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True Parents’ Heart in Ocean Providence Education: HOPE Program Summary

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Ocean Providence Familiarization Program for Youth (Middle & High School) at NJ GO Program

Ocean Tribe Subregion 1, Program 01 Version 0

Before you start... please watch this short promo video to get an overview of the program 👇👇


Just within a few months after True Father arrived in the United States in late 1971, He purchased boats to start fishing in the Hudson River. When the Unification Theological Seminary was established in 1978 to train the new leaders of the Unificationist movement, True Father immediately started teaching fishing to the students there.

As many unificationist members know, True Father spent almost every day fishing everywhere He went - New York, Alaska, Hawaii, Korea, South America - and continued to call people to train in the ocean until the time of His Ascension in 2012. Fishing was an essential activity for True Father, and it is also essential for us to learn about fishing if we were to understand True Father. Unfortunately, the younger generation unificationists have not had the chance to spend time with True Father in fishing and there are very limited chances to be exposed to the records and Words related to True Father’s Ocean Providence.

This program is designed to let the younger generation Unificationists know the essence of the Ocean Providence - its History, its Goals, its Plans, and True Father’s Heart expressed in His Words and Deeds - in four sessions, and inspire the participants to follow the path of True Parents’ wishes in the oceanic realm.

The program will include videos and presentations as well as fun activities that the participants and the staff can use to relate to True Father’s devotion and wishes in the ocean!

Session Themes

​Session One

​Let us connect to True Parents' Heart on the Ocean! In order to understand TP's Heart, we must first understand their situation through their Words & Deeds!

​Session Two

​Let us understand the Goals - World Peace and Unification! In order to fulfill TP's Heart in OP, we must first understand the Goals of the Plan!

Session Three

Let us understand True Parents' Grand Plan (Providence)! In order to complete the Goals, we need to understand the Plan!

Session Four

What kind of People are needed to execute the grand plan? In order to be filial sons and daughters that can inherit TP's Heart in the Ocean, we should know what kind of people we need to become and what we can do from now!

Program Goals

The main objective of the program is to educate the youth to be filial sons and daughters that understand True Parents’ wishes and plans with regards to the Ocean Providence.

There are two major audiences of the program which are the participants and the staff.

Expectations for Participant Experience

  1. Have fun and get excited about the Ocean - True Father spoke about educating the children to love the ocean so that they can continue to work in ocean industries throughout their lives.

  2. Start to understand True Father’s Heart - Youth are constantly told to understand True Parents’ Heart, and a large part of that Heart lies in Ocean Providence.

  3. Get a better understanding of what Ocean Providence is - This program’s main goal is to educate the youth about Ocean Providence, so they should learn about what exactly the Ocean Providence is, its goals and the plan.

  4. Start to see their role in the providence - With a developing understanding of Ocean Providence and who is needed to fulfill it, the youth can begin to realize that they have the potential to be the filial children True Parents need for the providence.

Expectations for Staff Experience

  1. Get a better understanding of what Ocean Providence is - in order to guide participants well, they must understand Ocean Providence in more depth.

  2. Understand their role as staff to help guide participants as best as they can throughout the program - help participants see their own potential.

Other Opportunities

  • Promote Ocean Church activities or kickstart different programs (captain training, fishing club, HDH groups, webinars)

  • Open up connections to GPA, Up & Coming, and YAYAM groups with educational platforms

  • Connect them to FB and other SNS groups for long term education

  • Educate the staff who will be future leaders of our movement

  • Create a model program to be replicated globally in FFWPU community

Staff Preparation and Education Goals

We want to prepare the staff as much as possible so that they can guide the youth to understand how they can contribute to True Parents’ providence throughout their lives substantially and practically other than witnessing, donating, and events, after GPA and college. The following topics are what we hope to stress to the staff:

The History and Importance of Ocean Providence:

Summer of 2021, Dr. Yong said, “You cannot understand True Parents unless you understand Ocean Providence.

