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Nabileque Holy Ground Protection Project 2022 - Plan

Updated: May 12, 2022

A Plan to Build a Sustainable Foundation to Protect the Nabileque Holy Ground

OVERVIEW: The Origin of Heaven

Hotel Americano in Nabileque, Brazil is one of the most important Holy Grounds in the world.

“Finally we built the site that can become the Origin of Heaven. First it is the Original Holy Ground, secondly the Root Holy Ground and thirdly the Victory Holy Ground.” (7/27/1999, Prayer of the Original Holy Ground, Root Holy Ground, and Victory Holy Ground Consecration and Dedication Ceremony)

True Father had named the land three names: the Original Holy Ground where the original situation before the Fall was attained, Root Holy Ground where the spiritual foundation for a substantial Kingdom of Heaven was laid, and Victory Holy Ground where God was liberated by True Parents. This place is where Father had referred to as the very Origin of Heaven, and was where Lucifer had been liberated, being able to meet God after six thousand years.

Peter Paulo Alves Pinheiro, the main witness of Lucifer’s liberation at Hotel Americano, gave a testimony explaining the details of what had happened there.

Unfortunately, in early 2021, Hotel Americano was robbed and burned and is now currently reduced to rubble. (This linked article/video gives a report on the current state of Hotel Americano.)

This plan has been developed for the purpose of protecting, preserving, and reviving the Nabileque Holy Ground, which will be explained in several phases. This plan will be focused on making a sustainable economic foundation based on fishing ecotourism. While True Father planned to eventually build a "Water Palace" at Nabileque, the current plan will only cover the steps up to the building of a museum at the Holy Ground (or nearby).

Hotel Americano back when it was still flourishing and in use.

GOALS: Protect & Revive the Holy Ground

There are three main goals for this project: to protect the Holy Ground, to preserve the history and Heart in the Holy Ground, and to revive the Holy Ground.

Goal #1: Protect the Land

Hotel Americano had been burnt and robbed due to the lack of enough funds and people to manage and secure the land. To prevent from something similar happening again in the future, this plan proposes the steps to take in order to establish a sustainable economic foundation, and station people who can stay near or on the land to protect it.

Father speaks to members at Hotel Americano.

We aim to train twelve young FFWPU members who will be capable to operate the ecotourism business, and able to stay and protect the Holy Ground for future years to come.

Goal #2: Preserve the History and Heart

To preserve the deep history and Heart of True Parents in the Holy Ground, information about that history must be collected, archived, and then displayed visibly to members and the public to be cherished and inherited. We will promote the holy ground and its history to raise awareness, and plan to build a museum to exhibit the history and True Parents' Heart. We aim to bring 4,000 FFWPU members from around the world to the Holy Ground by 2027 and have all members to have visited by 2034.

Goal #3: Revive the Land