What's the Big Deal about South America?

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Path to World Peace & Unification

Even after True Father's Holy Ascension, the world is still troubled by sexual immorality represented by the LGBT movement, violence and conflicts, materialism, and even communism. How were world peace and world unity supposed to occur based on True Father’s plans?

This article is the SECOND part of the 2-part series of lectures called "Guideposts to World Peace & Unification" examining what True Father planned to complete the world of peace from the perspective of Ocean Providence. 

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Introduction: South America and World Peace & Unification

What was it about South America that makes it special for every Unificationist member? For those people who live in developed countries, South America may seem like a group of underdeveloped countries filled with drugs and corruption. But why did True Father spent 7 years living and fishing in the jungle?

Most blessed families may remember South America as a place where the 2nd 40-year course had started in 1995 by Sao Paulo Declaration, all blessed families had to go and attend the Jardim re-education workshops, and True Father lived and fished in the wild from 1995 to 2001.

If we read Chambumo Gyeong Book 10, Chapter 3, and other Words related to South America, we can understand clearly that South America Providence was associated with (1) the establishment of ideal society, (2) unification of the Christian cultural sphere, (3) education of blessed families, (4) protection of the environment (Pantanal & Amazon), (5) forgiving historical criminals, (6) Satan's Natural Surrender, and others.

(Photo: True Parents at Fuerte Olimpo, a small village in Paraguay, being escorted in a vehicle prepared by a police officer stationed at the village)

In this article, we will summarise the South American Providence from the perspective of "North and South America Unification." When we start to read the Words, we immediately see that the "North and South America Unification" is the first "starting point" towards the final goal, the unified world of peace.

In addition, when we further examine the methods in which True Father envisioned the unification process, although He speaks about international marriages and ideological education, we see that the more substantive method of unification is "equalization," which is thoroughly discussed throughout Chambumo Gyeong Book 10 in various ways (the words "equalize" and "equalization" appear over 30 times in this Book). Just as the word "sacrifice" is very difficult for common people to hear and implement, the word "equalization" is also a word that is not easy to hear and implement for those living in already industrialized countries. However, we read in many of True Father's Words that He saw equalization as something inevitable and a prerequisite for World Peace and Unification.

True peace will not come as long as humanity does not solve the problem of hunger. If the person next to me is about to die of hunger, peace is a mere luxury. (As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen, Chapter 7, pg. 321)

The reason why equalization is necessary is that there is a considerable "inequality" that exists in the world, and as long as it exists, peace and unity cannot be achieved. The problem of hunger is by far the worst result of this inequality in human society. The Ocean Providence which attempts to solve the problem of hunger can be said to be the providence of equalization.

This article will explain, by examining True Father's Words and deeds, that:

  1. The Providence of North and South America Unification is the starting point of the Providence of World Peace and Unification,

  2. Equalization is the principal method of achieving World Peace & Unification, and

  3. Many parts of the providence, including the establishment of Ideal Society (Puerto Leda, Jardim) in South America, International Peace Highway (Peace Road), and Ocean Providence were integral parts of True Father's plan for "World Peace & Unification."

The Starting Point of World Unification

What was the goal of the "North and South America unification"? From the following Words, it can be clearly said that the Providence to unify North and South Americas is part of the Providence of World Unification.

If North America and South America become one, Europe will be united automatically and the mistakes of Rome, the nation of Israel, and Jacobs's family will be restored. The history of division traces back to conflict in Israel with ten tribes fighting two tribes, and then back to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and even to where the mind and body became separated. We need to mend all of these separations. From these divisions the entire worldwide family fell under Satan's realm. All realms and levels -- Adam's family, Judaism, Rome, Europe, and the world -- were divided into Cain and Abel.
When we reverse this, everything will become one. Reversal is how unity takes place. Total indemnification must be accomplished. The indemnification of the entire providence will be a great victory for the whole. This can become an eight-level victory and a model for complete victory. If North America and South America become one, the fighting between the Roman Catholics and Protestants in Europe will come to an end and unity will be realized based on the realm of Christian culture. (269-200, 1995/04/23 Chambumo Gyeong Book 10 Chapter 3 Section 4, 4)
I have created a religious body that completes all of Christianity. This means the United States will end up having no choice but to follow the Unification Church. Cain and Abel will become one. Because Cain and Abel have become one here, the US will become a plus. South America is a Catholic realm, so it is in the elder brother's position and therefore is a minus. If this oneness is achieved, the world will be united.
The United States must stand in the Abel position as a true elder brother nation representing the world, and South America, in the restored Cain position, must become one with North America. Only then will the entire world be united. The unity of North America and South America represents the unity of Cain and Abel in Europe at the world level, and also at the level of the nation and the people. This is a model for the unity of mind and body. Everything can be united by going in reverse. That is why I have paved the way and built a foundation by bringing North America to help South America. (267-043, 1994/12/27 Chambumo Gyeong Book 10 Chapter 3 Section 4, 5)

"Only then will the entire world be united" means that the unification of North and South America is a necessary step to arrive at our final goal, the unification of the entire world. Hence, we can at least conclude that:

  • The final goal is the world unification

  • Unity of North and South America is a step towards world unification

  • Unity of North and South America is the unity of the Christian cultural realm

Now that we understand the final goal and the first step, let us look closely at other intermediate steps towards world unification.

