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Mr. Tateo Sato's 2nd-year SeungHwa Anniversary Event was held in Japan, March 7, 2021

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

On March 7th, the 2nd Seung Hwa Anniversary event for late Mr. Tateo Sato was held in Japan with participation from Paraguay and the USA. Thank you so much for all the brothers and sisters who attended directly and via zoom from many parts of Japan and internationally.

I am convinced that he continues to engage in a fierce battle in the Spirit World for the establishment of the ideal world of one family under God.

I found a video of him from back in July 2018 when he was hospitalized. In it, he was saying:

"True Father called me in October 2002 from Hawaii and said, 'It's been 10 years since then. From here on, I will be on the path of a 10-year course until 2012. Sato, you must accomplish your mission, and I will complete my mission, and let us meet at Choon Won Jeon Ji.'

This promised 10-year course...

On March 18, 2003, when Bush began his operation to kill Saddam Hussein of Iraq, True Father took it on himself and was hospitalized. He went through surgery, went through rehabilitation, and paid an indemnity condition for about a 3-month period. Then he worked on his 10-year course until the year 2012.

Perhaps my course (testing/hospitalization this time) will be similar... Based on a period of around 3 months from now, I think my 10-year course will begin. I will surely establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth; we will go to Choon Won Jeon Ji; and then, I will go to the Spirit World.

In Spirit World, I will not live under the glory of True Father, but in order to liberate Hell that still remains in the Spirit World I will go to the bottom of Hell and engage in a battle to build a substantial Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven."

Mr. Sato had fought a sleepless battle here on earth, not lying down to rest at night, but now, I feel that he has taken off his physical body and flying around busily to help us out here on earth.

Let us make this Ocean Hobby Industry Providence that Rev. Moon has tasked us with into a shape that we can testify to the world! I can feel my determination turning into a source of power and hope. Let us all march forward together!

Here is a video that was shown at the event (translated into English):

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