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A look back at the entire history of Rev. & Mrs. Moon's OCEAN PROVIDENCE through the ages

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Stay safe amidst the COVID-19 pandemic! Some of us have often wondered, how can a great and swift change in the world ever take place, but this crisis is showing us that anything can happen that will entirely change our daily lifestyle in a very short amount of time. We need to be vigilant, and at the same time know that we CAN bring a quick and vast change to the world if we are doing the right thing at the right time and place. 2020 has just begun. We must take every opportunity to offer victory to Heavenly Parents and True Parents. The suffering and struggles we are seeing right now might be the pain of birth for the new world, but we must do our part in ushering in the new age if this were to happen!

As we make strides in North American Providence, just as True Parents have previously said, as an elder son nation, we cannot “forget about our brothers and sisters” in South America. We have a responsibility to extend our hands to help all the less fortunate/less advanced nations.

Until today, True Parents have tirelessly worked on a global scale to resolve the issues between “North-South” and “East and West.” South American nations, despite being fellow Christian countries, remain still as developing nations. In 1995, True Parents with the goal to bring up their technological and social standards to par with their North American nations, began investing in regions centering on Pantanal, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

The South American continent possesses the world’s largest wetlands, the Pantanal, which produces 67% of the world’s oxygen and is known as the land of water and trees. Since it could be the key region to resolving the current and near-future issues of resource shortage, environment, and food shortages, it is subject to severe buyouts of properties by countries like China and other companies with foresight. In light of today’s extreme world affairs, True Parent’s vision of preparing the vast properties across these regions seems providential.

Many of us remember the fact that throughout their entire life, True Parents had been working to usher the coming of the Ocean Era. Wherever True Parents went, one could find Ocean Providence activities. There are numerous accounts of True Father engaging in fishing at pivotal moments such as: after HoonNam Prison, development of Belvedere property, after the release from Danbury Prison, before he met with Kim Il Sung, and so on. We cannot dismiss all he did as a mere hobby, indemnity condition, or just a business venture to make money.

Until the very year he ascended, True Father continued to invest in developing the ideal boat that is fit for the coming Ocean Era. We are to inherit his vertical foundation and realize his vision substantially (horizontally) on this earth and continue his work to usher in the New Ocean Era. That is our mission. He laid out in detail what an Ocean Hobby Industry Model Base will look like, and that is what Wonmo Marine Group and many enlightened members around the globe are working towards. It is the vision and the model of the substantial Kingdom of Heaven. Who’s in? Let’s get it!

Here is a glance at the history of Rev. & Mrs. Moon's Ocean Providence which started all the way back in 1963 and continued onto 2012 and beyond! It is clear that Ocean Providence was a crucial and integral part of global providence.

1963: Beginning of Ocean Providence

The Day of All Things (7/26/1963) was established on top of the conditions set by the launching of Cheon Seung Ho (6/26) and 124 Couples Blessing (7/24). This time marks the beginning of the battle to resolve humanity's hunger and food problem, recover the ownership over God’s creation, and to restore the dominion over the creation through the “Ocean Providence,” centering on True Parents.

6/26/1963: Launching of Cheon Seung Ho

7/24/1963: 124 Couples Blessing

7/26/1963: Establishment of the Day of All Things

1974: Beginning of US Ocean Providence

True Parents arrived in the USA at the end of 1971 and had already begun fishing on the Hudson River and off the coast of Freeport in NY in the following year. The official date for the “Beginning of Ocean Providence in the USA” is 8/1/1974. On that day, a boat he purchased which he named “New Hope” arrived at the marina in Gloucester, MA, and he took out to sea for the first time. True Parents declared to Heaven, “we promise to shape a foundation for Ocean Providence across the US within 20 years!”

1974: With the purchase of “New Hope,” full-scale Ocean Providence begins in the US.

1976: The first Food Summit by UN (20-year resolution)

1978: Acquired Norfolk Marina, Alaska fish processing plant and pier, Alabama shipyard, shrimp processing plant with the pier. UTS establishment and fishing training for all students began. True Father declared the model course for UTS graduates is to go CARP/Ocean Church first and then to Mission.