The Ocean Providence is an urgent matter. We must understand the history, if just for the fact that there is such a deep history with regards to Ocean and Father, so that we can understand that, “yes, the Ocean Providence must be important.”

The Goals of FFWPU and the Relevance of Ocean Providence to them:

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification is called this way for a reason - to bring world peace and unification! However, in order to accomplish these lofty goals, Father identified that solving the hunger problem and food crisis is the most urgent issue that needs to be solved.

It is through the ocean and Ocean Providence that world hunger can be solved, and it is the reason why Father called the ocean the fastest way, central point, and shortcut to bringing peace and unification. Through all this, is also the fastest way to uniting people under True Parents, because witnessing through action is the most effective way to witness.

The Plan for Ocean Providence, the Context, and the Young People’s Responsibility:

In 1994, True Parents held the 20th Anniversary of the American Ocean Providence in America. There, Father had laid out the plan for the Ocean Providence that he had been laying the foundation for, for the prior twenty years leading up to that point.

It is important that we understand what that plan was to understand what Father’s intentions were for Ocean Providence. It is also important to understand Father’s expectations for this plan, and who was meant to carry it out: the members!

Program Outline

The HOPE Program is to be done over the course of four days. Previously done by the New Jersey God's Own youth program, this was done on Saturdays of four consecutive weeks.

General Schedule

​Time (minutes)


​20 ~ 30

Staff Familiarization

60 ~ 90

Creative Activity


​Meal Time

15 ~ 20

​Participant Education





Let us connect with True Parents’ Heart in the Ocean!

In order to understand True Parents' Heart, we must first understand their situation (Words & Deeds)


Learning the history and importance of Ocean Providence

Expected Outcome:

Staff should understand the importance of learning about the Ocean Providence in relation to True Father’s Heart and why it’s important to be able to guide the participants throughout the rest of the program.

Education Summary:

The presentation shows a portion of Ocean Providence history as well as shows the current situation with regards to Ocean Providence and what’s left of it. It explains and shows how much of his life Father dedicated to Ocean Providence, and reveals that though he dedicated so much to it, there is very little of Ocean Providence legacy left right now. To carry on Father’s Will and inherit his Heart, we must learn about the Ocean Providence.





​Habitats and Hooks

Duration ~ 10 minutes

- Presentation

- Reference

- Tell the importance of:

- Fish habitats

- Hooks

- Knots

Hook Making Demo

​Duration ~ 5 minutes

- Introduces Father’s words on this topic

“You can make a fishing hook by bending the sewing needle used by a mother. If you hold the needle over the candle and scorch it, it will bend well. When it turns bright red, try bending it with gloves. It's even better if you have pliers. Hit it with a hammer to flatten it and you have a perfect hook.”

- A demonstration of making a hook from a needle is presented, following the exact method True Father used and talked about to members

How to Pull Hook from Arm

Duration ~ 3 minutes

- Video

​Knots Activity

​Duration ~ 30 minutes

- Participants are taught and practice three types of knots:

- Improved clinch knots

- Snell knots

- Palomar knots

Introduction to Spoons

Duration ~3 minutes

- Video

Spoon Customization

​Duration ~ 10 minutes

- Participants create and color their own unique spoons

Rope Knots Preview

​Duration ~ 5 minutes

- A preview of the next sessions activity is given (rope knots!)

- The different rope knots are introduced

- Participants are told to practice / keep these in mind for the next session’s activity

Explaining the different fish and hooks

Participant learning to tie a hook onto a fishing line

Participants customizing their own spoons


Run the following videos in the background during meal time:


The History of the Ocean Providence and True Parents

Expected Outcome:

Reveals how much True Parents invested into the Ocean Providence in the USA. Participants should be left wondering, “Why did True Parents invest so much into this?”

Education Summary:

A slideshow presentation of photos and quotes with relation to True Parents and Ocean Providence in America. Shows historical photos and moments in Ocean Providence. Quotes reveal Father’s dedication to the ocean and his oceanic endeavors, and also his insistence on the Ocean Providence’s importance.