The Guideposts for the World Peace & Unification

On 1 May 1994 (the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Holy Spirit Association for Unification of World Christianity), True Father declared that the era of the HSA-UWC had ended and inaugurated a new organization called the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU). Around that time, True Father spoke many Words about how the "World Peace and Unification" will come to pass.

Now, if North America and South America can become one through my efforts, then North Korea and South Korea on the Korean Peninsula can unify and Israel and the Muslim world can unite. The unity of Europe will not be a problem either. This will happen all at once. (266-134, 1994/12/22 Chambumo Gyeong Book 10 Chapter 3 Section 4, 8)
The prevailing culture derives from Christianity, and the leader in transforming modern society is North America. South America has opposed North America until now. If these two continents were to become one, they would form a great power base. If this were to happen, Europe, North America and South America, and then Asia would naturally join the Christian cultural realm. That is why I must unite the cultural realm of Christianity in North America and South America and then connect it to Asia. I need to unite Asia with North America and South America. Without doing this there is no future. (268- 311, 1995/04/03 Chambumo Gyeong Book 10 Chapter 3 Section 4, 2)

According to what is written in the above Words, the following appears to be the steps starting from the unification of North and South Americas to the final goal of world unification (implied steps are expressed within parentheses, based on the author's opinion):

  1. Unification of the Christian cultural sphere in North and South Americas

  2. Unification of the Christian spheres in Europe (Unification of Europe and Africa)

  3. Unity of Judaism and Islam (Resolution to the Middle East conflict)

  4. Christian cultural sphere extends to Asia (Chinese Communist problem resolved)

  5. Unification of the Korean Peninsula

We can see that the significance of the unification of North and South America is enormous. Although we do not see how these steps are accomplished, when we considering the five "guideposts" listed above, we can see that they are very logical. First, if North and South America were to unite, the Christian cultural spheres of Protestantism and Catholicism will be united. Europe is also within the Christian cultural sphere, so it will be united next. Then Asia will be unified next. If China is consumed by the Christian cultural sphere, the North Korean regime and the Juche ideology cannot be sustained (because they are only able to exist with the support of the Chinese Communist Party) and they may be motivated towards the Unification of North and South Koreas.

The problem is how these steps can be accomplished. How is the series of unifications supposed to happen? Is it through ideological education, missionaries, and political persuasion? They are absolutely necessary but what else? Other than witnessing and blessing (changing lineage), what must we do substantively? True Father said, as a human being possesses both mind and body, unity cannot come without a solution for both the internal and the external.

Human being are created so that their mind and body become one. Something similar is true for the world we live in. The world can be completely unified only when there is both physical communication and communication of heart. (As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen Chapter 7, pg.345)

"Complete unity" cannot be achieved only with communication of the heart. As blessed families, we must horizontally and substantively expand True Parents' vertical and internal realms of victory that we were supposed to inherit. The unification cannot be completed by religious activities alone, without the substantiation and realization of the Words.

The Method of Unification is the Practice of True Christianity

The unification of the Christian cultural sphere points to South America with its Cain-position Catholicism and North America with its Abel-position Protestantism to unite with each other, but how is this unification going to come about? It is obvious that the realm of the Abel, i.e., North America, had received the blessing and is far more prosperous than the realm of the Cain. If the nationalistic and imperialistic diplomacy of the advanced nations is continued, the inequality between neighboring nations and religiously motivated terrorisms will probably continue to the foreseeable future, far from being on the path to unification.

The unification method of an Abel is always the same: "live for the sake of others" to encourage natural surrender. In other words, it is the true practice of the Christian tenet, "love thy neighbor." Correcting the contradictions of the Christian cultural sphere and practicing this true Christian spirit is the only way to unify the Christian cultural sphere, convince other religions, convince all races, and unify all.

(Photo: True Father had completed the Abel's task - vertically, internally, and historically - already by loving the representative Cain, i.e., the blessed families, forgiving all the historical criminals and eventually causing the Satan's Natural Surrender on March 21st of 1999 and the historical meeting of God and Lucifer at Room 14 of Hotel Americano in Nabileque, Brazil on May 14th, 1999.)

