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Video Report Jan2021 & why the boat is an integral part of Providence!

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

I would like to extend my sincerest encouragement to all of you who are working under the protection and guidance of heaven amidst a terrible global pandemic.

I know you are walking the path as a member of the Unification Movement wisely, unchangingly, while overcoming challenging circumstances toward achieving our goal to establish World Peace through the "Absolute Altruism" that Rev. Moon has taught us.

In addition, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your efforts and your support in order to actualize the Pacific Rim Providence. It is the path towards the perfection of the Third Blessing that Rev. and Mrs. Moon have invested into throughout their whole lives.

Today we have a VIDEO progress report that we've prepared for you to check out!

In 1963, Rev. Moon built the boat, "Cheon Seung Ho," as a condition to establish the "Day of All Things," in order to gain dominion over the oceans of the world. Since that time, Rev. and Mrs. Moon have been promoting marine and shipbuilding businesses for half a century, fishing in the waters around the world, in their quest to solve humanity's hunger problem, most of all. It is as stated in the message at the Launching Ceremony for the 24ft Won Mo boat held at Las Vegas on August 18, 2011.

When I consider the way to resolving the grave situation the current world is in, I now profoundly realize that the Ocean Providence is indeed a vital providence in building a peaceful world that will continue into future generations. When I think of the serious sacrifices the world suffers because we could not complete the missions given to us in a timely manner, I cannot but feel horrified.

Rev. and Mrs. Moon launched the Ocean Church in the USA in 1980 on the foundation of building the first One Hope boats. Since then, they have continued to instruct for the boats to be deployed to the rest of the world, especially Japan, continuously since the year 1983. In the year 1996, they ordered 4 boats to be shipped to each of 120 nations around the world.

In fact, Rev. Moon's intentions were undeniably clear when we consider his repeated requests to the leadership. In the case of Japan:

In 1983, he instructed: "deploy 150 boats into Japan."

In 1998, he said: "deploy 100 boats into Japan."

In 2000, he said: "deploy 120 boats into Japan."

In 2005, he said: "deploy 500 boats into Japan."

And in 2012, he said: "deploy 278 boats into Japan."

However, for the past 30 years, in the end, we have only brought in a few boats to save face, ignoring Rev. Moon who had been fighting and shedding tears of blood on the ocean, refused him, rejected engagement with him on the matter, and some leaders even went as far as to dismiss the whole matter saying that boats are a mere hobby for him.

Why are boats so integral to the realization of World Peace and the Kingdom of Heaven?

This is because the ocean, which covers two-thirds of the earth's surface, is a treasure trove of various resources prepared by our Heavenly Parent, God, for the sake of humankind. And in the 21st Century, the Era of Pacific Rim Civilization and the Age of Ocean Hobby Lifestyle will dawn as the final form of human civilization, led by the Second Advent. It is humanity's destiny to explore and pioneer the oceans for the establishment of the ideal world that will finally embody the completion of the Third Blessing.

Rev. Moon created the concept for "Ocean Hobby Industry Model Base/City" in conjunction with the "Tribal Messiahship that can represent nations."

Rev. and Mrs. Moon have established the internal, vertical, and historical realms of victory in order to establish the era of true culture and civilization that was originally planned at the time of Garden of Eden, that can rebirth and recreate the "realms of the fallen continental culture and civilization" that Satan has been building up for thousands of years since the Fall of Adam and Eve.

Rev. Moon planned to first place 100 boats in each model city, and 30 boats in a model base. He talked about each "model base" that will be set up in NY, Alaska, Hawaii, Yeosu, Asuncion (100 here) to have 30 boats each, and on top of that foundation, each base should move on to sell more boats into the local general market. This was to be a fight that will change societies, nations, and the world.

However, we remain ignorant and confused, not being able to completely understand the missions given to us by Rev. and Mrs. Moon, and therefore cannot accomplish them, and now we have crossed the timeline of Vision 2020, 8 years after Rev. Moon's ascension into the Spirit World. As for his order to deploy 150 boats into Japan, it has been 38 years since the order was given. 40 years have passed since the establishment of Ocean Church.

