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Paraguay News - ET183, training programs, and gifts sent to local community for Children's Day!

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Commemorating Children’s Day, Acuamundo donated gifts that were left over from those that were sent from Japan for last year's festival to a local school. A thank you message and photos were received from the children. Thank you to the Japanese members who had sent these items!


In Paraguay, we began teaching the marina staff and others about boat technologies. We began by teaching them the basics of boats and train them to be able to perform basic maintenance.


We now have a video of our ELECTRIC BOAT, ET183, prototype test. It’s on Youtube so please feel free to share and spread the word around! The wave of electric boats is coming to Paraguay, and we have been talking with and being approached by numerous companies and organizations that are interested in the technology.


We began digging out a larger ramp and using the soil and sand to raise the land. We are planning to use the ramp to provide repair and maintenance services for yachts and to scrap and recycle old barges.

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