1980: Founding of Ocean Church. Began development of One Hope boats. Start of the Suriname fishing fleet. Acquisition of Gloucester Marina and Marine school property.

1980: 150 One Hope boats (28ft) are built.

1981: Start of Ocean Challenge program and fishing tournaments. Forming of Alaska/Alabama fishing fleets (Mississippi shipyard also started later)

1982: American 200 Nautical Miles Exclusive Economic Zone was declared

1983: Over 4000 Japanese members were invested in the US, namely into Ocean Church, fishing, and boat building. Full-scale development of fish business and restaurants. Plants purchased in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New Jersey.

1983: Start of production/development of larger size boats such as 40ft, 52ft, and others

1987: Start of production/development of 85ft, 102ft. The 85ft boat was used in AK. 102ft was completed in 1994 and was reported in the famous US magazine, National Fisherman, as the largest fiberglass fishing boat.

1988: National tour to reexamine the development of the above foundations

1989: Beginning of Pioneering of the Hudson River Ocean Providence

1990: Alaska Corp Formation

1993-2004: Continuous Investments toward the Completion of the Ideal Boat and the Vision of Ocean Hobby Industry Model Base Across the World

In this period True Parents declared the coming of the “Age of Ocean Hobby Industry.” At the 1994 20th Anniversary event, True Father declared that we will begin selling our boats in the general market. His aim was to establish the world’s largest boat company with a goal of building and selling one boat a day initially. He told us that the final goal for the US company is to produce and sell 120 boats per month. He also wanted us to build boats ranging in size up to 60ft. Finally, he wanted us to establish boat companies across 6 continents and globalize our influence.

1993-2004: True Father very frequently visited the boat factories (first in Jersey City and then in Little Ferry) to engage in the designing process of the Good Go boat series. He made a tremendous effort and time investment into designing and bringing the Good Go series into the world.

1993: Start of the development of an “Ideal Boat” fit for the age of Ocean Hobby Industry

1993: 16ft boats were set up in 12 locations across the US

1993: Declaration of Ocean Hobby Industry Providence

1994: First US tackle shop, research into fish farming

1995: Jardim Declaration - Beginning of South American Ocean Providence. South American fishing pioneering course

1996: South America Expo (Uruguay) to introduce Ocean Hobby Industry

1996: Instruction to set up 4 boats (of different sizes) in 120 countries around the world. The policy was set up to establish boat factories in 6 major continents.

1996: Boat factory purchased in Uruguay

1997: Mission was given to missionaries across South America to begin the development of fishing tackle.

1997: World National Messiahs Fishing Tournament held in Uruguay.

1997: Ocean Hobby Industry Expo held in 5 South/Central American nations (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Columbia, and Mexico)

1997: Fishing tackles were sent to 185 nations around the globe following True Father’s instructions

1998: Began purchase of new boat manufacturing plant in Little Ferry, NJ

1998: World National Messiahs Fishing Tournament held in Uruguay

1998: Pantanal Fishing Workshop for Japanese/American national Messiahs

1999: World National Messiahs Fishing Tournament in Uruguay

1999: Korean National Messiahs Pantanal 40-Day Fishing Workshop

1999: Policy to set up 3 tackle shops in Korea and a boat factory in Brazil

1999: True Father instructed the establishment of Ocean Hobby Industry Model Base at Liberty Harbor Marina in NJ, USA

1999: True Father instructed the establishment of Hobby Industry Development Companies in 33 cities across Jardim, 27 locations in Brazil.

1999: Japanese National Messiahs were tasked as Ocean Church leaders in respective nations

2000: Start Good Go boat sales in the US general market

2000: National Messiah Fishing Tournament in Uruguay

2000: Korean National Messiahs Pantanal 40-Day Fishing Workshop

2000: 40th True Parents Holy Wedding Anniversary Hudson River Fishing Tournament

2000: True Father’s 21-Day Fishing Course in New York

2000: Declaration of Return of the Oceans to Heaven

2000: The First Alaska Fishing Tournament for Pal Jeon Shik

2000: True Father instructs the establishment of “Ocean Providence Fund” and the “model base” based on shareholder business model (Alaska)

