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Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Greetings to fellow members who are working hard daily with unwavering determination to establish the Cheon Il Guk amidst the apocalyptic phenomenon that is currently shaking the world. We pray for you and your family's good health! Here is my Paraguay report:

Spending True God's Day 2020 (Jan. 25) at the Paraguay factory

Starting last year, while we held memorial events for the late President & CEO Mr. Tateo Sato for Wonmo Marine Group who is my husband, I felt in my heart a thought that grew stronger day by day.

It was: "I must spend the True God's Day 2020 at the Chaco-i factory in Paraguay, the promised land that True Parents put their hopes on. I must come to a clear understanding of the mission left to us by our True Father once again. From the restoration of the nation of Paraguay which starts with the establishment of the Paraguay boat factory, restoration of the entire South American continent, to the establishment of a global Ocean Hobby Industry Providence, we must clearly understand it in line with the words of True Parents. Based on the business plan that Mr. Sato drafted back in 2007, we must draft a new business plan that is suitable for the year 2020."

The other thought was to meet everyone in the local pioneer team. Our young technicians ( the “Pioneer Team”) who are "heaven's precious treasures," continue to build the Good Go boats in spite of difficulties both internally and externally, despite the decrease in their ranks due to various circumstances. I wanted to meet them to share together in their time and space to start this important year of 2020. When I shared these thoughts with the current president Mr. Ogawa at Kaiyouheiwa Co, Inc. in Japan, he agreed with me wholeheartedly! I was really thankful.

This is how I decided to go to Paraguay during this time. The shareholders who heard about my intended travels sent me souvenirs to bring to Paraguay from afar and near. I can still clearly see in my mind’s eye the members who meticulously packed those gifts such as t-shirts, snacks, and various food into the suitcase for the local members. The bag of love was filled to the brim with the support they gathered for Paraguay.

No longer a “Pioneer Team,” but “Young Technicians

Mr. Sato repeatedly talked during his seminars about how True Father said on multiple occasions that "Geniuses will appear among the Blessed Children after a 70-year period after World War II." Anyone who attended one of those seminars might also remember that he often said, "because God had poured in his infinite creativity and science into the world's oceans that span 2/3 of the earth's surface, geniuses will appear among the Second Generations (and youth) who engage with the ocean."

When I observed the pioneer team at our Chaco-i factory this time around, I was amazed by their technical level! Their work reminded me of Mr. Henry Masters who designed the Good Go boats in the US under the guidance of True Father! The team has grown into a team that's worthy of being called the "young engineers"!

The "young technicians" start their day at 5 AM with an online Hoon Dok Hae that connects between the male and female dormitories. The person in charge rotates every day. They take turns reading for around 30 minutes and then each person talks about which words were most inspiring, impressions, and determination. They end the Hoon Dok Hae with a representative prayer followed by a bow to Heavenly Parent and True Parents. One thing I noted was that each of these youths' comments regarding that day's reading is truly amazing.

I can feel that True Father is spiritually nurturing each of them through these reading sessions! On many occasions, I was brought to tears thinking how both Heavenly Parent and True Parents are present at these meetings listening to their impressions and determinations, feeling comfort and hope. Sometimes I even cried out aloud, overwhelmed by such emotions. Interestingly, now I've gotten used to it (^^).

In the evening, they hold "coordination meetings" while eating dinner. They report the results of their day's work, discuss suggestions for improvement, and set up a plan for the next day. If some mistakes were made that day, Hiroyoshi Naruse, who is the production team leader summarizes the points of the meeting saying, "if we make sure to closely check, report, and contact the more experienced person at each stage, we have a higher chance of preventing failure. Let us double, triple check with each other."

Certainly, technical ability is the key to making a boat. It also is an accumulation of experience over time. If one doesn't have high technical ability, he/she cannot do a good job, win trust from customers, and make a profit.

