The Spiritual Providence in Pantanal

Updated: Feb 24

Second Testimony of Peter Paulo Alves Pinheiro

August 19th, 2021, 2:20 AM, Salobra MS Brazil

(Notes of the editor: The original content was received as an audio file in August but additional contents were added from a direct interview with the author in January 2022. This is the second testimony from the author. The first testimony can be read from this LINK.)

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The first testimony that was published was an act of desperation to save Salobra and Nabileque. But even now, it is very difficult to make people understand the importance of these sacred grounds and the providence it relates to.

Before the first testimony was written, the Hotel Americano in Nabileque was robbed and burnt. (Watch a video of visiting the Holy Ground in November of 2021.) My heart is torn. I cried and no more tears come out. I cannot stress it enough, that this world will come to know what happened here in Salobra and Nabileque. This is a guarantee, and I am a witness to all that is happening. The local people know what has really happened, and they are all witnesses, both in Salobra and Nabileque. Today, these people know who Reverend Moon is, the man that had passed through this region.

I will continue to produce more testimonies about what happened in the Pantanal part by part, through people who can transcribe and translate them. Fantastical things had happened inside Father’s boat in Pantanal. If you are really interested in the Ocean Providence - rather, you need to be interested - you need to know the truth of what really happened here in Pantanal.

In the future, I am preparing to talk about:

  • How True Father liberated God

  • Why True Father separated the Jardim Providence from the Pantanal Providence

  • Jesus’ involvement in the spiritual providence in Pantanal

  • The 360 million blessed couples, and how the blessing was made possible.

  • How the Liberation of Hell and the opening of the Gates between Heaven and Hell had occurred, step by step.

  • How people like Hitler and Buddha were rescued and brought them out of their previous spiritual level. I’ll explain how they accepted True Father as the Messiah.

  • How the criminals were blessed.

  • The process of forgiving Maria Park.

  • About the moment True Father recognized and declared that He achieved the position of the King, starting from the position of a servant of servants.

  • What happened in these sacred lands, after True Father left in 2001. How I worked to preserve the history and how I studied the history to find a way to convey it all since then.

But there are things I cannot talk about. True Father told me not to share some things until I am 60 or 70 years old when none of my black hair remained. Why did He say such a thing? Why is it that only the future generations would understand? It is because even when True Father spoke openly about this, people still didn’t understand. If people didn’t understand Reverend Moon, how would they understand me?

However, seeing the things that are happening now, especially among the people here who belittle the history of the Pantanal, I’ve come to want to convey more details about this providence. So this message is a preparation for the things I want to convey in the future. I want to remind the readers that this testimony belongs to the Ocean Providence and the Pantanal Providence.


How can we understand True Father and the Providence?

Nikola Tesla said that if we studied energy, frequency, and vibration, we can discover amazing things about the universe. Today, I see that people’s hearts and minds are closed. True Father said that “people may learn Korean but will not understand everything; but if they opened their hearts, they will understand everything.”

Jesus always talked about His own heart, the Heart of Jesus. There is even an image where Jesus is holding His own Heart to show people. Why did He take His Heart out? What did He want to show people with His Heart? It is because the heart is the essence, the feeling of love, and that feeling of love was what was missing from the people.

How had God communicated with Adam and Eve before the Fall? For 120 years, Noah kept his heart faithful to God to build the Ark - how do you think Noah could talk to God when He is invisible?

It was through the heart. God has no voice, so you need to open your heart. It is through the feeling of the heart and the conscience, which is strongly connected to the heart, that we can communicate with God. If you listen to your conscience, you can feel in your heart if you should do this or that, or if this is good or bad. You can feel this. But many don’t feel this in their heart. They just listen to the mind, thinking that the conscience is related to the mind.

A person can be very intelligent, but if he has no heart, then he can only be intelligent. This gives no capability to truly know God, to truly understand the essence of Jesus, of True Father, if a person is only intelligent. Having intelligence is no guarantee to knowing God; if this had been the case, then those who have gone to university, getting Ph.D.’s, would not commit crimes like many do today.

On the other hand, a person with a good heart and no corruption is a person of nature. He leads a simple life, yet in his heart there is God. In order to understand True Father and what had happened in Pantanal, you must have an open mind and open heart.

