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The Paraguayan economy will be one of the fastest-growing in the region!

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Any research will yield a sentiment that Paraguay is one of the fastest-growing economies and nations in the region and that it also is the happiest nation, to top it off. Here in this primarily agricultural nation, Rev. Moon has initiated a project to build a boat factory and its related industry.

Acuamundo, producing Good Go line of sports boats and other high tech electric/solar boats, is one of the only companies in Paraguay that produces top-of-the-line FRP (fiberglass) hobby lifestyle boats.

In 2018, Acuamundo was awarded the “Maquila Company for Important Social Contribution.

We are continuing to develop the property we acquired in Chaco-i, across the Paraguay River from the capital city of Asuncion, where Paraguay is planning a new expansion to its capital city in the near future. A bridge is already being constructed to connect the two sides of the city. As you might be able to guess, our property value is skyrocketing.

By the year 2023, Paraguay will pay off its debt contracted to build the Itaipu Dam, and with almost ⅔ of the power station’s $4 billion revenues spent on repaying the debt until now, the implication is that the nation will quickly become a rich country with a clean energy resource to boot. As Financial Times and Forbes predicted, Paraguay is set to become one of the most promising nations in the whole continent. We can clearly feel the flow of God’s Providence!

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