. Then, what kind of development will be made? While entering the villages and distributing supplies, you will be able to interact with and connect with local households. It also becomes important what are the main food products, for transporting and distributing food and supplies throughout the year in all four seasons. Even if you can get rice and corn inland, you can't get meat and fish at every season of the year. As the season change, so do the circumstances in which you get fish. We will develop a system that can supply fish all year round, regardless of the season. 

That way, we can organize distribution stations in each region so that we can distribute fish to anyone. In this way, we can have interactions with local households. Do you understand? 

The fate of the future depends on who will take the lead in guiding the global economic base. To date, productive nations have processed raw materials, manufactured goods, and monopolized profits. After that era, from now on, the nation that can supply raw materials controls the industrialized nation. When resources are exhausted, the price rises little by little. So everyone cares about who owns the resource. The United States is also worried about how to conserve oil and other resources. No matter how great your production technology is, it will eventually be useless. 

Of course, production technology and raw materials are important, but in the end, what the world will demand in the future is to seize the large global market. This will be the most important. Therefore, we organize distribution offices so that cheap products are directly passed into the hands of consumers. That way, you don't have to go to a department store or retail store for the products. The future consumer life will change like this.

There is a fishery company called Il Heung Industry in South Korea. Recently, I educated 110,000 Japanese women at a training school and asked them to commit to becoming sisters with Korean women. In that way, we inserted these women into the company and in every department so that there was no place without church members. After that, five vice presidents were appointed to regional branch offices nationwide, including Gyeongsang-nambukdo, Jeolla-nambuk-do, Chungcheongnambuk-do, Gyeonggi-do, and the Seoul area. All I appointed were women.

Pink salmon is the most abundant and cheapest salmonid in Alaska. We are thinking of exporting this pink salmon to the Korean market for distribution and sales. We will also teach them how to cook salmon and manage their sales channels. Our company has developed an excellent freezing storage system. We can use it to expand our distribution and sales organization globally so that we can deliver any seafood to developing markets. The key to dominating the market is to manage the rational distribution and sales system down to the town/village level and reduce the price. Then it will work anywhere in the world. 

20 years ago, the days when all of you said, "Oh, the daydreamer-like story of True Father has begun again," are gone. What I spoke about has become a reality. In this way, let's connect the tourism industry and the hobby industry to the fishery industry, operate transport ships, and distribute the world's surplus food to poverty-stricken areas.

You can get enough nutrition to survive by eating fish only, even if you don't have rice at home. However, when it comes to transportation, it is not easy. That is why I developed a transportable, quality fish powder. 

Humans can survive as long as they take enough protein in their daily diet. The fish powder is bone-free, finely ground, and concentrated with good protein. Our product is many times more nutritious than the fish powder currently produced by others. As Ku Bae Park said just now, the purity of protein in other products is around 40 percent, while our fish powder has a purity of 98 percent. It's well done. It is incomparable with other products. What would the US Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture say when they see this? I'm sure they would say, "Wow! I've never seen such a good thing. It's much more convenient than flour." In your future life, you can pack some of this in your pocket and you'll have enough nutrition to live for a month. This will be a necessary food for the age of artificial technology. It will be a necessity for travelers in the food and tourism industries.

The lifestyle of the future is not to live tied to one location, but you can travel, fish, do service activities in multiple locations, and live while relocating frequently. Then portable foods will become a necessity. Traveling will be easy once the transportation system is spread all over the world. It doesn't matter if you go back and forth between the United States and South Korea, or from South Korea to India. You can go by boat. There will be no ports or ships that are not related to us in the marine industry, so if you communicate well, you will be able to go anywhere.

I mentioned earlier that humans must cross boundaries and live to higher stages, but will New Yorkers live in New York for the rest of their lives? This cannot be said to be the life of a human being. We live seeing the world. Americans live without knowing anything, thinking only about their own lives, but perhaps no one knows the world as much as the members of the Unification Church who travel around the world, and there is no country they don't know. You are trained that way.