  1. What is True Parents’ mission and goal?

  2. Why do you think True Parents fish so much and train members on the ocean?

  3. What are some global issues you think our movement should solve, and how do you think we can do it? Do you think True Parents have come up with a solution for this?

Additional Resources [VIDEO]:

This youth-targeted short video summarizes the Session 1 and Session 2 of this program ↓



Let us understand the Goals - World Peace & Unification!

In order to fulfill True Parents' Heart in OP, we must first understand the Goals & the Plan...


Learning The Goals of FFWPU and the Relevance of Ocean Providence to them

Expected Outcome:

The staff understand the main goals of our movement of Peace and Unification, and subsequently understands the point that Ocean Providence is necessary to achieve the goals of our movement most effectively.

Education Summary:

It is first explained that the main goals of FFWPU are World peace and unification, and then goes on to look to define what exactly world peace and unification are.

Utilizing True Father’s Words about <Peace vs. Hunger> and <Unification vs. Ocean>, along with different relevant passages from the Divine Principle, the presentation:

  • Defines true peace and unification

  • Identifies the urgency and importance of world hunger

  • Reveals the ocean’s relevance and role in relation to our goals:

    • Solve World hunger

    • Overcome Communism

    • Unify North and South Korea


Total Duration ~ 50 minutes (without explanations)


  • Lots of rope (all games)

  • Cardboard (Game 2)

  • Random objects (Game 3)


  • A short presentation is given on the importance of learning skills such as rope knotting

  • Three different types of knots are shown:

    • Sheetbend

    • Bowline Bend

    • Clove Hitch

  • A competition is held between three teams, the winning team getting a prize (eg. special ice cream)

  • The competition is split into three Games with regards to the different knot types

  • Each game ends up with three rankings, each ranking getting a certain amount of points

    • 1st - 10 points

    • 2nd - 7 points

    • 3rd - 5 points

  • In the end, all the points in every game are added up per team, and the team with the most accumulated points wins



​1 - Jump Rope

​Duration ~ 15 minutes

- Using <Sheet Bend> knots, teams need to make jump ropes long enough for five people to jump at the same time

- Five people in a team have to jump 10 times in a row without tripping with their jump rope

- The one to accomplish this task fastest wins

​2 - Save the Stranded

​Duration ~ 15 minutes

- The room is separated into “shore” and “sea”

- Teams choose two team members to be stranded out on sea

- Using a <Sheet Bend> knot teams need to make a long rope to reach the stranded members

- Then using a <Bowline> knot, teams make a loop at the end of the rope

- Members on shore need to throw the looped rope to their stranded members and pull the stranded members to shore

- The one to accomplish this task fastest wins

3 - Rope Knot Collection Challenge

Duration ~ 20 minutes (10 minute time limit)

- Throughout the center of the room are various scattered objects

- Each team chooses a “base” in the room

- Teams send out one member each to bring back objects to their base

- Members must do this by using one of the three knot types they learned without dropping the object on the way

- The team with the most objects wins

Participants learning to tie rope knots

Participants during Game 1 - Jump rope

Participants during Game 3 - Rope Knot Collection


Run the following video in the background during meal time:


The Goals of FFWPU and Ocean Providence & The First Step to Getting There

Expected Outcome:

The participants should understand that the goal of Ocean Providence is substantially realizing the goal of FFWPU, which is World Peace and Unification. They should be left asking, “How did True Father plan to accomplish such grand goals?”

Education Summary:

The goals of World Peace and Unification are made clear and are also backed up by True Father’s words on what world peace and unification needs. The presentation introduces the importance of solving the hunger problem with regards to these goals, and how the Ocean Providence is the plan to solving this issue.

The presentation explains when Father revealed this plan during the 20th anniversary ceremony of the American Ocean Providence, and also reveals Step One of the plan as an introduction to it.


