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Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Substantive Plan to Solve World Hunger

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

An Analysis of Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Speech on August 1st, 1994 at the 20th Anniversary Ceremony of the Oceanic Providence in America
This has to be done. For the future, someone has to do it. You are my hope. If you don't know that, you cannot understand even who you are. The one who is close to me is the one who will determine to be successful on the ocean. (God’s Will and the Ocean, Chapter 6, Who Will Inherit the Ocean? July 3rd, 1983 Gloucester)


This article is an analysis of Reverend Sun Myung Moon’s speech given at the 20th Anniversary of the Ocean Providence in America. About 4,000 members from 160 nations were invited to attend the anniversary exposition, where Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s investments in oceanic enterprises in the United States were displayed including the boats, restaurants, seafood distribution and fish farm technologies.

Throughout the speech, Rev. Moon revealed and laid out the plan for the Ocean Providence that was meant to be carried out by Unification church members. This article will be analyzing and explaining what Rev. Moon talks about in his speech in the following manner:

Why Do We Need a Plan? For What Goals?

Before discussing the plan that Rev. Moon had laid out for members, we must first understand the goals of the Unification movement. To understand those goals, we can simply look at our name: Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU). As a movement, we are meant to literally be a network of Blessed Families that can bring about both world peace and world unification.

However, these are grand goals that no other organization in human history has been able to accomplish, and it is naïve to think that peace and unification would happen automatically. Naturally, we should understand that there is a need for an actual plan to arrive at world peace and unification.

Then how was Rev. Moon looking to do this? What are the key aspects to bringing about a world of peace and unification? We can take a look at Rev. Moon’s words with regards to peace:

The oceans can become a central point for bringing the world together. (As a Peace-loving Global Citizen, Ch. 7, pg. 305)
We cannot build a world of peace without first resolving the food issue. (As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen, Ch.7, pg. 316)
True peace will not come as long as humanity does not solve the problem of hunger. If the person next to me is about to die of hunger, peace is a mere luxury. (As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen, Ch.7, pg. 321)

Rev. Moon has said, many times, that the oceans play a key role to bringing about our goals to reality, and also that solving the food issue is an absolute must when talking about creating world peace. Rev. Moon stressed the important key role of the ocean in other speeches as well:

This is the fastest way to bring people and nations together. I am always thinking how this can be done and that is why I am making a foundation on the ocean. When we make this foundation, our direction towards the future will be straight. (God’s Will and the Ocean, Ch.11)
I believe this will be a shortcut to guiding all people toward a world of peace. That is why for several decades I have been researching, planning and pioneering all sorts of ocean-related businesses. (Chambumo Gyeong, Book 10 252-210, 1993/12/30)

Rev. Moon identifies the ocean as the “fastest way,” “shortcut,” and “central point” for achieving world peace and unification. He also points out that solving the hunger problem is necessary to resolve in order to bring about these goals. It can be concluded then, simply, that in order to accomplish FFWPU’s goals for World Peace and Unification, we must become involved with the ocean and with resolving the food issue.

This then makes clear that the Ocean Providence and the plan that Father had laid out during the 20th anniversary had to do with the two main goals, the ocean, and the food issue. However, one other question that might arise is why Rev. Moon laid this plan out when he did at the 20th Anniversary. What was the significance of this timing?

When the Unification movement had just begun in 1954, the name was Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (HSA-UWC). This was the case for the next forty years until 1994. Throughout this first forty year course, the central responsibility belonged to True Parents. In 1971, Rev. Moon began the American Providence, and in 1974, he began the American Ocean Providence which lasted for the next twenty years until the 20th anniversary ceremony on August 1st, 1994.

May 1st of 1994 was when FFWPU was established, marking the start of the second forty year course, and in 1995 when the Sao Paulo Declaration was made, it was the start of the North and South American Unification movement. During this next forty years, of which we are currently in the midst of, the central responsibility had shifted from True Parents to the Blessed Family members.

Rev. Moon explained to the members on April of 1996 about this next forty year course and what was expected of it:

The first forty years of my life until now was a time of tribulations, centering on the developed countries in the Northern Hemisphere, as well as centering on the land. That is why for twenty years (1974~1994) I have been preparing for the oceanic civilization sphere in South America. I have been paving the way for the oceanic age to save all the countries within the tropical climate zone. That twenty-year course (1974~1994) was to pave the path of tribulation. (277-131, 1996.4.7 The Pacific Rim Providence, Chapter 1, Section 1)

Rev. Moon reveals that for the first twenty years he spent on developing Ocean Providence in North America, he had been preparing to utilize that foundation to save the countries in the tropical climate zone, such as those in South America. This is why at the twentieth year mark, Rev. Moon began the movement to unite North and South America at the start of the second forty year course.