The contradiction of Christian society is that although it professes to follow Christ, it did not truly obey the words of Christ. Jesus Christ told us to "love thy neighbor," but the United States - the most prosperous Christian nation - did not help the neighbor, Latin America, and sustained the severe inequality within the Chrisitan cultural realm that exists to this day. This is the contradiction of the Christian cultural realm on the global level. Blessed and enriched by God as the Abel in the Christian cultural realm for the purpose of using the wealth for the Lord of Second Coming, North America (Abel) must love its neighbor to eradicate the inequality - or the Christian contradiction will continue to persist.

If we hope for world unification while bearing such contradictions, no one - Middle East, Russia, or China - will be convinced. They are unlikely to enter the Christian cultural sphere and will not accept unity. True Father had spoken about this situation in 1995.

North and South America belong to the Christian cultural sphere. Catholicism and Protestantism are like siblings. When America, as it is now, comes to Asia, the Asian people think that America has crossed the Pacific, without regard for its sibling, to steal from distant nations. They would not think America came to help. This is how most Asians view Americans who come to Asia. They think, "What kind of help can they -- who come here without uniting with their own brothers, instead fighting and abandoning them -- bring to us?" They would believe that Americans had come to steal from them.
God is saying, "You Americans, you really have to get your act together." When they cross the Pacific to go to Asia, they will find seedlings of enmity there. Japan is an economic empire, and China is a population empire. The Soviet Union is an ideological empire. Therefore, in order to satisfy these nations you have to bring something greater. But what exactly can America provide? This is why they say that Americans have come to steal from them. (272-138, 1995.10.1 Pacific Rim Providence, Chapter 4, Section 1)

Equalization is the Key to Creating the True Christian Culture, True Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

How did True Father plan to unify North and South Americas? He spoke of cross-marriages between the two sides as one method. Then He established organizations such as the "Association for the Unity of Latin America (AULA)" and "Confederation of Associations for the Unity of the Societies of the Americas (CAUSA)," and brought ideological education for Latin American leaders.

However, as a practical method of unification, He advocated for the movement of equalization in the spirit of "North America saves South America." Jesus Christ said, "Love thy neighbor" and "sell your possessions and give to the poor." Equalization is the application of these Words, in order to unify the Christian cultural sphere.

Equalization is like water that flows from high to low, always seeking equilibrium. True Father has spoken many times about the equalization of North and South America.

North America must stand in the position of Abel and save South America, which is in the position of Cain. For this to take place, everything must be invested. If the people of the United States adopt my mentality and invest their lives and resources for the sake of South America, saving South America will not be a problem. This situation is similar to an area of high atmospheric pressure seeking out an area of low atmospheric pressure. The United States, which is an area of high pressure, can save South America. (Chambumo Gyeong Book 10 Chapter 3 Section 4, 6)
North American people need to go to South America to receive training, and South American people need to go to North America to receive training. Although they speak different languages, they will eventually become one. (Chambumo Gyeong Book 10 Chapter 3 Section 4, 3)
On the foundation of the Sao Paulo Declaration I will make a great move to the front line of South America. I have already announced that I am leaving North America, and will move to South America. I have downsized the organizations and agencies in North America, shifting the economic and human resources that were invested there to South America. It is time to build an ideal nation. We need to build an ideal house, an ideal city, and an ideal nation. (Chambumo Gyeong Book 10 Chapter 3 Section 2, 1)
You cannot imagine what a threat my plan to equalize technology around the world is to developed nations. If a country like the United States pursued the equalization of technology, it would have to share its technology with South America. (Chambumo Gyeong Book 10 Chapter 1 Section 5, 7)
Yet, to this day, some countries in Europe still continue to exploit Africa and implement policies to perpetually enslave the nations there. Likewise, the United States implements policies putting South America under its control. I am trying to do away with all of this. (Chambumo Gyeong Book 10 Chapter 1 Section 1, 10)
The issues that remain to be resolved during this century are the cultural gap between the East and the West, and the gap between the haves and have-nots in the North and the South. How can they be resolved? It is through my teaching of "living for the sake of others." The philosophy of living for your own sake belongs to the fallen world; the philosophy of living for the sake of others belongs to the heavenly world. Wealthy North America should live for the sake of its younger sibling, Latin America. North America should willingly sell its assets to help its younger sibling prosper. Only after North America helps Latin America to prosper at least as much as it does, if not more, should it invest for its own people. That is how both North America and South America will become places where God's ideal will eternally reside. (Chambumo Gyeong Book 10 Chapter 1 Section 2, 18)
The people of the United States may be tempted to say, "We do not need South America, it is too poor." Nonetheless, we need to invest everything for the sake of South America. The members of the Unification Church are called to do this. A path to connect to the True Family can be made only by becoming one with South America, which inherited the authority of the elder son. There is no path to enter the true kingdom of heaven on earth if you are not connected to the True Family. (Chambumo Gyeong Book 10 Chapter 3 Section 4, 6)

If we were religious people, we must seek the salvation of the world rather than our own personal salvation. We then must carry on the work to expand, embody, and materialize the internal and vertical victories won by our True Parents. This is the task to bring equalization to the world. This is the "Path to enter the True Kingdom of Heaven."

