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PARAGUAY August & September Progress Report!

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Nabileque OH304 Repair Project is almost complete!


Hello all from Paraguay!

Here is another VIDEO REPORT on the current progress of some of the ongoing Projects here in Paraguay (and from this month, Argentina!! More info below).

Here are some of the contents covered in the video report this month:

1. Nabileque - The Restoration of OH-304SA

As you might know, the OH304 Repair Project is underway, scheduled to finish by October 14th, the anniversary of True Father's release from Heungnam Prison in North Korea. This boat, OH304 used to be one of True Parents' boats in the 90s, was in need of extensive repair. Mr. Peter Paulo Alves Pinheiro hopes to use this boat as the base of operations (live-in) to moor and stay in front of the Nabileque Property.

From replacing the foam in the hull to building new parts for OH-304, the factory workers have been working very hard every day at the factory. From docking, repairing deck's features, working on wiring and electrical systems, reclothing the cabin, inserting the floatation foams, installing the cabin windows, to replacing the cabin's cushions, every bit of work is being done to bring the OH304 closer to its former beauty! The boat is looking amazing.

2. Progress towards Paraguay Ocean Hobby Industry Model Base - Construction of the New Factory and Office

Just as the restoration of OH304 has been advancing, the completion of the new factory has also been moving forward. We installed the waste-water treatment system, following the design produced by the workers themselves. Along with the plumbing, the new factory's interior has been developing as well, including the installation of bathroom stalls meant for True Family.

A new house to be built by the new factory has been designed, and we've begun building it up from its foundation, elevated and for future use as an office. This is the start of a plan to build more such buildings in the future.

3. Fire!

Chaco’i has been dry in recent years, and this August, a fire broke out on Acuamundo property among many others that have been starting across the region.

4. Updates from Argentina

While factory activities continue in Chaco’i Paraguay, Kenji Ezawa (former factory chief of Asuncion) arrived in Buenos Aires of Argentina. While in Argentina, Mr. Ezawa was able to visit and look at the house that True Parents stayed in when he visited Argentina. Unfortunately, the property seems to require maintenance, especially True Parents’ house and their boats.

And without further ado, here is the video report both in English and Japanese! Thank you so much for your continued support, and we will keep you updated~~

God Bless.



Nabileque Fund:

Gofundme is still ongoing for the OH304 boat repair and to continue our efforts in restoring the Holy Land of Nabileque. Any amount is deeply appreciated!

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