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North & South America Projects

True Father had said regarding North & South America Unification (Chambumo Gyeong Chapter 10):

Now, if North America and South America can become one through my efforts, then North Korea and South Korea on the Korean Peninsula can unify and Israel and the Muslim world can unite. The unity of Europe will not be a problem either. This will happen all at once. (266-134, 1994/12/22)​

If North America and South America can unite, it will not be difficult for all the nations of Europe to unite. After Europe becomes one, it will be possible for Judaism and Christianity as well as for Christianity and Islam to become one. Therefore, the key is how North America and South America will become one. The prevailing culture derives from Christianity, and the leader in transforming modern society is North America. South America has opposed North America until now. If these two continents were to become one, they would form a great power base. If this were to happen, Europe, North America and South America, and then Asia would naturally join the Christian cultural realm. That is why I must unite the cultural realm of Christianity in North America and South America and then connect it to Asia. I need to unite Asia with North America and South America. Without doing this there is no future. (268-311, 1995/04/03)

As can be read in True Father's Words, it is imperative to unite North and South Americas, in order to advance the unification of religion, as well as the unification of South and North Koreas. Hence it is important for us always to connect the activities in the North and South Americas. In this respect, we hope to continue to bring news of activities in South America.

North America

South America

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