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Progress Report! December 2020

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Hello! We received another progress report from Mrs. Tomoko Sato in Paraguay!

The report was written last month during the month of November 2020.


Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your daily hard work. In Paraguay, entering the month of November, it started to rain twice or week or so. After all, it seems that the rainy season is approaching.

Thanks to the protection of the heavens, the construction of the 2nd boat factory/boat hotel are in progress. Unfortunately, the tractor has been out of order for a couple of weeks now, and the construction of ramps and the marina has been on hold during that time.

So far, the young technicians have been trying to fix it by manually examining in detail, disassembling it, and replacing the worn parts. I am impressed with their efforts, as these repair efforts and experiences are going to be a valuable asset for the future. The tractor is still under repair as of now. We are ordering parts that need replacement.

In terms of boat manufacturing, during this time we manufactured a newly designed "Drift Boat" (approx 5m length, 2m width). This also served as the team's training for improving their manufacturing techniques.

This boat was designed and built at the request of a client. It is getting its finishing touches. We are also working on a second drift boat.

I was delighted to hear that our technological capabilities for manufacturing the 28ft hobby lifestyle boats are also improving day by day.

Here in Paraguay, mysteriously, the words of HoonDokHae echo into my soul down to the bone marrow. In the reading one morning, there was a quote True Father from when he departed Japan.

"There is only one question. That is whether you are a Japanese person or more than Japanese. God does not need something that is Japanese. God does not need you unless you are more than Japanese. There is no doubt that you are a Japanese person, but you will be useless if you have a Japan-centered ideology or have a Japanese way."

"The world is divided into rich developed nations and developing nations that cannot live on their own. There has to be a developed nation that is willing to help the developing nations at its own expense."

"Therefore, you must lead the developed nations to help developing nations. And in order for Japan to become a nation that can fulfill such a mission to the world, it must create a social and national foundation. For that, you must evangelize your parents, siblings, and your tribes. You must become the ones who solve the country's most difficult problems."

The "evangelism" referred to here is, for us, the Oceanic evangelism that will produce faster results. Looking at the tense and chaotic world in the midst of the pain of birth for a new era, we can see that Heaven needs leaders with ideologies centered on Godism, Headwing Ideology, love, and peace. I feel the urgent need to prepare and raise the youths, 2nd/3rd Generations, Jacob's, and the Blessed Families as Heavenly officers that can lead the nations and the world spiritually (a lifestyle that truly follows True Parent's words) and practically (possessing high levels of technical abilities in various fields in order to contribute in practical ways).

On 11/21 and then on 11/26, Asuncion was hit by heavy rains and strong winds. There was a 3-day power outage in Chaco-i, and in the following week, there were power outages again on 11/26 and 11/27. The strong winds of the week before last caused some parts of the roof where the brothers lived to come off, flooding the house. I have now experienced power outages 5-6 times since I came to Paraguay this time.

It interestingly revives the memories of my childhood, and I am feeling a strange nostalgia. When there is a power outage, we hold the HoonDokHae and prepare breakfast using the light from the candlelight. The internet goes as well, so I couldn't get any work done on the computer, so instead, I spent a whole day reading Chambumo Gyeong Book 10 on Ocean Providence and South and Latin American Providence.

As for the construction of the 2nd Boat Factory, 27 out of 30 pillars are standing now, and I feel that the construction is progressing quickly. Wall materials also arrived from Brazil one after another. Some photos show them scattered due to strong winds.

According to the recent report from the construction company, the steel frame for the roof has been completed and it is proceeding faster than planned. It was originally scheduled to be completed on January 7th, but now it is scheduled to be completed by December 20th.

It feels that Heaven wishes for faster progress. During this time, Baek company requested an additional 10% construction cost, and I had to start praying. It seems that the reasons for Baek's claim were the inadequate initial estimates and the soaring prices of materials. As a result, we most likely will decide to remove a feature without paying extra. For example, we decided that the entrance door into the factory will be made by Acuamundo. It is currently being designed.

All of us are fine, except Mrs. Mira from the Acuamundo office caught dengue fever and resting. We will continue to do our best!

From Paraguay in Rainy Season

Nov. 28, 2020

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