I think that through a regrettable experience of failure, one can acquire more reliable and advanced technical skills while repeating organizational and technical training to minimize the repetition of failures. The young engineers clarify the cause of their failures and continue their studies while learning and understanding that such failures can lead to delays in order delivery and loss, even affecting the operation of the company. I felt that they are really the source of hope who inherited True Parents' spirit of "never surrender, never give up, and constant advancement."

Acuamundo, working hard towards becoming economically independent!

While aiming to achieve the 278 Good Go boat construction (to be sent to Japan, instruction from True Parents), the Acuamundo, centered on John, the chief engineer, is working hard to establish an economically self-sustaining company structure. Currently, we are engaging in boat sales, repair business, steel ship dismantling business (application is done, waiting for government approval), Torquido sales (electric engine and parts as sales agency in South America), Suzuki engine sales (as regional sales agency), and others. We are awaiting the growth of the local boat market as well as our sales team.

Construction is already underway for the bridge that connects Asuncion City and the new city center in Chaco-i from the Asuncion side with the aim to complete it by the year 2023. Along with that, the development of the coastal area along the Paraguay River will be fairly underway by 2023. There is no doubt that the demand for boats will increase with such development.

We are also being asked to design boats for use in this region. Although unstable, aluminum boats have been the mainstream until now. If we can overcome price competition, fiberglass boats, which are stronger and more stable, will become the mainstream.

Currently, Aucamundo's advanced boat designs are in the spotlight. The orders we receive are typically: "please design a boat for so-and-so purpose. If we like it, we will buy it." Price is always the problem, but if we can meet the clients' needs and the price is affordable, sales should start.

Currently, we have 7 Japanese technicians at the core and 3 growing local technicians. From now on, many youths (and youth at heart!) will come to gather at this company, Acuamundo.

Heaven's hope is for Acuamundo to become a company the Second, Third Generations (and youths at heart!) look to with aspiration. True Father had been praying at the boat factory in North Carolina to God that, "I have prepared the Ocean Providence for the Second and Third Generations."

In the future, geniuses will be raised through the Ocean Hobby Industry businesses that are established for the realization of the Kingdom of Heaven, and they will lead humanity to the realm of the Third Blessing. Heaven expects Acuamundo to promote the "Industrial Revolution of the Completed Testament Age" centered on our Heavenly Parent!

Improvements with Support from Japan

There is the male dormitory (called the Security House) near the factory. On my way, I saw the innocent-faced family of horses eating the grass in peace. There were also friendly dogs and even cats.

We have 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen at the male dormitory. We have electricity, water, and an internet service that stops occasionally, but there is no major inconvenience. We get bottled water delivered.

This male dormitory has suffered 6 floods since 2014. The walls were stained from those times, and I saw that the wooden doors and kitchen counters were swollen and battered-looking. They are painful scars left by the floods! However, this doesn't bother our young technicians at all. Their eyes were focused on something completely different.

They were not looking towards the rich with $1 billion but the 1 billion people in the world who suffer from hunger and the 25,000 who die every day of hunger! They live their daily lives being aware of the people who are suffering in the world. When I asked, "isn't it hard?" one answered, "There are people who suffer more than us. I would feel bad if I call this suffering. There are even Japanese investors back in Japan who struggle more than this."

I myself also only mostly lived in Japan and the USA where life is convenient and had just occasionally visited Paraguay, but through my extended stay this time around, I came to feel: "This simple life is the truth and the reality of the rest of the world. What feels normal in Japan is not the norm for the rest of the world. " My mindset is gradually going through a change.

At the male dormitory, we immediately put the special donation from Japan to use and repaired the doors, repainted the walls, and improved the bathrooms. Tamori took charge of this along with Martinez and Eusebio at the scene. The dormitory ended up looking completely different after the renovation. The bathrooms became beautiful enough for us to offer its services to the guests that visit our factory!

I was shocked when I visited the Auamundo company office in Asuncion. In January, this region was in the middle of summer with temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the office didn't even have an AC or even a refrigerator!? The only thing there was a standing fan stripped only to its spinning blades... They were using the fan by the window to capture some wind. How dangerous! They couldn’t even drink cold water. It seemed that they were trying to minimize their living costs to the limit (they told me that at one time, they were even saving costs for toilet paper...?!).