Now think about it. You have relatives in all nations around the world. If there are 100 internationally married families in a village, then it means that you have your relatives in 100 countries. You can freely move between countries by inviting friends to your relatives' homes or visiting your friends' relatives' homes. Think about how wonderful it is. Eventually, you will be asked, "Why don't you come to my house while going to that house?" and then you will be invited by households all over the world. 

This time, the Youth Federation for World Peace convention was held in Washington with representatives from 160 countries, and I recommended that they stay at the church member's home instead of staying at the hotel. The sight of the local church members inviting them to their homes was beautiful. Then you can expand your relationship and go to countries around the world during the tourist season.

We can do it because we are connected with various countries through international marriage. Don't think that going to Africa and working is a pain, but an interesting one. You can enjoy your work and actually do community service work. Imagine that 100 families live in a poverty-stricken village in Africa and that relief supplies are shipped from 100 countries, such as the United States and the United Kingdom. The inhabitants of the land will admire us and say, "Wow, how great the Unification Church is. It's doing what the world's great powers and the United States can't do. It's really trying to unite the world." Through your efforts, they will be truly grateful to God. Are you all interested in this job? For 20 years, I have been deeply and deeply interested in such a plan and was taking action. You must be the same. You never imagined it, but this is an amazing thing.

Now I am starting to sweat and be hungry. Do you want me to stop talking around here? So far, we have talked about the distribution of food to poor areas, but from now on, we will talk about sitting still in one place and eating. Humans need land and water, right? If there is water, fish also live there. It's a big mistake if you think that there are no fish in a cold place like Alaska. When migratory birds rest and eat, fish eggs stick to their feet. And as they move around, the fish eggs move with them. That's why there are fish everywhere. If there is one male and one female fish, the fry can breed indefinitely. Did you get the idea that there are fish where there is water? If you adjust the water temperature well and raise the fry, you can breed the fish naturally. We can place about 10 juvenile fish in a plastic bag with a small hole and drop it into lakes with a low-flying Cessna plane. All you have to do is sit in the control room and instruct the aircraft number so and so to drop this kind of fish here and this other aircraft to drop this kind of fish over there. Then, schools of different kinds of fish will settle in lakes around the world.

If you breed fish, tens of thousands of households can eat from a single lake. All of the family members can eat by fishing on the lake. Who does fishing work? Is it a man's job or a woman's job? It's a woman's job. Because women have heavier buttocks and are more suitable for sitting still. Women are made to sit comfortably. It's true. If a man sits still for three hours, his hips will soon hurt and he can't stand it. If a woman knows how to fish and catches three fish a day, she can feed her three children, and if she catches five fish, her whole family, including her husband, can eat. It's not so difficult to catch more than 10 fish an hour. If there are 100 families in one village, 100 mothers in that village will cooperate. They can hold women’s casual meetings and talk about "Now, let's catch about 100 fish today. No, let's catch 200 fish" and go fishing together. Not everyone has to go fishing. All you have to do is decide the rotation and go fishing once a month in turns. It's not difficult to fill the dining table of the entire village.

You can fish anytime, anywhere. You don't need money, and in an hour, you can learn it in no time. It is all right even if you don't have a fishing rod. All you have to do is gather the fish with the tangerine peel. Hold the colander in your hand and say "Woo, Woo, Woo" to catch the fish. What do you think? Do you want to try it? You can make a fishing hook by bending the sewing needle used by a mother. If you hold the needle over the candle and scorch it, it will bend well. When it turns bright red, try bending it with gloves. It's even better if you have pliers. Hit it with a hammer to flatten it and you have a perfect hook. Sometime after I once told this story at some missionaries gathering, a missionary came to me and reported, "When I made the hooks exactly as I was told, I made something very good and it was very helpful in witnessing." What do you think? Do you want to try it? Everyone, when you get home tonight, look for long, strong-core sewing needles. With those, practice making fishing hooks. Raise your hand if you don't want to do it after you go home today.

