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True Parents’ Heart in Ocean Providence Education: Program Summary

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Ocean Providence Familiarization Program for Youth (Middle & High School) at NJ GO Program

Ocean Tribe Subregion 1, Program 01 Version 0


Just within a few months after True Father arrived in the United States in late 1971, He purchased boats to start fishing in the Hudson River. When the Unification Theological Seminary was established in 1978 to train the new leaders of the Unificationist movement, True Father immediately started teaching fishing to the students there.

As many unificationist members know, True Father spent almost every day fishing everywhere He went - New York, Alaska, Hawaii, Korea, South America - and continued to call people to train in the ocean until the time of His Ascension in 2012. Fishing was an essential activity for True Father, and it is also essential for us to learn about fishing if we were to understand True Father. Unfortunately, the younger generation unificationists have not had the chance to spend time with True Father in fishing and there are very limited chances to be exposed to the records and Words related to True Father’s Ocean Providence.

This program is designed to let the younger generation Unificationists know the essence of the Ocean Providence - its History, its Goals, its Plans, and True Father’s Heart expressed in His Words and Deeds - in four sessions, and inspire the participants to follow the path of True Parents’ wishes in the oceanic realm.

The program will include videos and presentations as well as fun activities that the participants and the staff can use to relate to True Father’s devotion and wishes in the ocean!

Session Themes

​Session One

​Let us connect to True Parents' Heart on the Ocean! In order to understand TP's Heart, we must first understand their situation through their Words & Deeds!

​Session Two

​Let us understand the Goals - World Peace and Unification! In order to fulfill TP's Heart in OP, we must first understand the Goals of the Plan!

Session Three

Let us understand True Parents' Grand Plan (Providence)! In order to complete the Goals, we need to understand the Plan!

Session Four

What kind of People are needed to execute the grand plan? In order to be filial sons and daughters that can inherit TP's Heart in the Ocean, we should know what kind of people we need to become and what we can do from now!

Program Goals

The main objective of the program is to educate the youth to be filial sons and daughters that understand True Parents’ wishes and plans with regards to the Ocean Providence.

There are two major audiences of the program which are the participants and the staff.

Expectations for Participant Experience

  1. Have fun and get excited about the Ocean - True Father spoke about educating the children to love the ocean so that they can continue to work in ocean industries throughout their lives.

  2. Start to understand True Father’s Heart - Youth are constantly told to understand True Parents’ Heart, and a large part of that Heart lies in Ocean Providence.

  3. Get a better understanding of what Ocean Providence is - This program’s main goal is to educate the youth about Ocean Providence, so they should learn about what exactly the Ocean Providence is, its goals and the plan.

  4. Start to see their role in the providence - With a developing understanding of Ocean Providence and who is needed to fulfill it, the youth can begin to realize that they have the potential to be the filial children True Parents need for the providence.