  1. We live in America, one of the most developed countries of the world - what do you imagine it’s like to live in places where food and maybe even water is scarce?

  2. Do you think world hunger and inequality is an issue we should focus on as a movement?

  3. What would be the first thing you would think to do to solve world hunger?

Participants listening to instructions for activities
Additional Resources [VIDEO]:

Please refer to the end of the Session 1 (above) - the video summarizes session 1 and session 2 in a video format targeted for youths.



Let us understand True Parents’ Grand Plan (Providence)!

In order to complete the Goals, we need to understand the Plan!


The Context and Plan of Ocean Providence, the Fastest Path to Unification

Expected Outcome:

Staff should understand the context and the importance of the plan True Father spoke about on 8/1/1994 at the 20th Anniversary of OP in the USA in Belvedere, as the key plan for the 2nd 40-year course as FFWPU. They should understand the fact that this plan would be the fastest path to world peace and unification.

Education Summary:

The presentation explains the context leading up to the 20th anniversary speech and the importance of what came after, explaining the foundation and dedication Father laid in the first 40 year course.

It explains the plan in <Text02> to show that Father had a clear plan to solving world hunger that he had revealed in the hopes that it would be substantially carried out.

The presentation stresses the significance of witnessing through action as FFWPU, pushing the fact that by going through with this plan and substantially saving people from hunger globally, we can bring about world peace and unification quicker than any other method, such as evangelizing.


Total Duration ~ 1 hour +


  • Fillet Demo:

    • Large salmon

    • Flat fish

    • Black fish

  • Make Your Own Sushi - each table should have:

    • Bowls of Water

    • Paper Towels

    • Napkins

    • Plates

    • Spoons (for sesame seeds)

    • Knives (facilitator-only)

    • Soy Sauce

    • Wasabi

    • Sesame seeds

    • seaweed

    • rice

    • makisu

    • cucumber

    • kanikama

    • fish

    • avocado



​"Let's Make Sushi" Introduction

Duration ~ 3 minutes

- An explanation of the process fish go through to get to the market is given

- A short presentation is given on the importance of learning skills pertaining to the marine industry, for example, the seafood industry

Fillet Demo

Duration ~ 15 minutes

- Fish are filleted by a professional in front of the participants

- The process is clearly shown throughout and which steps need to be taken for different kinds of fish

- Three kinds of fish filleting are shown

- Flat fish

- Black fish

- Salmon

Sushi Tutorial

Duration ~ 7 minutes

- Video

​Make Your Own Sushi

​Duration ~ up to and through meal time!

- Following the steps shown in the tutorial and in the presentation, participants make their own sushi rolls

- Then, they eat them!

A professional demo of cutting salmon, done by Hyung Heui Joo

A professional demo of cutting flat fish, done by Hiroaki Matsura

Participants making their own sushi rolls


Run the following video in the background during meal time:


True Father's Plan Ocean Providence

Expected Outcome:

The youth should understand that there were practical ways that True Father planned to solve major social problems of the world like world hunger. They will also come to understand that solving these issues can quickly lead to world unification.

Education Summary:

Reiterate Text 02 in a much simpler way, stressing the point of it being the fastest path to world peace and unification.


  1. What are some takeaways from this presentation?

  2. Everyone pick a number between 1~8. Why is that particular step, corresponding to the number you chose, crucial to True Father’s plan?

  3. Why is it important to support those less fortunate?

Additional Resources [VIDEO]:

This youth-targeted video summarizes the GRAND PLAN in a video format ↓



What Kind of People are needed to execute the Grand Plan?

In order to be filial sons and daughters that can inherit True Parents’ Heart in the Ocean, what kind of people should we become and what can we do from now? It is time for action.


Our Responsibility as Young People and the Purpose of Ocean Training

Expected Outcome:

Staff should understand that it is our responsibility as blessed children and families to carry out the plan to solve world hunger. They should have a basic understanding of what kind of people True Father was trying to raise through Ocean Training, and see how we should strive to become like that. Hopefully, this will give them a feeling of responsibility for the future of the movement with regards to Ocean Providence, and see their important role in inheriting it.