Do you think I am talking fantasy? Do you think it's a realistic story? It's a realistic story. A woman who cannot fish is not a woman. Your butt that is suitable for fishing is crying. If in doubt, please pray. It helps to feed the children and make a living, and it also helps the husband who is struggling at work. You can make as much money as you want by selling fish. You will be able to survive in the hinterlands of Africa and in any wilderness. Look at the tigers that live in jungles. It catches other animals and lives. If you learn to fish, you will not starve to death. If I was in that situation, I would be able to settle in any undeveloped land within three months.

Now, remember it especially well if you are from Africa or are planning to go to Africa. There is abundant land, and the water is flooded with fish. Aquaculture can be expanded anywhere. The number of fish that live in the sea is infinite. There is a limit to the land, but there is no limit to the sea. We will cultivate the resources of the sea and, thanks to us, lay the foundation for people all over the world to eat. Don't you think it's a project that I should be interested in? Do you think I am smart? or dull? I'm twice as smart. If you live for the people of the world, not for yourself, you will build a fortune in the spirit world, proportional to the number of people you lived for, one or one person and hundred for hundred persons. There is nothing else to brag about in the spirit world. The property owned on earth has no meaning in the spirit world. 

Animals live on the ground indefinitely as long as the land continues. Humans are starving and dying, but they have the right to hunt and eat animals. For example, if a person living in Belvedere is hungry without money, don't you think he has the right to hunt and eat the countless deers that are on the land? That's why I say that we also need to learn how to hunt. Women also need to learn. In the tropics, there are crocodiles, hippos, and other animals that become a source of protein everywhere. Why do you have to starve? All you have to do is hunt and overcome hunger. 

All members of the Unification Church have to learn hunting and fishing. Why do you learn? This is to save those who starve to death. It is a capability that must be acquired for that purpose. People in the world say, "Reverend Moon likes to hunt and kill animals, he also kills a lot of fish, and so he likes to see blood. He must be a sham religious leader." I don't care about such voices. Which is right, a person who criticizes what a person does and does nothing himself, or a person who actually does something for other people? What is the value of animals when many of God's children die? Animal offerings are almost always made to perform religious ceremonies. That is why I train you as priests to catch the animals for offerings. This is a holy act. Do you understand?

Learn fishing and hunting and go to Africa for missions. You will go out to the whole world. Then what is the third thing that we should learn to save people? It's agriculture. The whites who came to colonize the Third World did not teach agricultural techniques. When the locals are able to eat and become full, they will not follow what they say and will rebel, so they didn't teach them on purpose to make it easier to control them. This is a crime committed by white people. I purchased 3600 acres of land in Texas and am building a model farm. If we use the agricultural technology developed here to educate 100,000 to 150,000 people and dispatch them to develop the Third World such as Africa, no one will starve to death in the world. We bring several pairs of deer, boars, and pigs from all over the world to this farm and breed them to develop economical animal husbandry. Have you ever engaged in agriculture? I also know how to farm. From now on, you all have to learn. The unification members will have to learn fishing, hunting, and farming in the future. It's basic knowledge as a human being, but don't you think you won't lose anything by giving it a try to acquire the capabilities? It doesn't take long to learn. Once you have the skills, you go to Africa and do some service activities for about a year. We can begin tourism and bring people above average income to tour the farms and fish farms in Texas. Low-income people are interested in everyday leisure activities, so we promote activities where they can go fishing every day.

Today, the representatives gathered from 160 countries should pay attention to the fact that we are commercially selling our boats. From 108 feet to 85 feet, 52 feet, small boats are ready to sell in large quantities at 16 feet, 20 feet, and 28 feet. We have to sell more and more. If we mass-produce boats and lower the price range, it will become a popular item. It will also be very useful for missionary work. There used to be a time when Europeans came to America and competed to build luxury mansions. Then it was an era of bragging about having luxury cars, but that era is gone. From now on, the era will come when everyone will have a leisure boat, and we will call a household that does not own one a poor household.

