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HELP NEEDED! - 2nd Factory and Factory Dorm Renovation for new trainees

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

As Mrs. Sato touched on in her previous Paraguay report, we are in an urgent need to build the second factory/boat hotel on the raised part of the property, and working towards the goal to gather/create funds to accomplish this by the end of July 2020.

We are convinced that this will act as a first checkmate in a flurry of victories we will see in our project to build the Ocean Hobby Industry Model Base and to restore the nation of Paraguay!

Here are some progress shots:

We are also expecting 3 new youths to join up our young technicians in the coming months. For that, we are renovating the factory dormitory. For this task, we are looking at an estimate of $3000.

In addition, we are gathering funds of $10,000 for the construction of another dorm to be used by additional technical trainees and interns from overseas, as well as places for clients to stay the night.

Many dedicated members in Japan are coming together to fund the Second Factory/Boat Hotel construction, and so we are hoping that we in the United States can together fund these two projects (renovation of old dorm[$3000] and new dorm construction [$10,000]).

If you are able to help out financially for this goal, we have a fund set up with the below button (you will be taken to a Paypal donation page where you can choose an amount and a payment option). Any amount will be deeply appreciated, and we will update you on the progress of our project in our next newsletter. Let us support our young technicians and future leaders!:

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