I myself am not certain if I had opened my heart, but Father authorized me to experience all, to be a witness. He told me: “You were allowed to see and feel everything you’ve experienced here. Please preserve this experience - it is so precious. Take it forward, to humanity. You are Peter Paulo, Saint Peter, and Saint Paulo, two in one - never forget that, and please take care of and study this.” I used to think that this meant going to college or university, but no, it meant I needed to study about this Providence.


True Father explained that if someone were to connect with His heart, then in the course of seven years, He would do amazing things.

There was one time when Father was praying, and I asked President Kim what Father was praying about since He was swaying his body as He prayed. Father, even during prayer, was very sensitive, and no matter how quietly I spoke, He would raise His head and ask what I was talking about. He had wanted to hear everything I said because He wanted to know everything about the Pantanal.

When President Kim explained that I had been asking about Father’s prayer, Father turned to face me. The boat we were on at the time was one of aluminum and 6-meter long. He turned around and started talking, but my head hurt from trying so hard to understand. He saw this, so He tried even harder to communicate with me so that I could understand.

People have always asked how I communicated with Father Moon, but the question should be phrased differently. It wasn’t actually my ability to understand Him, but really, it was Father’s ability to communicate with me. It wasn't verbal communication, it was a communication of feelings and of Heart.

He had told me that before He came to the Pantanal, He prayed that in a thousand years, everything that was related to Satan would be eliminated. I thought that if the members knew about this prayer, they wouldn’t want to continue to follow the church because by the time a thousand years passed, none of us would be here anymore. He said to me: “But because I came to the Pantanal, I met Pantanal, and now everything can be solved in the blink of an eye.” At this time, He had blinked His eyes to express this point. He then said, “In seven years, everything will be solved.” He moved His finger to draw the number seven and then moved His hands to express unity.

Though people called Father old, I thought, “Old Reverend Moon?” I considered myself to be strong, but in order to follow Father, I had to be brutally serious. Because of this, there wasn’t anyone who could follow His routine, and for me to do so, I felt challenged as well as proud. So whenever he said that He wanted to go to someplace, I wanted to make sure I was there before Him. When I got there, He would arrive in three to five minutes, and it felt like a competition. The more I did this, the more Father liked me.

I didn’t slack. For me, it was an adventure because I was involved with this spiritual issue, and I always wanted to see more. I was curious, and I wanted to see all that He could see. I saw that Father needed help - he was in front of me, and because I’m spiritually sensitive, I saw that He was rescuing people. But I wasn’t able to say anything to anyone. So one way I tried to comfort Him was to always involve myself with Him. Whenever I would get off the boat though, it was very difficult. It was like I stepped back into reality, so I missed Him a lot, and to this day I still do.

In order to communicate with God and True Parents, we need to use our hearts. True Father made so much effort to communicate with me through the language of His Heart, and I also tried hard to communicate with His Heart.


When I heard that Reverend Moon officiated marriages for many people, and saw photos of stadiums full of people dressed and being married, I had thought: “But this man is here fishing on my boat. I see things at the bottom of the river with Him and it has nothing to do with what is going on in this photo.” In essence, it was totally different.

One thing we should understand is that we often see what True Father achieved but we do not see and appreciate the path He had to go through to achieve it. Father made many official declarations after He had completed the necessary conditions.

There were always difficult paths He had to complete before reaching the destination. For example, True Father started at the position of a servant of servants and made the conditions and had achieved the position of the King here in the Pantanal, but He received the crown in Korea. So the crowning happened in one day, but that was only a result. During the time True Father made enormous spiritual conditions in the Pantanal, I was there on the same field watching and participating with Him.

If you had read my first testimony about Salobra, you would know about the three-day condition when Father looked for a sign in Salobra. On that day, True Father said, “Today, I came here and I’ll stay for three days. I came to find a sign, and if I don’t find this in three days, I will leave for Africa and I will never come back here. Do you understand your responsibility?”

I then explained to Him that the Miranda River had no fish and that we needed to go to the Salobra river instead. There was a place where a man was yet to set foot in, and when Father heard this, He was so happy. He immediately wanted to go there and find this place. So we went. It is a truth that no boat had ever entered there, and we were able to pass by. Regarding the details about this trip, I will share them later on. However, the sign that He needed to find had nothing to do with this place where no man has yet stepped in.

