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Hope for the Future! New Factory Progress!

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well during this era of historical crossroads!

Here is another report directly from Paraguay, reported by Mrs. Tomoko Sato, who continues to stay there on site:


Acuamundo has been working to build this 2nd Factory/Boat Hotel on a raised land, due to repeated interruptions we experienced from the unexpected floods that started happening 6 years ago. I feel that this building is an important turning point in our Ocean Hobby Industry Providence.

I even dare to feel that this building is an internal "Paraguayan Ocean Cheon Jeon Goon," signifying a dyad to the Ocean Cheon Jeon Goon in Gomundo Island in Korea. By creating a pair of Ocean Providence bases on the opposite axis of the earth in subject and object relationship, I feel that global energy will begin to circulate. A global-scale oceanic vision will begin to advance at once!

After the "sand raising" that was carried out over 2 periods, each with 54 rounds and 18.5 rounds (of adding sand to location). Leveling work was done afterward to reach the completion of a 3.5m plateau. On the finished plateau, gravel is to be laid, and the magic of construction begins! The factory to be built on top will be sized at 50mx25mx7m.

On September 16, the site managers from Baek Szmuc came to the site. Ms. Anna, a female, is in charge of the team. On this day, we had a meeting about setting up the men's toilet, construction office, and worker's dorm (using the storage space).

At the same time, "landscaping" has started. I am sorry the photos are not the best, but they are starting to fill the raised ground with soil. They are going to pour about 20cm of soil, then lay gravel on top.

On this day, the indigenous to Pantanal, the Anaconda, showed itself to cheer us on as well!

The ramp gravel is complete, and we are now starting a project to strengthen the sidewalls of the ramp. Stone walls are extremely expensive, so we chose a method of stuffing recycled tires with soil and building them up as a wall. We put the soil into a tire, push the soil in with a hammer made from heavy stumps (created by our technician, Tamori), to make it into a hard loaf. It seems that it takes 30 minutes to make one tire at this point. We need 1500 of them in total to complete the wall.

Right now in Paraguay, the water levels of the rivers are said to have dropped the lowest in the past 50 years. They say that it is an excellent opportunity for ramp and building construction.

At the factory, centered on Naruse, Mori, Aldo, Ugo, and Maria and others are working on a mold for a new 21 footer model in order to develop the team's technical capabilities. We also continue to work towards economic independence through continued sales activities. We recently received orders for boat waxing, equipment replacement, modifying, remodeling, and boat repairs.

Yoshika and JeongMi were in charge of renewing a roof and FRP seat cushions for a boat.

This time, they bought a sewing machine and fabric to custom create the cushion. I was watching worriedly from the sidelines, but they completed the work with real patience! They sometimes had to re-sew parts of it...

It seems that we are receiving orders one after another due to the season. They are constantly creating and sending out a quote.

There also was an order for boat design, and John and JeongMi are on it. It's regretful that I don't have a picture with all of them together, but everyone is doing good!

They are being brought up by True Father's words during the morning Hoon Dok Hae's, overcoming various internal and external challenges, and continue to strive diligently.

Paraguay is a small country with a population of 7 million. As late Mr. Sato said during his seminars, if we can "make Paraguay a country without hunger, a developed country similar to the US and Japan," Korea, Japan, and the world will decisively accept True Parents in the wake of an overwhelming testimony to True Parent's words, and we will be able to show a practical path to liberation from the realm of Communism and materialism.

Ocean Providence is a providence to restore the Third Blessing, but of course the First and the Second Blessings must be fulfilled at the same time. To that end, it is inevitable that Heaven requires every one of us to become ones who deserve heaven.

Let us each walk on ahead with the aim to perfect the "transformation of greed," "absolute altruism,' and the "establishment of a model business under God's Kingdom!"

Thank you so much for reading to the end, and I will see you in my next update!


As you know, with miraculous providence, we gathered the funds to start the construction of the "2nd Temporary Factory/Boat Hotel" on the raised part of our property. The funds were gathered from Japan from our shareholders, not only that, it was after the Corona Pandemic struck the world! Despite astounding circumstances, shareholders in Japan have come together to fund this project.

Add to that, the renovation fund for the factory dormitory ($3000+$10000) we have asked our US brothers and sisters has partially been funded thanks to you! If you would still like to contribute to this fund, please DONATE HERE

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