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Paraguay Progress Report Oct~Dec 2021!

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

+ OH304SA "Guardian of Nabileque Holy Ground" Project Completed!
+ The Devastating State of the Nabileque Holy Ground
+ Acuamundo Second Boat Factory/Boat Hotel Dedication Ceremony and Progress!

1. The Amazing Repair Work Completed for the OH304SA, the “Guardian of Nabileque Holy Ground”

Thanks to all the supporters and donors, the repair work on the OH304SA, "the Guardian of Nabileque Holy Ground," has been finally completed!!! We thank you very much.

We've been sending out intermittent video reports [last update]on this project, but this boat, OH304, was originally used by True Parents when they held activities in the Pantanal. The boat, abandoned and completely ruined, has been revived completely by the young technicians of Acuamundo, and now it shines white like a whole new boat. Interestingly, the engine we received for this boat was also WHITE!

Acuamundo planned for the project to be complete by 10/14/2021, but at the final stage, the engine was delayed due to transportation woes caused by the Paraguay River getting historically shallow.

Mr. Peter Paulo Alves, at the greeting he gave during the Dedication Ceremony (for the Second Boat Factory, 10/14/2021, more on that below), showed his renewed determination, saying, "I will protect the Nabileque Holy Ground using this boat!"

Look at the amazing restoration work done by the Acuamundo technicians!

2. The Devastating State of Nabileque Holy Ground

Nabileque Holy Ground was named by True Parents, the "Original Holy Ground, Root Holy Ground, and Victory Holy Ground." True Father stated that every member from all over the world must "pay pilgrimage to this place every 4 years." He also ordered Mr. Alves to "Protect this place with your life." Nabileque is such a place.

Mr. Alves' brother in fact once fought against bandits and was beaten almost to death, while protecting the property. They have been making such efforts over the years, but valuables were stolen away one by one. Nabileque, the Root Holy Ground as named by True Parents, must be known to all brothers and sisters around the world, and be protected, revived.

And this year, everything from the roofs and walls of the Hotel Americano in Nabileque was stripped off and on top of that burned down, presumably to destroy the evidence of their theft. This is nothing but an earth-shattering and shocking event. Our Nabileque Holy Ground was burned down. The "ROOM 14" where True Father historically achieved the natural surrender of Satan is now just rubble.

What does this mean for us Unification family? Originally, True Parents' expectation was to build a water palace at this Nabileque Holy Ground. Shouldn't we have built a monument here to testify to the world and our descendants the feat in which True Parents subjugated Satan at this very place?

What is clear at this point is that what has been destroyed should be rebuilt, and what has been robbed should be restored. We must once again unite the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generations of our movement to complete the vision True Parents hope to realize in South America.

In that spirit, the restoration of OH304SA as the "Guardian of Nabileque Holy Ground" was a precious event in this time of the "Era of 4th Adam," where WE must inherit the victorious realm of True Parents and act on our responsibility for the world.

3. OCTOBER 14TH, 2021, The 2nd Boat Factory/Boat Hotel Dedication Ceremony

Here is a brief report on the "Completion and Dedication Ceremony for the Second Boat Factory - Boat Hotel" held at Acuamundo in Paraguay, on October 14th, which is a memorable anniversary of the date when True Father escaped from the Hoon Nam Prison in North Korea all those years ago.

The Dedication Ceremony was prepared rather quickly during a 3-day period, but I felt a firm Will of Heaven. Mr. Peter Paulo Alves Pinheiro, as well as the church director from the Paraguay headquarters and other major stakeholders, gathered despite the short notice.

We welcomed Rev. Evaristo who encourages us constantly with his wide smiles, Dr. Jacob, who was the first church leader here and now working as an officer of Acuamundo at the same time working as a dentist, Rev. and Mrs. Aristedes (former church director, worked as a driver for True Parents and has a deep understanding of Ocean Providence), Mr. Kitanaka representing the Leda office, and Mr. Graml.

The ceremony began at 2:30 PM with Mr. John Sato, the MC, reading the Hoon Dok Hae and offering a representative prayer. Mrs. Sato, the General Manager of Public Relations, then gave a greeting on behalf of all the Japanese shareholders and members. Next, Rev. Evaristo testified about "words True Parents spoke in South America and their achievements." Mr. Paulo Alves then gave a note of appreciation especially to the boat project supporters and testified about Nabileque Holy Ground. Then we moved on to the Consecration Ceremony.

3. Progress on the Paraguay Ocean Hobby Industry Base Construction

Some of the facilities still incomplete at the 2nd boat factory/boat hotel are the guest bathroom (True Mother), cutting room, upstairs office, high windows, and showroom. The drainage system has been completed. The area around the factory will be solidified with soil excavated from the marina with planted shrubs. The quality and function of the marina depend on the sides of the investment, but we are currently excavating the area using a tractor.

We considered using the gabion method for the surface of the marina walls, but it is surprisingly labor-intensive and expensive. We are currently researching other methods.

The basic structure of the 2nd factory was completed by a local contractor, but the detailed internal and external structures, as well as the electrical systems, were all planned, designed, selected, and purchased by the Acuamundo employees. They created the small internal room, external drainage facility, and other components one by one. I am not a professional in any sense, but watching them work under the spirit - "experience is gold! save the cost!" - I truly saw the spark and the strength of youth who work and challenge themselves in such a pioneering environment. It is amazing to behold.

The concept of the "Marine Center" was for it to become a building equipped with a showroom, guest service, and a control tower, where national-level guests can come and glimpse our vision of the Ocean Hobby Industry Model Providence. This project was postponed and given up due to a lack of funds in 2018. Currently, the would-be foundation is overgrown with weeds and shrubs.

However, the Marine Center IS an indispensable structure that cannot be removed from the Acuamundo Ocean Hobby Industry Base. There was a sincere proposal asking, "can we at least turn one of the dormitories into a temporary Marine Center?!" In response, we are constructing the first dormitory building to have a function as the "temporary Marine Center," We are currently planning to build 2 other dormitories (one building was taken off our plans due to soaring material costs).

One joyful news is that Mr. Ezawa, the former factory manager, has moved to Argentina with his wife to start developing a foundation there for the future, such as material procurement.

Here are some photos from the recent developments at the factory!

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