Like Jesus Christ, True Father repeatedly taught us the necessity of equalization. As was discussed in Divine Principle, the root of materialism (atheism) and communism is the contradiction of Christian society manifested in inequality (starving masses without physical salvation).

When ecclesiastic love waned, when waves of capitalistic greed surged across Christian Europe, when starving masses cried out bitterly in the slums, the promise of their salvation came not from heaven but from the earth. Its name was communism. Christianity, though it professed the love of God, had degenerated into a dead body of clergy trailing empty slogans. It was then only natural that a banner of rebellion would be raised, arguing that a merciless God who would allow such suffering could not exist. Hence, modern materialism was born. Western society became a hotbed of materialism; it was the fertile soil in which communism flourished. (Exposition of the Divine Principle, Introduction)

If an organization or a nation emerges that practices a true Christian spirit - a true religion of both the spiritual and physical salvation - that aspires and practices world equalization, it can break apart atheism and communism at their roots. Judaism will also recognize and accept Jesus Christ and the Second Coming. It will be the same for Islam. The conflict in the Middle East will cease, and the communists will lose their reason for existence. In this way, we can start to see the flow towards world unification that can "happen all at once."

Now, if North America and South America can become one through my efforts, then North Korea and South Korea on the Korean Peninsula can unify and Israel and the Muslim world can unite. The unity of Europe will not be a problem either. This will happen all at once. (266-134, 1994/12/22 Chambumo Gyeong Book 10 Chapter 3 Section 4, 8)

"Fundamental Methods" for Equalization

How does True Father explain the method for equalization?

In Chapter 7 of His Autobiography, in the part titled, "Solution to Poverty and Hunger," He talks about "two fundamental and concrete methods."

Simply distributing food supplies by itself will not resolve hunger, though. A more fundamental approach to the problem is needed. I am considering two fundamental and concrete methods. The first is to provide ample supplies of food at low cost, and the second is to share technology that people can use to overcome hunger on their own. (As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen, Chapter 7, pg. 315)

In the above Words, He had planned the following two equalization measures:

  • Equalization Method 1: Provide ample supplies of food at low cost

  • Equalization Method 2: Share technology to overcome hunger

Let us examine True Father's deeds and Words to understand what these two methods were.

Equalization Method (1) Provide Ample Food at a Low Cost

Regarding this first method to "provide ample supplies of food at low cost," we can see that True Father needed to first (1) secure sources of "ample supplies of food," and then (2) find ways to distribute them "at low costs."

In summary, He talked about the following practical plans for the implementation of the first Equalization Method:

  1. Securing maritime resources as the primary source of food for humanity

  2. Developing maritime transportation industry to distribute resources

  3. Develop hobby and tourism industry to connect nations and raise funds

  4. Building International Peace Highway (Peace Road) to distribute maritime resources

True Father spoke the following Words in terms of securing maritime resources.

The issue of food will present humankind with a very serious crisis in the future. We cannot build a world of peace without first resolving the food issue. Sufficient food supplies for all the world’s population cannot be produced on the limited amount of land area that is currently available. We must look to the oceans for a solution. The oceans hold the key to solving the food crisis of the future. (As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen, Chapter 7, pg. 316)
In the future world, it will be necessary to industrially develop the resources of the world's oceans. I have already created a variety of enterprises that embrace all aspects of the fishing industry ranging from the manufacture of large scale fishing boats to the construction of fish hatcheries and farms. In the future, the sea will supply food to many of the world's people. Naturally, the development and cultivation of the sea will truly become a preferred method for bringing an end to the starvation that plagues humankind. (The Pacific Rim Providence Chapter 1, Section 1)

True Father spoke about maritime resources countless times in His Life, and His plan included fishing, fish farming, fish powder, and even the excavation of underground minerals.

True Father also had a plan on how to distribute the resources. True Father saw food being thrown away in the developed countries, and this led to the conclusion that the larger problem lies in the distribution. He planned for the establishment of the transportation industry, hobby tourism industry, and the International Peace Highway concept in order to enable even distribution of marine resources across the world which will lead to the physical equalization of the world.

(Photo: True Parents hold up a statue with Divine Principle in one hand and a fishing rod in another hand, at the 20th Anniversary Event for the US Ocean Providence that was held on August 1, 1994, at Belvedere, NY)