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This website's aim is to compile in one place information on Ocean Providence, its philosophies, testimonies, and current activities around the world. Ocean Providence is founded by Rev. Sun Myung Moon. We created this website in hopes that the world will come to know the crucial role Ocean Providence plays in establishing the World of Peace.

Haven't you ever wondered if Rev. Moon left a concrete and practical roadmap and methods to build the ideal kingdom of heaven? He was not a mere spiritual leader but came to us as a person who will solve EVERYTHING, including societal, political, environmental, and other serious problems of the world.

History records that he invested tremendous amount of time, effort and money into Ocean Providence throughout His life. He said that the Ocean Hobby Industry Providence is the shortest path to world peace. 

Why Ocean? Why Fishing? Why did Rev. Moon spend 2/3 of his life on the Ocean?

Feel free to explore our Resources section for videos, slides, and other materials. Our articles page features news and updates on currently ongoing projects.
Explore away! and join us in our fight to bring Rev. Moon's Ocean Providence to fruition! 
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Become an investor to Wonmo Marine Group  

We are recruiting investors for our boat building (and related businesses) project at Wonmo Marine Group and Acuamundo. Please contact us if you would like to become part of our group of investors and our new business model of “living for the sake of others and the world,” based on our True Parents’ core teachings!

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Young Technicians and Driven Youths wanted 


We are constantly looking for youth (or youth at heart!) who is willing to pioneer in a challenging environment and learn/train to become a full-fledged boat technician for the boat company, Acuamundo!

Acuamundo is located in Paraguay and manufactures/sells the Good Go boat series, created and developed by Rev. Sun Myung Moon, as the ultimate hobby lifestyle boat of the future!


Youths who join are trained in the art of boat-building, from designing (3D) to actual hands-on manufacturing, repair, maintenance, and other professional skills. 


Rev. Moon has always said that we must bring the top-rated technologies of the US and other advanced nations to the other underdeveloped parts of the world to bring equalization of technology, economy, and resources around the globe. 

Centered on the core ideology of interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universally shared values, as well as the principle of "living for the sake of others, the sake of the world," Acuamundo and its members, strive to become an ideal form of business entity that is essentially different from the existing companies of the world. 

If you would like to know more or join our efforts or know of a youngster who would be interested, please feel free to contact us anytime! We are always looking to expand our family! 

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