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Paraguay July 2021 Progress Report!

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Nabileque Project, and our Road towards Ocean Hobby Industry Model Base

Hello fellow family and members!

How are you amidst the seemingly unstoppable recurring corona waves? The Olympic 2020/2021 was held in the midst of such challenges, and it seems to be giving many of the onlookers hope and energy to go on and face these challenges.

Your support and all of our efforts are steadily bearing fruit here in Paraguay. We are pushing forward with a firm conviction that the establishment of the Ocean Hobby Industry Providence foundation will bear fruit in Japan and Korea, at the other end of the globe as well.

Here is a progress report video that we've created featuring some of the ongoing projects here in Paraguay. Our young technicians are doing an amazing job restoring the OH304 which is to be used by Mr. Peter Paulo Alves Pinheiro, who was tasked by True Father to protect the holy grounds of Nabileque.

The featured contents of the video are:

  1. Mr. Peter Paulo Alves Pinheiro, the witness to Satan’s natural surrender to True Parents, visits the Acuamundo factory and calls for urgency to protect the Nabileque Holy Grounds, and a need of a boat (which he can use to live on, and moor in front of the property) -- Please see here for the details of the project and how you can contribute!

  2. Restoration work has started for the Good Go OH304 (the boat Mr. Peter Paulo will be using) at Acuamundo!

  3. Progress of the construction of the 2nd boat factory/boat hotel at Acuamundo

  4. Ocean Hobby Industry Model Base establishment - progress on the construction of family/singles dormitory, marina, and marine center

  5. Completion of the locally ordered 20ft boat

We feel the love of God behind all the trials and tribulations! Onward towards the realization of the realms of the 3 Great Blessings given to us by the love of God, which was lost at the beginning of human history!

We must regain the true Oceanic culture and civilization that God has intended for us.

Rev. Moon, True Father, our founder, has shown us concrete strategies that can overcome and resolve the mountains of problems we face as humanity today, such as the hunger problem, ideological conflicts, refugee problem, environmental problems, and others, through His Ocean Providence and the Ocean Hobby Industry Providence.

We have been given the authority to pray in our own names in this age of the Realm of the 4th Adam, under the overflowing love of God and True Parents.

Let us encourage each other and diligently work with a sense of speed towards the realization of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth without no longer delaying and producing more victims around the world...

Without further ado, here is the video!

If you would like to contribute to the Gofundme for the restoration of the boat, OH304, please see below. Any amount will be deeply appreciated, and the names of the people who contributed will be etched on a plaque inside the boat!

With gratitude,

Tomoko Sato from Paraguay

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