For three days, He continued to look for the sign, and He stressed that if He did not find it, then He would leave for Africa. But what was this sign He was looking for?

At the time, the fishing spot was new to me, and it was very far. It took about three and a half hours to get there from Salobra, and it took about four and a half hours to come back due to the downstream current. Finally, on the third day in the afternoon after 3:30 PM when it was almost time for us to return, He caught the pacu.

So at the end of the three days, He was able to catch a pacu. That was the result, but what was more important to Father was the conditions and the path that led to catching the pacu.

What was He really looking for? He needed someone who would be serious to take responsibility for the path He needed to take. So when Father found such a person and caught the pacu as the result, He decided to stay here and not leave for Africa, because this sign signified that the Providence could be established here.

At that time, there was one other person on the boat during those three days. His name was Ku Bae Pak. He was from Uruguay, and he had been with Father and me when we went fishing in the early days of fishing in Salobra. After the 3-day condition was completed, I heard Father had gone up to Alaska, and when He came back, He had all His fishing gear with Him. He seemed like a different person, He was completely serious.

That is how the spiritual aspect of the providence of Pantanal started.


What were the goals of the providence in Pantanal? As True Father explained many times in Sao Paulo and in Jardim, one of the goals in South America and in Pantanal was to establish an ideal village, a nation, and to restore the garden of Eden. This was explained in the Sao Paulo Declaration at the start of the second 40-year course on March 31st, 1995.

The providence in the Pantanal was comprised of two sides; spiritual and substantial.

The substantial providence started in Jardim, at the New Hope Farm, as an endeavor to build a substantial and physical nation in Pantanal. There were to be three stages of Jardim, Salobra, and Nabileque. Salobra and Nabileque are located in Pantanal, the largest wetland in the world.

True Father wanted to establish the nation in Pantanal, which He sometimes referred to as an “ideal village” or the restored garden of Eden. As a nation, we had to have a physical land. This had to be in a place where no man touched.

Since God lost humanity due to the Fall, God had no place on earth to stay. God had no nation where He can dwell in. Thus the key goal of this substantial providence was to establish an actual nation for God.

This nation was to be finally established in Pantanal, but it had started in Jardim first. The stages of the substantial providence to establish the nation was to start at Jardim, go through Salobra, and finalize in Nabileque.


The spiritual providence includes the establishment of the spiritual nation, liberation of Hell, subjugation of Satan, liberation of Lucifer, and the liberation of God. The establishment of the spiritual nation was done based on the 360 million couples matching.

Within seven years, True Father was able to solve everything in the spiritual providence of Pantanal. In those seven years, He even freed God here. True Father said that every year He spent in the Pantanal was equal to ten years of His life, so devoting seven years in the Pantanal was equal to devoting 70 years here. Several times, Father mentioned this, and that is why He could never waste a second.

How could the liberation of God happen? God can only be liberated only when Hell is liberated and the greatest source of His pain, Satan, would truly repent and return as Lucifer. During the time True Father conducted the spiritual providence in Pantanal, He was meticulously taking the steps towards this great goal, together with Jesus.

One of the important tasks True Father accomplished in Pantanal was to forgive Maria Park. She was the one that failed as the John the Baptist and was largely responsible for the Christianity to reject True Father in South Korea. Forgiving Maria Park was a very difficult thing to do for True Father because He had to establish the Unification Church and walk the path of the first 40-year course because of her and the Korean Christians who rejected Him. However, True Father had to forgive Maria Park in order to prove True Love as True Parents of all humankind. He needed to go through this path before He could liberate Lucifer. I will talk more about Maria Park in the future.

How did True Father cause the natural subjugation of Satan? Before True Father came to Pantanal, He met with the physical central figures of Satan like Mikhail Gorbachev and Kim Il Sung, disabling them with True Love.

When He came to Pantanal, He liberated the worst criminals in Hell, who were the spiritual central figures of Satan, again with True Love. Thus the influences of Satan were being disabled one by one by True Father both in the physical and the spiritual world. Satan also felt True Father’s True Love through this process. When Satan saw that the spiritual nation was being made through the 360 million couples matching, He lost the will to fight against True Father. This was how Satan fell in Salobra on March 21st, 1999.