To declare the beginning of this movement, he made the Sao Paulo Declaration on March 31st, 1995 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Sao Paulo Declaration talked about four main points: 1) the declaration of the official start of the second forty year course as FFWPU, 2) Central Responsibility has shifted over to Second Generation and Blessed Families, 3) the frontline has moved from North to South America, and 4) the beginning of the North and South American providence for the unification of the Christian Cultural Realm.

In essence, once the second forty year course started, it became the members’ responsibility to carry on the providence based on the foundation that True Parents had laid the first forty years, this time centering on South America. This is for the sake of the unification of the Christian Cultural Realm. Rev. Moon explained that in order to bring about World Unification, the Christian Cultural Realm should first be united.

Now, if North America and South America can become one through my efforts, then North Korea and South Korea on the Korean Peninsula can unify and Israel and the Muslim world can unite. The unity of Europe will not be a problem either. This will happen all at once. (266-134, 1994/12/22 Chambumo Gyeong Book 10 Chapter 3 Section 4, 8)
The prevailing culture derives from Christianity, and the leader in transforming modern society is North America. South America has opposed North America until now. If these two continents were to become one, they would form a great power base. If this were to happen, Europe, North America and South America, and then Asia would naturally join the Christian cultural realm. That is why I must unite the cultural realm of Christianity in North America and South America and then connect it to Asia. I need to unite Asia with North America and South America. Without doing this there is no future. (268- 311, 1995/04/03 CBG 10 Ch 3 Sect 4.2)

Based on the foundation and development made in the twenty years of Ocean Providence in North America, as a time of preparation, Rev. Moon looked to unite North and South America, essentially uniting Protestantism (Abel) and Catholicism (Cain) to create one unified Christianity. Once the Christian Cultural Realm in the Americas becomes one, naturally the European countries (representing the old Christian Realm) would also unite. Subsequently, the unity of all Christianity will lead to the unity of the Judeo-Islamic religions, and ultimately, this will lead to the unification of the Asian continent and the Korean Peninsula.

This is the direction and path we must follow when it comes to bringing about world unification, and Rev. Moon looked to do this through the foundation and preparation made from the American Ocean Providence for those first twenty years. The timing of his speech laying out this plan was really marking the end of that twenty year preparation and was Rev. Moon telling the members what they should do from then on and to take on the responsibility of the next twenty and forty years.

From then, the goal that we were meant to keep in mind was solving the hunger problem of the world to begin bringing peace and unification into reality.

STEP 1: The Gateway into the Marine Industry, Boats

In order to accomplish the goals of peace and unification and solving world hunger, Rev. Moon figured out that all this can be done through building a foundation in the Marine Industry. While this seems like a sudden and far-fetched conclusion, once you have an understanding of this comprehensive plan of his, this conclusion isn’t far-fetched at all.

So the FIRST STEP that Rev. Moon needed to take, before anything else, was to get himself involved with the Marine Industry. He knew that he nor his followers could suddenly dedicate their whole life on the ocean without first knowing anything about the ocean-going lifestyle. This is why Rev. Moon needed a way to get involved, to set that foundation, and the answer to that was to have a boat.

Without a boat, no matter how good the environmental conditions are for providence, nothing can be done. (Development of the Oceanic Realm, 1994.8.1)

What Rev. Moon needed was a gateway into the Marine Industry. He needed a boat that would lead not only himself, but other people, to learn to love the Ocean and see it as their life mission. To do this, he needed a boat, a boat that would keep people safe out on the waves, be useful in both sea and fresh water, and was a boat that would attract people and is loved by people.

The boat that he worked to design to fulfill these qualities was the One Hope.

...In the end, the most important thing is to have human connections and develop good human resources. When working on the marine industry, it is important to develop human resources who want to spend all of their lives for it and that it is a God-given occupation. The key challenge is how to develop such human resources and how to instruct and pass that spirit to their descendants.
I thought about how to lay the foundation for young people to feel without fear “I have to go out to the sea again today because I went out to the sea yesterday.” At that time, the idea of ​​building an unsinkable boat came to me. Floating the boat on the beach or in a river nearby that even children can easily steer around, and the children in the village get on the boat or dive under the boat and have fun playing, they naturally become interested in the sea.
Even if we continued to fish for 20 years, the real thrill of going out to the sea would never end. We don't have time. The most important thing in business is that you have to have a solid foundation at the starting point.
It was the One Hope that I worked hard to make after thinking about various things.
You would not know this, but remember that One Hope is the best boat in the world for effective fishing in bad weather, no matter what kind of fish you catch, whether it's tuna or trout. Have you ever wondered how special this boat is? (Development of the Oceanic Realm,1994.8.1)