However, with the support funds from Japan, we finally were able to install an AC and a refrigerator in our office, just like a regular office! The love from Japan was brought here just in time to start up the new year of 2020. I offered gratitude to Heavenly Parent who works behind these proceedings.

2020 True Heavenly Parent’s Day Fishing

Fishing is what makes Heavenly Parent happy!

We decided to go out fishing on the day after True Heavenly Parents' Day. Where to fish! After some investigation, we found out that the water area just in front of Acuamundo is the best fishing spot. Info on the internet, friends, and locals all indicated the same thing.

In the end, all of us started casting on the riverbank in front of the Chaco-i factory. Of course, the eco-electric boat ET183 was taken out on the water for river fishing. Yoshika was the boat captain. Since “simmered fish” was a favorite of Mr. Yamasaka, who passed away here in the land of Paraguay during his mission, we were excited to try to catch fish to serve it on the 31st of January, his Seung Hwa Anniversary. All of us stayed out under the hot burning sun, fishing until the evening came.

Hiroyoshi Naruse caught the first catch of the day, a good size, which we released and offered to heaven as a tradition. Jeungmi was the winning fisherman of the day with the biggest fish, Pirajagua. It has incredible teeth and looked as though it came right out of the Paleozoic Era. The second place was Mugikura. He caught a Pico de Pato (duck's beak). Mori, Tamori, and John, and even I each caught other fish like Piranha and Boga.

All in all, fishing that day deepened our discussions on the remaining research topics such as the river flow, the weight of the lead, the hook size, the target fish and bait. The spot Jeungmi caught her catch was under the barge (where there is rich iron in the water). She aimed at the spot from a boat with a lure. Fish seem to bite there a lot.

In the afternoon, we picked up Mr. Julio, the local Boat Club Chairman, at Port Asuncion in a boat driven by Yoshika. Mr. Julio wanted to show me the Boat Club despite his busy schedule. He is an ex-military patriot. He is hoping to work with Acuamundo to launch the boat technical training school as fast as possible, and waiting for Acuamundo to begin the process. He also is hoping to change Paraguay’s meat-eating culture into a fish-eating culture.

According to Cham Bumo Gyong Book 10 where True Father talks about the Latin and South American Providence, he says, "Once North and South America unite, uniting all of Europe is no problem. After Europe becomes one, it will be possible for Judaism and Christianity to become one, and Christianity and Islam to become one. When that happens, Asia will also come into the realm of Christian culture. True Father has to unite the Christian realms of North and South America and connect it to Asia. I just have to unite Asia and North/South America. There is no life if this is not done."

The 2020 Goal for Paraguay team is to build the second temporary factory and the boat hotel

The late Mr. Sato took the words of True Father to heart which was: "Heavenly Kingdom will be accomplished in 3 to 5 years, and at the latest in 7 years (2020)," and aimed to restore the nation of Paraguay by the year 2020.

To that end, he had worked to implement plans such as the 2018 Ocean Family Festival 10,000 rally, constructions of Marine Center, and construction of Boat Hotel/2nd temp factory (on raised land to avoid future floods). However, in the end, we couldn't secure the necessary funds for these buildings, and the construction was frustrated midway.

The view was tragic knowing that the raising of the land was interrupted midway, visible to anyone who passes by along the river. I felt that it was clear that in such a state, we cannot testify to heaven or promote the Providence.

The local goal for Paraguay in the year 2020 has become clear to us: to continue on with the construction of the second factory/boat hotel. It is necessary to build the "factory that we can build boats with a peace of mind" that will not suffer flood damage. It is necessary in order to accomplish the construction of the remaining 265 boats to be sent to Japan, which was the wish of our True Parents.

If a corrupt continental culture such as casinos develops along the Paraguay River, the future of Paraguay, a youthful nation with the average age of 28, will be overshadowed. What will happen if the Heavenly Providence for Paraguay is further delayed? Paraguay, a technological virgin, must not be polluted with the fallen continental civilization. We must protect the Pantanal, the lungs of the earth, from the poisonous fangs of the fallen civilization, and build numerous Ocean Hobby Industry Model Bases (12 locations to start), following the plans of our True Parents.

