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PROJECT OH304SA Good Go Repair

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

For the Protection of Nabileque Holy Ground

Today, we have a video message directly from Paraguay!

Project OH304SA is our latest effort in protecting/restoring the Original Holy Grounds of Nabileque, where the historical meeting of God, True Father, and Lucifer took place on May 14, 1999, witnessed by our brother Mr. Peter Paulo Alves Pinheiro. His story is told here.

For Korea and Japan, the Pantanal is at the other end of the pole. The Pantanal is at the end of the earth. But the Original Holy Ground, Root Holy Ground, and Holy Ground of Victory can all be found there. This is something tremendous. The Original Holy Ground is set up in our hotel in the Pantanal. (Rev. Sun Myung Moon 304-110, 1999.9.10)

Visit our GoFundMe page for fundraiser for this project!

Importance of the Project OH304SA

The Holy Grounds of Nabileque and the Hotel Americano where the historical event took place have so far been largely abandoned and in need of serious restoration and rebuilding. True Father asked Mr. Peter Paulo to promise to "never leave" the lands of Nabileque. He hopes to use a boat to moor and stay in front of the Nabileque property.

The One Hope 304 Good Go cabin boat (OH304GG) is one of the six boats True Father brought from North America to South America in 1997. This boat played an important role in the Providence of North and South America Unification, and according to Mr. Pinheiro, it symbolized the heavenly fortune that arrived in South America from the North.

According to True Father's words, the significance of the unification of North and South Americas is not only about the unification of Christianity between Catholicism and Protestantism, but also the unification of all religions including Israel, Islam, unification of Europe, the unification of the Korean Peninsula, extending the cultural realm of Christianity in Asia, and the path to True Family and the Kingdom of Heaven. The significance is vast and immeasurable.

If North America and South America can unite, it will not be difficult for all the nations of Europe to unite. After Europe becomes one, it will be possible for Judaism and Christianity as well as for Christianity and Islam to become one. Therefore, the key is how North America and South America will become one.
The people of the United States may be tempted to say, 'We do not need South America, it is too poor.' Nonetheless, we need to invest everything for the sake of South America. The members of the Unification Church are called to do this. A path to connect to the True Family can be made only by becoming one with South America, which inherited the authority of the elder son. There is no path to enter the true kingdom of heaven on earth if you are not connected to the True Family. (ChambumoGyeong - Book 10, Chapter 3, Section 4)

In addition, Pantanal is the place where True Father opened the Gates of Hell through fishing conditions and a place where Satan's Natural Surrender took place (Salobra & Nabileque). It is the holy place of all holy places.

South America can be said to be the bottleneck of God's Providence, but the reality is that Salobra and Nabileque holy grounds have been left unattended and is a ruin that not one member ever visits. Half of the boats that are said to have symbolized the Heavenly fortune are left unattended or owned by non-church members.

OH304GG was stripped of its engine and was abandoned for a long time. It also was damaged by floods. At present, it is completely disassembled. There was a time Acuamundo attempted to repair it, but we could not, due to lack of funds.

Around May 2021, Mr. Peter Paulo Alves Pinheiro, who was responsible for protecting the holy places of Nabileque and Salobra contacted Acuamundo and said, "I want to live in a boat and moor in front of Nabileque to protect it from exploitation. Is it possible to repair the cabin boat kept at Acuamundo?"

In order to support the South American Providence, Acuamundo would like to repair the OH304GG boat as a way for Mr. Pinheiro to manage and protect the Nabileque holy ground and to eventually operate pilgrimage and public tours of the Pantanal region.

Following is a video introducing Mr. Peter Paulo Alves Pinheiro and the project:

Message (in video) from Mr. Pinheiro:

Good morning everyone, I'm here in Chaco'i at the Acuamundo factory. I came down directly from Nabileque and Salobra, to thank (the supporters) and start repairing and renovating this boat that True Parents used at Nabileque and also used for providence.
This boat will be recovered thanks to the supporters and I want to thank everyone from my heart who is contributing to make this dream a reality. So much so that I can protect and also be protected from all adverse conditions to better serve and better protect the history of Nabileque and the history of Salobra.
I want to deeply thank each of you who are contributing to the renovation of this boat. This boat will be used in the Nabileque region to protect and continue my work, to better serve this Pantanal Providence and also to continue fulfilling the promise that True Father asked me to make to him, which is never to leave Nabileque. So what is being done now through this vessel is actually a continuation of that purpose.
So I want to thank you and if possible the name of each one of you will also be in Nabileque, through this boat. From the deepest heart, I thank you so much.
This is the 304 Project, the One Hope 304.
Also in the future, you can come to Nabileque, get to know a little bit directly about True Parents' stories, although I know that the people who are donating to this vessel have a very deep understanding.
But when you come to Pantanal, you're going to have a bigger, deeper experience and I hope we can welcome you on that vessel and be connected to that providence in the Pantanal and feel some True Parents' love and sacrifice in the Nabileque region.
Thank you very much to everyone for this contribution and for this financial support that you have committed, you were willing to make for this vessel so that this purpose is fulfilled. Not only to protect the sacred fields but also to protect me who carry this history. You are not only helping to protect the sacred fields, but you are also helping to protect True Parents' history.
So I thank you from my heart. (Message recorded on July 8th, 2021)

Thanks to previous donors, we have gifted a laptop to Mr. Peter Paulo for him to document and record the history of these holy places. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for your contributions! Any remaining funds will be used for this project.

If you would like to donate to this fund, please use the link below. Any amount is deeply appreciated! It will be amazing if you can share the project details with others! Let's make this a reality!

Download Project Plan Document Here:

ENG One Hope 304 GG Project Plan & Budget v1
Download PDF • 12.55MB

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