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13-Year History of Wonmo Marine Group - Free Digital Download!

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

In the year 2004, we received a direct mission from Rev. and Mrs. Moon to build and develop a boat factory and related hobby industries in Paraguay. Upon hearing of our progress in 2012, Rev. Moon directed us further to bring 278 boats, or at least 70 boats into Japan until the Foundation Day (2013). It was to be a turning point for Japan - and the rest of the Pacific Rim - to be reborn as an Oceanic nation in the new Era of Pacific Rim.

The boat factory, Acuamundo, with its boat manufacturing business and other boat-related ventures has received an award from the Paraguayan government as the Maquila company for important social contributions” in 2018.

We are continuing to build the Good Go boat series that Rev. Moon has developed and designed throughout his earthly life as well as a new line of eco boats called the Solar Cruise and Solar Fisher that runs on 100% electric power with solar panels. We are pioneering and inspiring the sustainable development of Paraguay as a nation.

Rev. and Mrs. Moon has always strived to bring the equalization of technology and sciences to ALL of the world's nations, not just a handful of them having the privilege to use it. We are bringing the top-of-the-line US boat technology into Paraguay, and hope to start a great trend of the equalization of not only the technology but of education and economy.

It has been over 13 years since this mission was taken on, and here is a look at the history of our progress in a photobook format. It is a quick story told by pictures and you will be able to see an overview of the history of our trials and progress. We will continue until the day we establish the model of a God-centered Ocean Hobby Industry City/Cultural Center that Rev. and Mrs. Moon have envisioned and tasked us to create.

View/Download the photobook:

WMG_13YR History Photobook_design ENG FI
Download • 96.07MB

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