I was keenly aware of the urgent need to create a model of a true ideal nation here in Paraguay.

(We'll update you with the progress in our next newsletter! Thank you so much for any amount!)

February 19th 1st Anniversary of the late Mr. Sato's Seung Hwa held at the Chaco-i factory

“On the foundation of the Sao Paulo Declaration, I will make a great move to the front line of South America. I have already announced that I am leaving North America, and will move to South America. I have downsized the organizations and agencies in North America, shifting the economic and human resources that were invested there to South America. It is time to build an ideal nation. We need to build an ideal house, an ideal city, and an ideal nation.” (268-131, 1995/03/31) (Chambumo Gyeong – Book 10, Chapter3, Section2)

Under the above providential circumstances, the late Mr. Sato was given his mission to "construct a boat factory in Paraguay." The Paraguay factory is to be the "starting point" for True Parents to transfer the realm of victory from North America into South America and further connect it to Japan, the Korean Peninsula, the Joon Won Cheon Ji (ancient Korean territory, currently in China, mentioned by True Father on numerous occasions), and finally to the world, in fulfilling the completion of the Three Great Blessings of Cheon Il Guk. Paraguay factory is a result of everyone who gained an understanding of this and at the risk of their lives continued to invest for its fruition.

Thanks to you, at this boat factory filled with the hopes of our True Parents, we were able to hold a small ceremony for the 1st year Seung Hwa anniversary for the late Mr. Sato on Heavenly Calendar 1/26 (solar 2/19/2020). I thank you deeply.

I would like to briefly look back on the history of our factory here in Paraguay.

On October 14, 2012, we invited President Koh (TF's fishing aide for the last decade of TF's life), Continental Director Shin, and various governmental and industry representatives such as the Deputy Minister of Commerce and Industry, and some 1000 people from the local area and held the "Boat factory Groundbreaking Ceremony." On April 16, 2014, the first boat was completed and the "Good Go 288 Completion and Launching Ceremony" was held, inviting again five VIPs such as Presidential Aide and Minister of Labor Sosa.

Immediately after that, we received news that the Paraguayan President will likely visit and prepared for his visitation, but in actuality, the presidential aide, Minister of Labor Sosa, and 3 other VIPs visited the factory. We were able to land a future promise of cooperation in a friendly atmosphere.

However, unbelievably, just after that, the first flood happened in June. Since then, Paraguay has suffered over six floods (up to 2.3m submersion at worst) until April of 2019. Amidst this condition, we manufactured 11 Good Go boats and continued to ship them to Japan.

In this way, the Paraguay factory lives on with such painful memories of struggles despite its hopeful launch. In some cases, the pioneer team had to complete the boat while "swimming in the floodwaters," moving the supplies to safer locations.

Fortunately, no floods have occurred since April 2019. However, we do not know when the flood will occur again due to some unexpected abnormal weather. If that happens, these young engineers must once again struggle to overcome the flood. Not only will we incur financial losses, but we will also lose valuable time to build our boats. We are determined to not let that happen again.

COVID-19 Spreading in Paraguay

On March 4th, 5th, and 6th, I went to the Chaco-i factory daily with my laptop and worked on the revised "Business Plan 2020." Right after I decided to "go daily to Chaco-i factory to work as a condition to God," the Paraguayan government gave the stay-at-home order for seniors and children. I was advised that due to the lack of robust medical facilities it is extra dangerous to contract the COVID-19 in Paraguay.

Since then, I’ve been staying inside the women's dormitory and working from there. Later the stay-at-home order was expanded to all general workers until April 19th, and presently, Jeungmi and Yoshika also are staying with me and working at the women's dorm (at the time of this writing, the stay-at-home was still in effect, but since then, Paraguay has moved to partially re-open).

