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Paraguay News JAN 2020 - EXPO, Technical School, New Boat Designs and others!

Updated: Jun 15, 2021


We participated in Expo Chaco at Villa Hayes, where industries in Chaco exhibited. Acuamundo joined them with the electric boat, giving rides to about 100 people at the Expo.


We were taught how to sail by Julio, the president of the boat club, where we are planning to begin a marine technical school. We are creating plans to solicit investment for the school.

ELECTRIC BUSES (push for clean energy)

2 electric buses have been imported and began operation in Asuncion by a company called TIMBO. The president of Paraguay has also participated in the first test drive. The wave of clean energy in Paraguay is definitely rising!

Our electric boat is also gaining attention from certain individuals and organizations.

Link to the article:


Acuamundo is developing new designs for electric boats and began advertising the electric propulsion components.

TEST DRIVE for the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation

We conducted a test drive for MOPC (Ministry of Public Works and Transportation), WWF (World Wildlife Foundation), and SENATUR (Ministry of Tourism).

LARGE RAMP in progress

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