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What's the Big Deal about South America?

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Path to World Peace & Unification

Even after True Father's Holy Ascension, the world is still troubled by sexual immorality represented by the LGBT movement, violence and conflicts, materialism, and even communism. How were world peace and world unity supposed to occur based on True Father’s plans?

This article is the SECOND part of the 2-part series of lectures called "Guideposts to World Peace & Unification" examining what True Father planned to complete the world of peace from the perspective of Ocean Providence. 

Ocean Hobby Seminar Team


Introduction: South America and World Peace & Unification

What was it about South America that makes it special for every Unificationist member? For those people who live in developed countries, South America may seem like a group of underdeveloped countries filled with drugs and corruption. But why did True Father spent 7 years living and fishing in the jungle?

Most blessed families may remember South America as a place where the 2nd 40-year course had started in 1995 by Sao Paulo Declaration, all blessed families had to go and attend the Jardim re-education workshops, and True Father lived and fished in the wild from 1995 to 2001.

If we read Chambumo Gyeong Book 10, Chapter 3, and other Words related to South America, we can understand clearly that South America Providence was associated with (1) the establishment of ideal society, (2) unification of the Christian cultural sphere, (3) education of blessed families, (4) protection of the environment (Pantanal & Amazon), (5) forgiving historical criminals, (6) Satan's Natural Surrender, and others.

(Photo: True Parents at Fuerte Olimpo, a small village in Paraguay, being escorted in a vehicle prepared by a police officer stationed at the village)

In this article, we will summarise the South American Providence from the perspective of "North and South America Unification." When we start to read the Words, we immediately see that the "North and South America Unification" is the first "starting point" towards the final goal, the unified world of peace.

In addition, when we further examine the methods in which True Father envisioned the unification process, although He speaks about international marriages and ideological education, we see that the more substantive method of unification is "equalization," which is thoroughly discussed throughout Chambumo Gyeong Book 10 in various ways (the words "equalize" and "equalization" appear over 30 times in this Book). Just as the word "sacrifice" is very difficult for common people to hear and implement, the word "equalization" is also a word that is not easy to hear and implement for those living in already industrialized countries. However, we read in many of True Father's Words that He saw equalization as something inevitable and a prerequisite for World Peace and Unification.

True peace will not come as long as humanity does not solve the problem of hunger. If the person next to me is about to die of hunger, peace is a mere luxury. (As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen, Chapter 7, pg. 321)

The reason why equalization is necessary is that there is a considerable "inequality" that exists in the world, and as long as it exists, peace and unity cannot be achieved. The problem of hunger is by far the worst result of this inequality in human society. The Ocean Providence which attempts to solve the problem of hunger can be said to be the providence of equalization.

This article will explain, by examining True Father's Words and deeds, that:

  1. The Providence of North and South America Unification is the starting point of the Providence of World Peace and Unification,

  2. Equalization is the principal method of achieving World Peace & Unification, and

  3. Many parts of the providence, including the establishment of Ideal Society (Puerto Leda, Jardim) in South America, International Peace Highway (Peace Road), and Ocean Providence were integral parts of True Father's plan for "World Peace & Unification."

The Starting Point of World Unification

What was the goal of the "North and South America unification"? From the following Words, it can be clearly said that the Providence to unify North and South Americas is part of the Providence of World Unification.

If North America and South America become one, Europe will be united automatically and the mistakes of Rome, the nation of Israel, and Jacobs's family will be restored. The history of division traces back to conflict in Israel with ten tribes fighting two tribes, and then back to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and even to where the mind and body became separated. We need to mend all of these separations. From these divisions the entire worldwide family fell under Satan's realm. All realms and levels -- Adam's family, Judaism, Rome, Europe, and the world -- were divided into Cain and Abel.
When we reverse this, everything will become one. Reversal is how unity takes place. Total indemnification must be accomplished. The indemnification of the entire providence will be a great victory for the whole. This can become an eight-level victory and a model for complete victory. If North America and South America become one, the fighting between the Roman Catholics and Protestants in Europe will come to an end and unity will be realized based on the realm of Christian culture. (269-200, 1995/04/23 Chambumo Gyeong Book 10 Chapter 3 Section 4, 4)
I have created a religious body that completes all of Christianity. This means the United States will end up having no choice but to follow the Unification Church. Cain and Abel will become one. Because Cain and Abel have become one here, the US will become a plus. South America is a Catholic realm, so it is in the elder brother's position and therefore is a minus. If this oneness is achieved, the world will be united.
The United States must stand in the Abel position as a true elder brother nation representing the world, and South America, in the restored Cain position, must become one with North America. Only then will the entire world be united. The unity of North America and South America represents the unity of Cain and Abel in Europe at the world level, and also at the level of the nation and the people. This is a model for the unity of mind and body. Everything can be united by going in reverse. That is why I have paved the way and built a foundation by bringing North America to help South America. (267-043, 1994/12/27 Chambumo Gyeong Book 10 Chapter 3 Section 4, 5)

"Only then will the entire world be united" means that the unification of North and South America is a necessary step to arrive at our final goal, the unification of the entire world. Hence, we can at least conclude that:

  • The final goal is the world unification

  • Unity of North and South America is a step towards world unification

  • Unity of North and South America is the unity of the Christian cultural realm

Now that we understand the final goal and the first step, let us look closely at other intermediate steps towards world unification.

The Guideposts for the World Peace & Unification