As you know, as of this writing the COVID-19 has claimed 1.42 million infected and over 80,000 deaths (much more when you read this), especially exposing those in large cities, the fruits of the fallen civilization. After the dawn of this year 2020, the world has suddenly transformed into a startling world of grief, disbelief, and fragmentation. The normal day-to-day activities have ceased, replaced by the sadness of separation, financial stagnation, unemployment, and food supply problems.

The economists and researchers are saying that: "we already predicted an economic shock even larger than the Lehman shock to possibly occur within a year or two, but then the coronavirus situation emerged and accelerated it."

Certainly, the world seems to be in the middle of the war against invisible enemies. And this leads to the fact that the fallen civilization based on continents, communism, capitalism, and democracy are all coming to an end, replaced by the era of Godism, True Parents Ideology, interdependence, mutual prosperity, and universally shared values that will lead to the new God-centered civilization manifesting substantially as the Pacific Rim God-Centered Civilization centered on the oceanic foundation that True Parents have built. We are now in the midst of the pain of childbirth for such a world to come about.

“It will be a Great Judgment. It will be more frightening than the time of Noah”

You might remember the time when True Father gave us his words regarding viruses. It was when he was speaking on the "Great Judgement." It was back in 2009-2010, which was 2-3 years before his Ascension into the Spirit World. When we look back now, we can deduce that he must have spoken those words with urgency at the time when the age of Second Coming was at its final stage.

"If something like a swine virus spreads quickly through humankind and transmitted through air, people will die. Atomic and hydrogen bombs don't even compare to that. We have come to a dangerous era when such things can happen. What can win against that? You must be able to solve the heavenly law frequency and connect to it. The whole, complete, full authority and omnipotence must be connected. All things will be solved when the power of order and truth are connected.” (January 8th, 2010, Cheon Jeong Goon)

"When one speaks and spits once, around 100,000 particles of saliva spread like a fog. It spreads like that, so if a virus is released, what happens when you breathe? Even if only one person has the virus in a town, all living things whether humans or animals will contract the virus. It is a great judgment. It is more frightening than Noah's Flood Judgement. People had died underwater at the time of Noah, but this one goes through the air so all things will disappear. So people will tell you not to breathe. You will have to wear a mask.”(611-176 May 10, 2009, Cheon Jeong Won)

“Recently, there's swine flu from pigs, threatening an epidemic that no amount of money can avert. The swine flu virus mutates and creates more viruses. If a more virulent virus were to appear and spread throughout the air, humanity could be destroyed in a short lime. If the virus were to spread throughout the earth's atmosphere, everyone would die overnight.” (613-206 July 7, 2009, East Garden)

“The kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven will be established in 7 years” - The 7 years until the year 2020 is a grace period left for humanity

However, under such world circumstances, there is no room for an interruption for the founding of the Cheon Il Guk. Cheon Il Guk will be established in the dark of night, and in the morning the new day will dawn.

The year 2020 signifies the "time for the realization of Cheon Il Guk" that Heavenly Parents and True Parents have waited for a long enduring time. I am sure many of you are thinking this.

In the "Vision 2020 seminar," the late Mr. Sato states that "I think the 'Vision 2020' stems from the words of True Father when he said 'the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven will be established in 3-5 years, at longest in 7 years' when he was giving a talk on and around July 23, 2012.'"

He also said that "True Father, as the Second Coming, was an existence that cannot go to Spirit World without establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven," and so "the substantial Cheon Il Guk was meant to be established by the Foundation Day."

"The basics of Cheon Il Guk will be fulfilled when the 1. sovereignty (Heavenly Parents, True Parents of Heaven and Earth), 2. people (perfected families on both Cain and Abel side), and 3. national land (optimal place for living, a center of culture and civilization) are all satisfied.

If only the Cheon Il Guk model (core) were to be established even on a minimum scale, the sphere of evil would have been sorted out (the law of before/after of falsehood and truth, the principle of internal/vertical/historical restoration through indemnity and external/horizontal/realistic/substantial realization.)."