Upon the natural subjugation of Satan, Lucifer was liberated, and God was finally able to meet Lucifer who repented in front of Him. On May 14th, when God arrived at room 14th of the Americano Hotel in Nabileque where True Father and Satan were waiting, His light appeared small and I felt that He was embarrassed by the situation. However, after Satan bowed down and rose up shining brightly as Lucifer, God’s light started to shine so strongly. Thus God was liberated as well at that moment.

The Pantanal Providence is of water and spirit, and the Garden or Jardim Providence is of land and substance. The spiritual providence is to liberate Lucifer, liberate God, and establish the spiritual garden of Eden and the spiritual nation. Father completed this task in 7 years. Everything was done.

The substantial providence is the providence to liberate humankind. This is what is left to do.


In early 1997, True Father offered a prayer to separate the providence of Jardim and Pantanal. True Father always explained to me on the boat that Jardim and Pantanal were to be separate. When this separation occurred, Jardim represented the substantial providence, and Pantanal represented the spiritual providence.

Why did these two providences need to be separated? One reason was that there were many problems with the substantial providence which started in Jardim. Originally these two providences were supposed to be united. However, when True Father saw that the substantial providence in Jardim may take too long, He decided to separate it from the spiritual providence, so that He can complete the spiritual providence in 7 years.

True Father also said that in order to solve some problems in the physical world, we must first fix the spirit world. So the spiritual subjugation of Satan and liberation of Lucifer was to be restored first in Pantanal (Salobra and Nabileque) ahead of the substantial providence to establish the physical nation starting from Jardim.

So True Father completed the spiritual providence in that 7 years. He came to Pantanal as a servant of servants but emerged victorious as a king. Although the substantial providence to establish the nation in Pantanal has not advanced correctly, eventually, it needs to happen and the spiritual providence and the substantial providence must be united.

The spiritual providence allowed the spiritual aspect of Eden to be restored; True Parents stand as Adam and Eve, Lucifer is returning to his original position, and God was liberated. However, the actual garden of Eden has not been restored. God was liberated but He still does not have a nation to reside in on this earth. The substantial providence to establish the nation of Pantanal need to be completed for this purpose.


The Providence of water, the Providence of the Ocean, and the Providence of the Pantanal - they are all one and the same.

When we analyze the story of Jesus, He too was involved with Ocean Providence. He grew up as a carpenter in a carpentry shop. What do you think Jesus did from 12 to 33 years of age? He was building boats to establish the Ocean Providence, just like True Father was. Jesus had been preparing for it, but due to many problems at that time, He was unable to go that path. The fact that Jesus was involved in this providence is known to very few people.

It is difficult to explain the depth and breadth of the Ocean Providence.

There is the story of Father escaping from North Korea across a river with a person on his back. Father said that even this instance showed the Ocean Providence at work. This represented Father walking over the water rescuing a person where Satan cannot follow in his footsteps.

Once, we rescued a few people stranded on a riverbank in Pantanal. Their boat had been broken down and it took a long time getting the people back to their camp. On that cold night, they were stranded in the middle of nowhere with mosquitoes and in danger of jaguars, without flashlights.

At that time, the people in Pantanal thought very badly of Reverend Moon, but we had to help them regardless. We carried them back to safety. It was through that day that the Ocean Providence was represented, and shown that Father had the ability to carry all humanity with all His other burdens. Just as He did in Korea, He did here in the Pantanal.

Before, I already described how True Father fished from a boat to rescue criminals like Hitler. But why did True Father rescue the spirits by the act of fishing from a boat? The reason can be explained by looking at how the Ocean Providence started. Actually, the Ocean Providence started from the time of Noah. It was the first providence of God after the family of Adam failed.

When Cain first killed Abel, and whenever other people died, where did these spirits go? They weren’t prepared to go to Heaven, but there was also no Hell either. God didn’t plan or want to create a Hell.