One Hope has two major features. Not only can you ride the waves well at sea, but you can also navigate in freshwater. Most leisure boats can only be used on freshwater or in calm waves. However, One Hope goes through the rough seas brilliantly. It's sturdy, it looks good, and you can operate it on seawater or freshwater as you wish. One Hope was so famous that the Irvington fire department liked the boat and wanted one. So When I donated them one, they were so happy that they jumped up. Would you like to get One Hope and be truly pleased from the bottom of your heart? Then you have to buy more than one. You can't enjoy it unless you buy it.

Listening to the story thus far, did you get a concrete image of how to rescue Africans? Do you want to shorten or extend the providence of restoration? Do you want to spend hundreds or thousands of years? Do you want to achieve it in decades? ("I want to shorten it.") Do you really think so? Then you have to be taught how I would do it.

Depending on the water in which the fish live, all the foods that the fish prefer will change. I only know the waters of Kodiak, the Hudson River, and New Jersey. I mainly fished striped bass, bluefish, flounder, and blackfish in the (New Jersey) water area. Every fish requires different baits and rigs. So when I come to the fishing spots in your hometown of Texas or Florida, you have to teach me the rigs and baits you have devised. Then, how proud you would be to say, "I taught True Father how to fish! Ha, haha!"

Will the Unification Church eventually perish? Or will it last forever? Will the Unification Church perish? Or will it grow and cover the world? Would you like to see the world's 5 billion people bow in the mornings and evenings, saying "Thank you, True Parents" within a few decades before you die? Or would you like to see that hundreds of years later after going to the spirit world? Do you want to see it while you are alive? ("Yes!")

We have to hurry. So how do you do it? Christianity has enthusiastically evangelized for 2,000 years, bringing the Christian population to a billion. Everyone admits that it is now impossible to save the world with Christianity. Only 15 percent of the world's five billion people live comfortably, while the rest are putting all of their energy into just getting by. Even if one billion are Christians, the remaining four billion are not interested in Christianity. If it takes 2,000 years to evangelize a billion people, how many years will it take to evangelize five billion people?

What do they feel when four billion people who trying to survive hear that "Reverend Moon has been struggling to prepare for them for 20 years and brought food to them"? Will they welcome you when they know that they have been saved from hunger by you and Reverend Moon? Or will they welcome the Lord of the Second Advent coming in the clouds? Will they be pleased to see you? Will they be pleased to see the Lord of the Second Advent above the clouds? Would they want to belong to Christians if the four billion population could be fed and live without anxiety? Do they want to belong to Americans? Or do they want to belong to the Unification Church? It is clear, right? They will want to stay in the Unification Church all the time. In a short period of time, while the world looks on in blank amazement, billions of people will enroll in the Unification Church.

In this way, if we carry out missionary activities, we can choose the president at the time of elections. Political reform is not a problem. Missionary work creates (political) power. God wants it, and everyone is waiting for it. Do you guys want it too? We need to lay the foundation for (political) power. Until now, you didn't know what to do, but I taught you. It is your turn to spread out and teach others. Do you want to do a job inferior to what I have done? Or do you want to accomplish further than me? You are much younger than me, aren't you? Are you going to rely on an old man who is close to 80 years old, to work? If you do that, heaven will punish you for it.

Until now, I have struggled to lay the foundation, so from now on, I would like to look around the foundation you are laying. When you return to your own country, carry out missionary activities as you were told, and when I visit, you have to bring me aboard your boat and show me your foundation while guiding me along the coasts and rivers. Or will you continue to make me experience the same hardships as in the last two decades? Can I declare that the next 20 years is your era? Or is it still my era? We must fulfill God's Will in our time. The world will be saved if you are determined and serve with devotion.

We have a lot of scholars who are committed to the unification movement, there are organizations of religious leaders, there are organizations of politicians, and there are many supporters such as from the Women's Federation to the Youth Federation. These groups will cooperate with each other to develop their activities.

I started Ocean Church Providence 20 years ago, but only I am left at the end. Everyone threw it out on the way and disappeared somewhere. The next 20 years will be your time. Are you all ready to go this way? If you want to do it, raise both hands and swear before God. May God bless you. Mansei.

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