Education Summary:

The presentation explains briefly about the start of the second 40-year course, and then goes into what the purpose of Ocean Training was. It is explained that Ocean Training was meant to raise people who could inherit and carry out Ocean Providence, and should hold the following qualities:

  1. Someone who loves the sea and mission

  2. People who can lead the Ocean Era

  3. A global leader who loves all people

  4. A person capable of solving hunger

  5. People who can witness through action

A video is then shown to display how Ocean Training can benefit the overall community of young people by being a possible solution to psychological struggles that is rampant in youth of today.

At the end, the staff are ‘called to action’ to take it upon themselves to seriously consider learning about and being involved in the Ocean Providence in the future.


Total Duration ~ 2 hours





Duration ~ 1 hour

- Participants are split into two groups

- Each group is split into three teams

- Group 1 goes on one of three boats, teams split accordingly

- Group 2 stays on land and receives education and does a different activity

Rod Casting Game

Duration ~ 40 minutes

- While the other Group is out on the boat, participants are given rods

- “Fish” are spread out across the ground

- Participants cast their lines and practice casting and “fishing”

*After 1 hour, the groups switch

Participants departing on the boat

The participants and captain on the boat

Fishing rods and fake fish prepared for the participants

A participant showing off her "catch"


Run the following videos in the background during meal time:


The Kind of People that Can Carry out Ocean Providence

Expected Outcome:

Participants begin to understand their responsibility as youth and children of True Parents to help the people of this world who are starving and in the third world. They also gain an understanding of exactly what skills and what things they can develop to become the people that True Parents need, that they need to become true filial sons and daughters.

They should also know what they can do now to start their journey.

Education Summary:

The presentation explains that it is the members’ and the youth of the movement’s responsibility to carry on Father’s Will in the Ocean Providence, and that in order to do so, we have to become:

  • Ocean-loving youth dedicated to the mission

  • Leaders of the Oceanic Era

  • Global leaders that love the world as their own family

  • People with the skills and know-how to be able to solve world hunger and save people and whole villages in the third world

  • People who can witness through action

An example of a person similar to what we need to be is provided: Nakamura Tetsu

It is then ended with explaining the need for us to start now, and that each and every person has the potential to reach that grand dream of saving the world. A few resources and options for long term education and training are provided to finish it off.



Additional Resources [VIDEO]:

This youth-targeted video summarizes the content of session 4 ↓


Expected Duration: 15~20 minutes

Topic: basic summary and understanding of what was learned throughout the month


Cheat Sheet: Given the week before for participants to study from; cheat sheet is reviewed right before the actual competition

​Trivia Game Rule


Questions Format

​- Multiple Choice (a,b,c, or d)

- Will be shown on projector

Answering Mechanism

​- Participants are given an answer sheet to fill in

- As questions and choices are shown on the projector, participants circle what they think is the answer on their answer sheet


​- Questions pertaining Ocean Providence, but NOT ON THE CHEAT SHEET will act as tiebreakers and will be answered separately from the main trivia after the answer sheets have been graded


- Once the answer sheets are filled out, they will be collected and graded while participants eat

- After meal time, the one with the most questions answered right will be declared the winner

- If there is a tie between two or more participants, they will answer the tie breaker questions, and whoever gets more answers right will be the final winner


- Father’s fishing rod is given to the individual winner - The second place winner’s family will get a free fishing trip - Everyone else will get an Ocean Providence care package!

Participants listening intently to the trivia questions

The winner of the trivia with Father's fishing rod


*NOTE: In the educational goal, we need to promote to the youth to understand how they can live for True Parents as professionals throughout their future

Additional links:

v3 H.O.P.E. Program Summary Packet
Download PDF • 11.38MB

*downloadable pdf file ^^^

Extra Photos from Previously done HOPE Program:

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