So then if people could neither go to Heaven nor Hell, where had these spirits stayed? They had been mingling with earthly people, and they were essentially blind - they no longer had the ability to commune with God, they couldn’t talk to Him, so they instead just stayed around here on the ground. The world at that point was so sinful and full of evil, and that became one of the reasons for the great flood. It wasn’t just to cleanse those lost people who were on the Earth, but also because there were so many evil spirits on the land that needed to be washed away.

When the water washed over them, the spirits themselves realized the mistakes that they had made, and they felt naked and wanted to hide. The only way for them to hide was to go below the ground, and it was human beings who began to hide in this way. God was above the waters, so the spirits that recognized they were dead couldn’t bear to be in God’s presence. Even if they tried, they saw the light of God and in shame, they traveled deep down into the darkness.

This is when Hell was created.

After the flood, what happened at the time of Noah? By the time Ham had sinned against Noah, they had no longer been inside the boat and were already on land. The Ark was still intact, and in that Ark was God’s hope. When the man left the boat and went outside, they sinned. When Noah’s family was in the Ark, through the condition that Noah set through his sincere heart, Satan could not enter the Ark. However, the moment men set foot outside the Ark, the land and man were still under Satan’s influence.

The reason for this, as mentioned before, is because Noah set a condition through his faith and Ark. While God could not be with the man outside, within the boat he could dwell with them. This is because everything in the Ark was of God’s dominion. The Ark was built from Noah’s faith in God, and in it, he placed all of God’s creation. This was where God could be, inside the boat.

But what about the fish that did not receive any judgment? This means that these fish already belonged to God. Satan had no interest in the ocean - his interest was with the Earth, the Garden of Eden, and he could care less about the water.

So the boat represented God’s domain. This is why True Father rescued the spirits through the act of fishing from above the water, on a boat. When True Father rescues spirits from Hell by the act of fishing, bringing the fish into the boat represents bringing back the spirits into God’s domain. Why did fish represent the criminals? It is because fish is pure. Even during the time of the flood, fish was not judged. Because fish is pure, they can bring the spirits to True Father.


During the time when True Father rescued the criminals from Hell, the fish often tangled with branches underwater, and someone had to risk his life to dive into the water and bring the fish into the boat. This represented the fact that True Father needs our help to untangle the complicated problems in our human society and this process is not easily done. We must help True Parents even at the risk of our lives, to save all humankind.

True Father always said, “If someone unites with Me, believes in Me, then in seven years I will resolve everything.” And in seven years, He solved everything, all in Pantanal.

It is really important for us to know that True Father was looking for people, even someone who did not know the Divine Principle like me, to help Him to complete such great tasks as liberating the historical criminals.

All the members should clearly understand that God and True Parents are still looking for people who can help them to complete the substantial providence.


I want to talk a little about what I experienced outside of the boat before 1999 when Satan surrendered.

In 1998, after having fulfilled the first stage of the 360 million couples, there was the opening of the Gates of Hell. It was then that Father called me to go to Fuerte Olimpo in Paraguay with Him. (Fuerte Olimpo is a very small town located about 15 minutes from Nabileque.) Father was beginning the 40-day workshops there for national messiahs.

When Father had simply asked me to go to Fuerte Olimpo with Him, I saw concerns in His eyes and felt that He needed help - He needed someone. At that moment, I thought, “Oh boy, I’ve done so much with Him at Salobra, and now He wants me to go to Fuerte Olimpo. Is He going to make me keep seeing those strange things I see in the water? Even in this river?”

The Nabilque river that is located near Fuerte Olimpo itself isn’t deep, but it is more dangerous with piranhas and jacarés (alligator-like reptiles). Its significance was more complicated, and I did not know what more will happen there. But I decided that Father wouldn’t ask me such a thing for no reason, and I realized that if I didn’t stay, He would need to find someone else to replace me and do what I did in Salobra. So I decided to go with Him. At that time, I did not have any idea what I would experience in Nabileque including what happened with Maria Park.

Once I arrived at Fuerte Olimpo, we fished, and on the third day of fishing at Nabileque, Father asked me if I had any urgent matter that I needed to attend to back in Salobra. I told Him no. He told me that He would then like me to stay and participate in the 40-day workshop with the National Messiahs. At the time, I didn’t know or understand what the workshop was about. I had also already been engaged at that point and was getting ready to marry. When He said 40 days, I worried that I would lose my fiance.