2000: Asia Fishing Tournament held in Korea

2000: Beginning of Pacific Rim Providence (Hawaii) with True Parents’ visit to the Marshall Islands

2000:Pacific Rim Ocean Leadership 40-Day Workshop in Hawaii

2000: Proclamation of the Victory of South American Ocean Providence and the Beginning of Pacific Rim Providence

2000: Proclamation of the Full-Scale Arrival of the Era of 21st Century Ocean Providence

2001: 2 boats were sent to each 14 Pacific island nations

2001: Korean National Messiahs Pantanal 40-Day Fishing Workshop

2001: The 2nd Hudson River Fishing Tournament

2001: True Father instructs to establish 4 tackle shops in South America

2001: Korean Ocean Leadership 40-Day Workshop in Kona, Hawaii

2001: The 2nd Ocean Leadership Alaska Fishing Tournament

2001: Ocean Leadership Workshop/Fishing Tournament in Jeju Island, Korea

2001: Establishment of the Vision of Kodiak (AK) Ocean Tourism model base/city

2001: The 1st World Fishing Tournament in Nagasaki, Japan

2001: Appointment of “World Fishing Missionaries”

2002: True Father instructs the expansion of US marine school and establishment of Kodiak (AK) branch

2002: The 3rd Hudson River Fishing Tournament

2002: World Ocean Leadership Workshop in the US

2002: Start of pioneering the fishing in Washington region

2002: True Father instructs the establishment of Washington region Ocean Hobby Industry Model Base (to be in conjunction with the 8,000ha hunting ground

2002: The 3rd Alaska Fishing Tournament

2003: The 4th Hudson River Fishing Tournament

2003: Abel UN Formation Anniversary Fishing Tournament (Hudson)

2003: The 4th Alaska Fishing Tournament, the “Peace King Cup”

2003: The 2nd “World Cup” Fishing Tournament in Yeosu, Korea

2003: True Father establishes the 12 Pillars of Ocean Hobby Industry

2003: 40-Year Anniversary of Ocean Providence - from Pacific Rim Providence to Yeosu (Korean Peninsula) Ocean Providence

2003: Start of construction of Yeosu Ocean Hobby Industry Model City

2004: True Father instructs the full-scale investment into marine school

2004: True Father instructs all Unification members to become boat captains

2004: Through striped bass fishing, True Father offers the condition to liberate the Angelic World, Realm of Cain/Abel, and the Realm of Parents.

2004: True Father holds 3 Hudson River Fishing Tournaments in a row

2004: True Father instructs the establishment of a tackle shop in Yeosu, Korea

2004: The 5th “Peace King Cup” Fishing Tournament in Alaska

2004: Mission change between 185 Japanese National Messiahs (appointed to South America previously) and 60 North American members who had been working on the boat and related providence in the US

2004: True Father instructs the purchase of property in Asuncion, Paraguay to establish a boat factory.

2004: 5th World Ocean Leadership Workshop held in Yeosu (and thereafter) - mainly targeted towards Korea-Japanese blessed wives

2004 and beyond:

True Parents continued their work to simultaneously establish “Ocean Hobby Industry Model Bases/Cities” in the following locations: Kodiak AK, US East Coast, Punta del Este/Pantanal in South America, Hawaii/Pacific Rim, and Yeosu in South Korea (Yeosu Ocean Resort Project). He also invested heavily in creating and perfecting the Cheon Jeon Ho boat through this period up until the year 2012. In addition, he set up a base in Las Vegas where he frequently went out fishing on Lake Mead.

2007: Declaration of the Age of Pacific Rim, and the Beginning of the Age of God-Centered Civilization (Hawaii)

2009: True Father proclaims the start of “Completion of Oceanic Realm 3-Year Course” (2009-2013)

2011: Launching Ceremony for Cheon Jeon Ho (60ft) at Las Vegas (2/7/2011)

2011: Launching Ceremony for Wonmo Boat (24ft) at Las Vegas (8/18/2011)

2012: World Ocean EXPO in Yeosu, Korea

Now: Let us offer a great victory to True Parents by completing the mission that was given to us all: To create the Kingdom of Heaven on this earth! Let us all do our part :-)

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