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UPDATE 2020 NOV: 2nd Factory-Boat Hotel Progress!

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Hello again! Here is a report written by our own, Mrs. Tomoko Sato, reporting in again from Paraguay.

Rev. Moon's Words of the Day: Book 12 Cheon Seong Gyeong 2.2.2

In summary, the Pantanal's influence will become a great issue in the world's history. The question is how to settle this issue here on earth. The world can become a battlefield, a dangerous place where human beings may fall into the pit of destruction if they make one wrong turn. (300-182, 1999.3.3)

The Pantanal region is the earth's oxygen producer. Due to the destruction of forests, we are facing a shortage of oxygen. Pantanal must solve the world's pollution and environmental problems. Food problems will become a serious issue in the world in the near future. About an area half of Korea's size is now turning into a desert annually. The production environment for humanity is decreasing. It is the destruction of humankind. *

The Pantanal is where land, water and plants live together. It is truly exquisite. Creatures from the time of Creation have survived there in the Amazon Valley, in the Pantanal. They have carried on their line of species while living in nature untouched since the time of Creation. That is why the Pantanal is the world's Holy Ground. (294-56, 1998.6.10)

You will see so many things when you go to the Pantanal. The Pacu fish eat young alligators. When they do, they do not say, "Hey, do you have dung in your belly!" When a Pacu eats bugs, do you think it would wipe off the human excrement or dog dung that is on the bug's wings, or would it just eat it whole? Those people who do not know how to swallow things as a whole cannot unify the world. You have to know how to swallow things as a whole. You have to eat both good things and bad things. Don't fallen people discard the bad and eat only the good things? Love is not that way. Love takes in and digests even hell. (295-186, 1998.8.28)

God will restore human beings back to the world before the Fall. God has to take care of all the enemies in order to restore Adam's perfected world before the Fall. There were no enemies in that world. Everybody was like brothers and had only the concept that they were one family. It is about swallowing one another. In the fish world in the Pantanal, the larger fish swallow the smaller fish without regard, whether there is something filthy or not. It swallows the excrements of the internal organs and everything else. (297-170, 1998.11.19)

I love creation to liberate creation's realm of lamentation. In the Bible it says that all of creation has been groaning in labor pains. The lamentation of creation is also the lamentation of humankind. What is this? There is nothing more lamentable than the fact that humanity could not receive the Blessing centering on God. (295-199, 1998.8.28)

We have to go back to more primitive times and to return to nature. That is why I went back to nature, and in the Pantanal, I live in constant love with nature. The great oceans are pure. (295-277, 1998.9.8)

You have to love everything on the earth and love the world underwater. It is a process of re-creation. From God's love, we must connect with humanity. From humanity's love, we must connect with the earth, and by doing so, connect with the realm of water. That is why I am offering my utmost devotion in the Pantanal. (296-17, 1998.10.1)

* Chambumo Gyeong - Book 10, Chapter 3-5

Construction of the Second Factory in Asuncion's Projected New Urban Center is underway!

At the heart of the Chaco-i district (the projected new city center) on the opposite bank of Asuncion City, the construction of the 2nd temporary boat factory and boat hotel is steadily progressing. This is a full-scale first step for the city of Asuncion to be reborn as the "Third City of Water, Venice" and a major step forward for Paraguay to become an "Ocean Hobby Industry Nation." With support from the heavens and the earth, the construction of the Ocean Hobby Industry Model Base/City for the Age of Pacific Rim is now underway in the suburbs of Asuncion.

Why did our founder, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, instruct us to "build a boat factory in Paraguay, South America"? It is to avoid the "crisis of extinction" that is now slowly but steadily becoming a plausible reality. It is to protect the Pantanal, the lungs of the earth, the last fort that protects the global environment, the world's largest wetlands, through the oceanic culture and civilization.