"The seven years until the year 2020 is the grace period left for humanity. True Father made a special condition in order to proclaim the beginning of New Heaven and Earth (morning of July 23, 2012) despite the conditions where evil still exists on earth, with that 7-year grace period, and then chose to take action in the spiritual realm from there. The incentive for the unification of earth is in the Spirit World."

Beyond the Foundation Day in 2020, we can conclude that Heavenly Parents and True Parents have finally "given their grand command towards the realization of the Heavenly Kingdom." The fallen continental civilization that started from the Fall of Adam and Eve now has no choice but to collapse and be destroyed "as if a rock is falling down a steep and high mountainside." Now that we think about it, this is a natural conclusion of events.

We have heard that True Parents, in order that humanity can avoid the flood judgment, have at least offered 3 special conditions between the year 2010 and July of 2012 right before True Father's Ascension. True Parents have done everything in their power for True Father to stay on this earth so as many people as possible can receive True Parents while he was still here on earth.

However, in July of 2012, True Parents had decided on the way of Ascension finally. This was prompted by the minimum fulfillment of the conditions for Ocean Providence, which had always been the hardest for True Parents even though it was the one thing they absolutely had to accomplish.

True Father had taken that small condition of victory and said, "Heaven is happy, the earth is happy. All life on this earth is happy together. How can I sleep at such a time." and went on a 3-day 3-night fishing trip. He had said then, "All is accomplished. All is finished," while praying on the boat, offering a prayer to Heavenly Parents with a proclamation of completion of the Providence of Second Coming.

The 7-year period of tribulation is to search for the true sons and daughters who will "live along with Heavenly Parents”

True Father has said the following regarding the "7-year tribulation period in the Last Days":

"In the Last Days, God has foretold that humanity will face a 7-year tribulation period. This period, in relation to the 6000-year historical process, is the time when the sorrowful windings of heaven will collide into the saints and faithful. It is a time when all bonds between humans will break, and we will face unbelievable circumstances. (omitted)

Such a time is the tribulation period that will last 7 years in the Last Days. It is a time when hope is shaken, the core of our faith is shaken, and the leaders we trusted are shaken. It is also a time when not only ideology but religion, conscience, and parental hearts are shaken.

Then, why should God create such circumstances?

It is to give value to being with the true God, the God who has suffered throughout history. God has seen so many catastrophes during the 6000-year history and has undergone so many bends and complications, and so, in the Last Days, he will make humanity face a circumstance where one cannot stand firmly on a core ideology or faith. Even in such tribulation and hardship, He will search for true sons and daughters who can say, ‘I love God,’ and ‘I will live along with God.’ Such time will come.”

As the fallen civilization collapses, we must become representatives of the realm of the heart of 4th Adam that will "love God" and "live with God" and take on an uninterrupted fight for the final realization of the Kingdom of God in Heaven and on Earth with the foundation of Ocean Hobby Industry Providence that was entrusted to us by our True Parents. This is because we cannot let more sacrifices be brought to humanity.

Now is the time to advance with one final push towards capturing and restoring Canaan, full of hope. Love in order to save a person is an act that comes from a crazy and strong loving impulse. Even if we cannot physically see True Father with our eyes, True Parents who have stood on the incredible position that represents the almighty, all-powerful, all-encompassing God are watching us as we go on this path, from a place much closer than you think. Our ancestors also have no choice but to desperately join us here on earth in order to receive salvation.

The more the existing values and social structures collapse, we must more clearly know the truth, and with deeper love and with speedy and accurate actions must move forward in order to establish and open the age of God-centered civilization, and the Pacific Rim Civilization. True Father has given us those previous words, the secret method in which we can step beyond the period of tribulations and establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven.

It is like what True Father said, "we've come to a hazardous epoch that such things may occur. How can we win against it? You must be able to decipher the heavenly frequency and connect to it. You must be connected to the whole, full-authority, all-powerful, and all-encompassing. Since you will be linked to the power of orderly truth, all things will be resolved."

Let us all move forward together to the day of victory! With gratitude, I pray for you and your family's health and victory.

---Paraguay Report by Tomoko Sato

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