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The Spiritual Providence in Pantanal

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Second Testimony of Peter Paulo Alves Pinheiro

August 19th, 2021, 2:20 AM, Salobra MS Brazil

(Notes of the editor: The original content was received as an audio file in August but additional contents were added from a direct interview with the author in January 2022. This is the second testimony from the author. The first testimony can be read from this LINK.)

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The first testimony that was published was an act of desperation to save Salobra and Nabileque. But even now, it is very difficult to make people understand the importance of these sacred grounds and the providence it relates to.

Before the first testimony was written, the Hotel Americano in Nabileque was robbed and burnt. (Watch a video of visiting the Holy Ground in November of 2021.) My heart is torn. I cried and no more tears come out. I cannot stress it enough, that this world will come to know what happened here in Salobra and Nabileque. This is a guarantee, and I am a witness to all that is happening. The local people know what has really happened, and they are all witnesses, both in Salobra and Nabileque. Today, these people know who Reverend Moon is, the man that had passed through this region.

I will continue to produce more testimonies about what happened in the Pantanal part by part, through people who can transcribe and translate them. Fantastical things had happened inside Father’s boat in Pantanal. If you are really interested in the Ocean Providence - rather, you need to be interested - you need to know the truth of what really happened here in Pantanal.

In the future, I am preparing to talk about:

  • How True Father liberated God

  • Why True Father separated the Jardim Providence from the Pantanal Providence

  • Jesus’ involvement in the spiritual providence in Pantanal

  • The 360 million blessed couples, and how the blessing was made possible.

  • How the Liberation of Hell and the opening of the Gates between Heaven and Hell had occurred, step by step.

  • How people like Hitler and Buddha were rescued and brought them out of their previous spiritual level. I’ll explain how they accepted True Father as the Messiah.

  • How the criminals were blessed.

  • The process of forgiving Maria Park.

  • About the moment True Father recognized and declared that He achieved the position of the King, starting from the position of a servant of servants.

  • What happened in these sacred lands, after True Father left in 2001. How I worked to preserve the history and how I studied the history to find a way to convey it all since then.

But there are things I cannot talk about. True Father told me not to share some things until I am 60 or 70 years old when none of my black hair remained. Why did He say such a thing? Why is it that only the future generations would understand? It is because even when True Father spoke openly about this, people still didn’t understand. If people didn’t understand Reverend Moon, how would they understand me?

However, seeing the things that are happening now, especially among the people here who belittle the history of the Pantanal, I’ve come to want to convey more details about this providence. So this message is a preparation for the things I want to convey in the future. I want to remind the readers that this testimony belongs to the Ocean Providence and the Pantanal Providence.


How can we understand True Father and the Providence?

Nikola Tesla said that if we studied energy, frequency, and vibration, we can discover amazing things about the universe. Today, I see that people’s hearts and minds are closed. True Father said that “people may learn Korean but will not understand everything; but if they opened their hearts, they will understand everything.”

Jesus always talked about His own heart, the Heart of Jesus. There is even an image where Jesus is holding His own Heart to show people. Why did He take His Heart out? What did He want to show people with His Heart? It is because the heart is the essence, the feeling of love, and that feeling of love was what was missing from the people.

How had God communicated with Adam and Eve before the Fall? For 120 years, Noah kept his heart faithful to God to build the Ark - how do you think Noah could talk to God when He is invisible?

It was through the heart. God has no voice, so you need to open your heart. It is through the feeling of the heart and the conscience, which is strongly connected to the heart, that we can communicate with God. If you listen to your conscience, you can feel in your heart if you should do this or that, or if this is good or bad. You can feel this. But many don’t feel this in their heart. They just listen to the mind, thinking that the conscience is related to the mind.

A person can be very intelligent, but if he has no heart, then he can only be intelligent. This gives no capability to truly know God, to truly understand the essence of Jesus, of True Father, if a person is only intelligent. Having intelligence is no guarantee to knowing God; if this had been the case, then those who have gone to university, getting Ph.D.’s, would not commit crimes like many do today.

On the other hand, a person with a good heart and no corruption is a person of nature. He leads a simple life, yet in his heart there is God. In order to understand True Father and what had happened in Pantanal, you must have an open mind and open heart.

I myself am not certain if I had opened my heart, but Father authorized me to experience all, to be a witness. He told me: “You were allowed to see and feel everything you’ve experienced here. Please preserve this experience - it is so precious. Take it forward, to humanity. You are Peter Paulo, Saint Peter, and Saint Paulo, two in one - never forget that, and please take care of and study this.” I used to think that this meant going to college or university, but no, it meant I needed to study about this Providence.


True Father explained that if someone were to connect with His heart, then in the course of seven years, He would do amazing things.

There was one time when Father was praying, and I asked President Kim what Father was praying about since He was swaying his body as He prayed. Father, even during prayer, was very sensitive, and no matter how quietly I spoke, He would raise His head and ask what I was talking about. He had wanted to hear everything I said because He wanted to know everything about the Pantanal.