As you might know, in 2012, the year in which Rev. Moon ascended to the Spirit World, he gave his final order to "deploy 278 boats (number of church centers in Japan at the time) by the Foundation Day, at a minimum 70 boats to Japan." These boats were to be used as a family church, or the "boat church."

However, unfortunately, once again, his request was not accepted by the leadership, so he turned to Kaiyou Heiwa which was working to establish the Paraguay boat factory and ocean-related industry at the time following his instructions, and ordered it to deploy the same number of boats into Japan instead.

Since then, we at Kaiyou Heiwa have continued our activities in Paraguay for the 2 purposes of "establishing the world's top boat factory and ocean-related businesses" and "deploying 278 boats in Japan."

It's already been over 16 years since we started. As a result of everyone's dedicated devotion, we have deployed 13 boats into Japan as of today. Some 18 ft boats have also been deployed in addition.

However, in terms of Japan, it can only become reborn as an oceanic nation only after at least 70 boats are deployed, a minimum number that can affect the nation. The current situation is that there is still a long way to go before the number of 278 boats is reached, just as our path to North-South Unification and a path to influencing the world is still long-drawn.

The late Mr. Sato set a goal to achieve Rev. and Mrs. Moon's wish, "national restoration of Paraguay and Japan [along with other major nations of the world] by the year 2020 (Vision 2020)" and for that, he put himself in a wartime-like standard of not sleeping lying down starting in the year 2016, and continued to fight with all his body and soul for that goal.

However, under Heaven's supervision, he passed into the Spirit World, midway to this goal. At present, we have inherited this will and conviction, and are moving forward with the determination to fulfill the wishes and missions given to us by Rev. and Mrs. Moon and our Heavenly Parent.

We ourselves are determined anew to become the 2nd and 3rd "Rev. Moon's" in order to perfectly and absolutely complete Heaven's Will for humanity and the future generations!

In reality, our Paraguay factory has not built a 28ft Good Go for around 2 years since 2018. It is a very difficult situation to reach our target of 70 boats. It is also important that we export a boat to Japan as soon as possible if we hope to retain the privileges from the Maquila law. In order to achieve the 70 boats and eventually 278 boats, by the year 2025, and by the latest 2027, it is essential to recruit and train more skilled staff. The boat factory Rev. Moon ultimately aimed for is a "factory producing 120 boats per month," with a scale of 2,000 technicians...!

We eagerly await the participation of 1st and 2nd Generations with the will and determination to "contribute here in Paraguay for the sake of humanity, for future generations, and for the world."

In order to put a stop to the collapse that the world is going through right now, none other than we in the realm of 4th Adam must go forward and act according to the wishes of our Heavenly Parent. As the creators of a new era in line with the originally intended world, Heaven wishes for each one of us to become the active axis of contribution to our local and regional community, nation, and the world.

Here, we must continue to testify to Rev. and Mrs. Moon's Will and must realize the Kingdom of Heaven within our generation without perpetrating the failure akin to the Israelites that perished in the the ones who crucified Jesus. I think Heavenly Parent is yelling out into our hearts, "Straighten your legs and stand up! Be brave!"

If we think back, Rev. and Mrs. Moon had begun the 2nd "40-year course" when Rev. Moon was 75 years old. They began the South American Providence to establish the foundation for the peace of the world. The words Rev. Moon said to then 60-year-old Mr. Sato, "You're still young! Don't waste your youth!" were words of encouragement to each one of us.

Let us work together, encourage each other, and keep going forward until the time when we finally offer the decisive victory and glory to our Heavenly Parent!

Thank you so much for reading this long letter until the end. I pray for continued health and success for you and your whole family!

And, without further ado, here is the video report created by one of us here at Acuamundo [video report 01/18/2021]!!

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