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New Project: Translation of "God's Will and the Ocean" to Spanish & Portuguese

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

There are many books and speeches that True Father left with us about Ocean

Providence. For those that study Ocean Providence, the book "God's Will and the Ocean", a collection of speeches mainly spoken to American members from 1980 to 1986, can be argued to be THE primary text describing True Father's plans He laid out for the Ocean Providence. Especially, this text is a historical record of how He started the revolutionary concept of "OCEAN CHURCH" in 1980.

"Ocean Church is not a random whim. I have a vision for America and Ocean Church plays an integral and important part in that. My mind is very deep. Everything that I do has a purpose which covers thousands of years. When Allen Hokanson gets in the New Hope and drives, he has a purpose, but when I take the New Hope out my purpose is much wider and greater." (September 5th, 1982 - East Garden)

(Photo showing the historical moment of establishing the Ocean Church on October 1st, 1980 at the Morning Garden.)

True Father began the South American Providence and the second 40-year course of the unification movement in 1995 with the Sao Paulo Declaration. Since then, He had established marine hobby industry bases in Pantanal such as Jardim, Salobra, Porto Murtinho, Fuerte Olimpo, and Puerto Leda to establish the ideal society and have sought to globalize Ocean Providence by sending boats all around the world.

Unfortunately, I cannot find any Spanish translation of the book "God's Will and the Ocean" in neither Spanish nor Portuguese. As we plan to re-establish the tradition of Ocean Church in South America and revitalize and continue the work True Father has started, the content of this book seems absolutely necessary.

To begin the translation, I have spoken to Mrs. Rosi Dueck de Giuliano, who had translated the official Chambumo Gyeong to Spanish. She gracefully accepted the work and has begun to work with the translation with her daughter-in-law for a very small fee. I am very thankful for their help.

Photo showing True Parents inspecting the fishes at Jardim in 1997. True Parents fished in Plata River and Miranda River in Jardim for about 7 years from 1995.

Photo showing the two Good Go TE283 boats, representing Heavenly Fortune, arrived in Jardim in December 1997

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