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Factory, Drifty on TV, and more PHOTO reporting!

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Thank you so much for your hard work every day. Paraguay is truly in the middle of a rainy season.

Yesterday, squall-like heavy rain fell until the afternoon, and rainwater was flowing on the road in front of the sister's dormitory. On this day, Jeong Mi, who was planning to go to the factory to adjust the layout of the interior equipment, and Keika (together with Mori), who was planning to go to repair the boat at Lambare, were both stuck at home due to the rain.

These youths are so strong and dazzling! Despite the schedule change, the two of them silently worked on their computers in the dormitory (design, material selection, supplier selection, financial estimates of boat repair work, estimate creation for prospective clients, etc). Anyway, from the perspective of a First Generation, they were both engaged in high level and complex work that requires knowledge of the worksite!

Currently, the brothers are working on the construction of the 2nd Drift Boat (Drifty!) at the Chaco-i factory, and the local staff, Martinez, Aldo, Ugo, and Maria, are working on welding and other work for the drift boat under Naruse's supervising.

The drift boat is designed for exciting sport fishing, where you aim for fishing spots by fly fishing while drifting on a torrent among rocks and shallow waters. Stability is important, so the boat is designed wide, with knee supports installed to prevent anglers from being shaken off. A thick, arched fiberglass hull is used to prevent breakage even if it hits rocks in the water. It boasts the unsinkable structure, which is the core traditional ideology of Wonmo Marine Group. Oars are mainly used for turning to avoid hitting rocks. It is designed so that only the center of the hull is submerged to allow easy rotation.

Tamori and Mugikura are in charge of equipment, and they are working on selecting and purchasing materials for the construction of the interior facilities of the 2nd Temporary Factory/Boat Hotel.

They are also responsible for the construction of the ramp and marina (delayed due to rain and tractor malfunction). Mori and Keika are engaged in the boat repair business and customization at a marina owned by another company.

They are all reporting in with John, who is in charge of each project, with very detailed exchanges. John engages with the young technicians, at times even using hand-drawn explanations.

Failure can be a valuable asset if it is overcome, but at the same time, it can cause time and economic loss. The young technicians are thus very serious with their work.

It feels very reliable and gives off a sense of unity when I see how they very frequently consult and report to John, many times reporting in using photos and videos. They take pictures of the estimates and receipts of all their purchases and report them in.

I feel that this nurtures a public sense of money, and it feels refreshing to see in my eyes. However, from the perspective of Heaven's wishes, we are still a long way off compared to the vast foundations of conventional large corporations in the realm of Cain.

We are still limited internally and externally as we aim for the realm of global economic influence that True Parents tried to establish through the Ocean Hobby Industry Providence... We have many shortcomings, but the potential of our youths who are "growing" in order to substantiate the vision of our True Parents are unlimited.

I feel a pouring of my heart in support for them, hoping for them to keep going and stand up again and again despite failures and frustrations with the spirit of "never give up." The late Mr. Sato occasionally said that "all Unification youths should go to Paraguay." These words have profound meaning for us who know of the Ocean Providence.

The notable thing of course is the daily morning Hoon Dok Hae. Through it, I feel that they are growing closer to the truth of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. I hope they can overcome challenges in line with the Word and know the importance of becoming a person who is responsible for future spouses and children, centered on the Word.

I feel that Heaven and Earth are observing these Acuamundo youths with the heart of hope, wondering whether they can become people who will realize the ideal of the Blessed Family, realizing the realm of the Three Great Blessings through managing the creation through God's love, who can become the cornerstones (rocks that will not collapse) for God's homeland, who can become people who bring about the new era, the realm of Pacific Rim Civilization, or that they can become ones who fulfill the Heavenly Will that so far the 1st Generations could not yet achieve.

Oh, and here is a piece of good news!!!

Acuamundo's new product, Drift Boat, will be appearing in the episode, "Fishing while drifting through 63km of the torrent on the Parana River," on the new TV show, "Fishing Paraguay!" which is a new project started by the "Unicanal," the major TV channel in Paraguay!

Now onward to everyone's favorite part of the progress report, photos!

The below photos show the progress of the construction of the 2nd Temporary Factory/ Boat Hotel and other projects. Under the watchful eyes of Heavenly Parent and True Parents, protection of good ancestral spirits that date all the way back to the era of Jomon when they embarked on the Pacific Ocean, protection of all saints and sages whose become sacrifices and foundations for this era of the Second Coming, and of course, under everyone's devotion, prayer, and substantial contributions, the construction is progressing.

In order to regain and realize all that True Parents have planned, we await the completion of the 2nd Temporary Boat Factory/Boat Hotel that may be one of the leading sparks for the beginning of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth in the year 2020 as the starting point of the realm of Pacific Rim Civilization! Thank you so much!!!

December 18, 2020

Tomoko Sato, Asuncion

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