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March 2021 Progress Report!

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Thank you so much for your daily hard work! Here is another quick photo report of the month!

I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy.

The Number 12

In the year 2012, Rev. Moon had instructed us to "establish 12 sales offices throughout Japan." It might not be an exaggeration to say that these 12 sales offices are almost like the 12 gates of salvation, left by Rev. Moon.

Throughout the Divine Principle, we find the number 12. First and foremost, it is the principled number for the completion of the Four Position Foundation in the Principle of Creation. In the Hoon Dok reading this morning, I also saw the following passage:

In the course of God's providence of restoration, Jacob had twelve children with whom he set out on his mission to restore a family.

Moses led twelve tribes in fulfilling the mission to restore a nation. If these twelve tribes were to multiply once more after the pattern of twelve tribes, they would total 144.

Jesus, who came with the mission to restore the world, found twelve disciples in order to restore through indemnity, both spiritually and physically, the number 144. Yet due to his crucifixion, Jesus was able to restore it only spiritually.

Jacob had twelve sons in order to restore through indemnity in his lifetime the vertical course of twelve generations from Noah, which had been claimed by Satan.

In the same way, Christ at the Second Advent must restore through indemnity in his lifetime, both spiritually and physically, the long providential course since the First Coming of Christ, who has set up the spiritual pattern of 144 tribes. To accomplish this, he must find a required number of believers, corresponding to the number 144.

[2.2.7 The First Resurrection, Exposition of the Divine Principle]

The Opposite Sides of the Coin

The Divine Principle also describes opposing sides of a prophesy or predestination. It talks about how God had created human beings to become perfect only when he/she fulfills the portion of responsibility. In reality, the human ancestors had fallen without fulfilling their responsibilities. It says that a human being can either follow God's Will or go against it, leading to two opposite outcomes.

It is the same for us. In book 12 of Cheon Seong Gyeong, Pacific Rim Providence, Rev. Moon said:

“Haven't I spoken about peninsular civilization before? Didn't I say peninsular civilization developed as a double culture, and that the Korean peninsula should come to mind whenever a volcano erupts in Japan? That is why I have been telling you to make boats. Have you built them yet? That may happen. For this reason, the Japanese and the Americans should not be arrogant. If they behave arrogantly on both sides of the Pacific Ocean, God will not spare either one. Both America and Japan will be struck. I do not pray for this to happen, but it is reasonable to conclude that such a situation would inevitably happen if Japan were to make a mistake. It is a valid statement when considering the historical judgment between good and evil.”

(198-237, 1990.2.3, Pacific Rim Providence Ch5-1-1)


Boat Factory/Hotel Progress

Currently, the Paraguay boat factory/boat hotel is approaching its completion step by step thanks to everyone's sincere prayers and support. The factory floor has now been successfully laid!