Father turned to me and said that there was already a boat, a Good Go, in Fuerte Olimpo that we can fish from. At the time, I contemplated the number 40, because it meant it was more than a month, but I decided to stay. But even then, I was looking for an excuse to not stay the whole period.

Before I answered if I would participate or not, though, Father told me that if I were to stay with Him, then I would be very famous, and He told me that with a smile.

This is the secret to saving the Pantanal. The only way I could save the Pantanal is by being very famous.

When I captained tour boats, I would take on anacondas and jacarés. I wanted to be like Tarzan or a Crocodile Dundee of Australia. I wanted to be referred to as Peter Paulo of Pantanal and be famous like that. But no one knew this, and I’ve never shared this with anyone.

I wanted to be famous so that I could do something with my life. And when Father looked at me with that smile of His and told me that I would be famous, it was as if He was telling me “I know your secret.” But His eyes expressed something else - He couldn’t force me to stay; it had to be natural, like everything He was doing in order to subjugate Satan. It needed to be natural. At the time, I didn’t know the Divine Principle - no one taught me that Satan couldn’t accuse anything if it was natural.

Satan wouldn’t be able to say to Father, “Paulo followed you because he knows the Divine Principle” or “He followed you because he was a member who followed your instruction.” Satan had no way of accusing Father because Father hadn’t interfered with my decision. It was all very natural. It was neither faith nor obedience. It was because I wanted to help Him.

While my fiance understood the situation, her parents and friends often accused Father of stealing me from her. So back then, we had to make sure not to listen to such people. My fiance supported my decision and told me to go, and even though I didn’t know where exactly Father wanted me to go, I knew that wherever he called me, I would go.

So I decided to stay, and in the end, I didn’t stay for just 40 days - I stayed for five months.


Why did True Father train the national messiahs in this remote place? Why did the national messiahs and other church leaders have to fish every day in this place?

It is because this place is the new beginning, the Origin. The national messiahs were to inherit the victory of True Parents here in this central place of the spiritual providence, and then spread the foundation horizontally across the world to 160 nations. And the national messiahs were to inherit this spiritual foundation through fishing from boats, as True Father had done.

When I decided to participate in the 40-day workshop for national messiahs, people questioned whether or not I could participate, because only national leaders were at the workshop. It was difficult for the leaders to understand this since I was not even a member at the time. For many, I was just a child, and they asked, “How is he going to a workshop meant only for national leaders?”

At the time, Father had already spoken about the Origin, so He asked me to promise Him never to leave Pantanal. He named me as the National Messiah of the Pantanal. Like it or not, I am one with the Pantanal, and that is why I am connected to it.

At the workshop, the participants had to complete the task of catching 40 pacus, 40 dourados, 40 pintados, and 40 piauçus, or boga. In Paraguay they call it boga and here in Brazil they call it piauçu, or large piau. This condition was actually decided in Salobra. Father used to ask me what types of fishes there are in the region, and I have the original brochures saved to this day with a list of names and pictures of the fishes that Father had used to decide which fish would be a part of the condition.

In Salobra, we used a small boat, and only Father and sometimes President Kim would be with me on the boat. In Fuerte Olimpo, we used the 28-ft Good Go’s, and Father would invite four to eight people to come along on the same boat. Whenever we completed the fishing and got off the boat, I was always tasked with helping the national messiahs as well. True Father told me to fish like the other workshop participants, but whenever I tried to fish, the other participants wouldn’t let me, saying that I wasn’t meant to fish but to help them instead.

I asked Father if I was supposed to fish like the other participants, to which He replied yes. I told Him that others wouldn’t let me fish, and He said that I had to find a way to fish. In the beginning, I fished whenever possible without recording my catch. But then Father asked me to write down when, where, and the type of fish I caught every time. He told me to report directly and I had to catch 160 of them, 40 of each species.

The first group to go through the workshop were the oldest Korean members, then the other Koreans, the Japanese, and then the Westerners. I started to participate in the workshop along with the earliest members of the Unification Church.

Sometimes, Father would leave Fuerte Olimpo and would not come to fish. There was neither salary nor contract, but I kept my promise to stay at the workshop, helped the participants, and fished as much as possible.

