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Ocean Challenge 2021 in Kodiak AK!

NOCP - the National Ocean Challenge Program -

A Report by a 2021 participant

Guest Writer: Hanphil Olgado

This was the second year Hanphil participated in the Ocean Challenge. She is currently a college student pursuing a degree in early childhood education. She started to deepen her love and appreciation for the Ocean and Creation because of this workshop.


National Ocean Challenge Program(NOCP): WEBSITE

Ocean Challenge, a leadership training created by True Father

NOCP stands for National Ocean Challenge Program. The “Ocean Challenge” was started by True Father on July 1, 1981, in Gloucester, MA, under Ocean Church, which was officially launched in 1980.

NOCP's mission statement is to empower future leaders to become true owners of God’s creation through ocean-based educational and experiential activities rooted in the teachings of Father and Mother Moon. NOCP’s three main objectives are:

  • to develop character and confidence through seamanship

  • experience a heart of stewardship

  • cultivate faith through experiencing God’s love through nature.

The Alaska Spirit

This workshop is a 21-day workshop based in Kodiak, Alaska, and is an amazing opportunity to experience the “Alaska Spirit” and deep affectionate love True Parents have for the ocean.

The “Alaska Spirit” was originally established by True Father, and is the spirit of going beyond one’s physical limitations, and not going home until one’s responsibility is fulfilled. He also talked about the sacrificial love of Salmon giving up their own bodies to their offspring.

The “Alaska Spirit” is embodied in this quote from the book, Mother of Peace (pg.19): “No matter who you are, you will not experience only the sweetness and joy on the path to the kingdom of heaven….The fruit of perseverance will grow and ripen within you, and one day will become the source of your deepest pride.”

The Experience of Challenging Oneself

Some of the challenges that one can experience at NOCP are: Challenging oneself and understanding the value of perseverance. A challenge for a person to learn to grow their hearts and expand their understanding of True Parents. Developing a deeper understanding of True Parents’ love and teaching through the ocean.

We also had the opportunity to listen to personal testimonies of 1st gen members who worked directly with True Parents, serving True Parents, worked in Ocean Providence/Ocean Church, fishing, and other ocean-related businesses that were started by True Parents.

Gaining Valuable Internal Lessons

We were surrounded by nature, hiking and reflecting on the rocky beaches. We were able to cultivate an internal aspect of the heart of Ocean Challenge and build up our life of faith through daily Hoon Dok Hae readings of True Parents scriptures and teachings.