By the time the Westerners came, though, the fishing season had already closed so they couldn’t actually fish. At that time, fishing in the Pantanal region was prohibited during the months of November, December, and January to allow the fish population to recover. This period is called piracema, during which the fish swim upstream to lay their eggs and reproduce.

The leaders thought I wasn’t obedient, especially because whenever they prayed at five in the morning, I wouldn’t show up. This was because I was already awake at four in the morning, at the port preparing the bait and the boats for them to go fishing. They never saw me do this. When they did see me at breakfast, I would quickly grab rice balls and then head down to the river again. The leaders would say, “This one just got up. He just came for breakfast and then left.” But it was just that they didn’t wake up early enough to see me go to the river. Only after they’ve had breakfast would they get onto the boat and go fishing.

One day, a leader asked me what I was doing there, and I told him that Father brought me there and to ask Him why I was there. The leader thought I was arrogant and asked “Who are you to say that Father called you here? Who are you?” I realized that he was uninformed.

I told him, “Look, I don’t know when, but one day, you will hear about me.” He replied, “We are here for world peace.” In turn, I said, “And I am here for Reverend Moon. He called me to come here. I don’t know why or what I am doing here, but He told me to stay here and I am here. That’s the truth. He told me to stay here, to participate in the workshop, and to stay. That’s it.”

Then, one of the other leaders came up to us with an envelope, telling me that they didn’t need me anymore. With that, they sent me away with money that didn’t amount to anything. I could not stay, but I could not go back to Salobra, because I did not want the people of Salobra to think that I was turned away by Rev. Moon.

Father had asked me to call 11 captains in Salobra and bring them to Fuerte Olimpo. I was trying to bring them to Fuerte Olimpo, so how could I possibly go back and say that I had been expelled from there? I also didn’t want to badmouth Father because I knew that He wasn’t guilty of this miscommunication.

When Father came to Fuerte Olimpo and found that I was gone, He would say “Go after him, pali pali (hurry hurry)” and I would find myself again on the boat with Father.

This happened multiple times. The leaders would send me away, but I would always find a way to let Father know, leaving a sign for Him to know where I was. This way, Father would always know where I am and could send for me. Other captains would also always tell Him my whereabouts, and that if Father needed me, He could just call me and I would come. Many people look at this and think this was easy, but it wasn’t.

At that point, I was used to them sending me away. I told them, “I’m just like a boomerang; watch your head, because I’ll be coming back.”

I felt that my heart was connected to Father’s, and in my heart I wanted Him to know that He could count on me for anything. I knew this, Father knew this, but they sent me away again and again. I would use boats, buses, and hitch-hiking to come back to where Father called.

At the end of 1998, after I was sent away again, I received a message from Ms. Leia, the hotel secretary, to go to Uruguay. She said, “Where are you? Mr. Yoon called asking for you. He wants you to go to Uruguay. Father is calling you to go there.”


I said, “What? Uruguay?” That was different. I had just arrived at the Salobra Hotel with my wife. She said, “Gee, you’ve just arrived but are already going on a trip the same day?” I told her yes, then took her things out of her suitcase, and placed my things in instead.

I asked Mrs. Leia, “And me? Where am I going?”

She responded, “Go to Jardim. Mr. Armando will take you to Bela Vista in Paraguay where Mr. Futoshi is waiting for you. You and Futoshi will go together.” Futoshi Hirano would take me since I didn’t know anything.

So we went to Asuncion, and from there took the plane to Uruguay. Once I arrived, I wondered, “What am I going to do here?” We had arrived at night at a house in Punta del Este. Woon Ju welcomed us outside, saying, “How nice that you’re here. We will be staying together for two months.”

I told Futoshi that I didn’t understand English, except that Woon Ju had said something about two months. Futoshi replied, “Yes, she said two months, but I didn’t bring any clothes.” I too had not brought many clothes and only brought two pairs of pants. The period of two months took us by surprise.

We went into the house, and then Father was there. Father asked, “What do you think of here?”

I replied, “Very good. The Lord gave me three gifts: to be able to fly, to know another country, and to see the sea. I saw the sea from only afar, but I saw it.”

We always had lunch on a boat bef